Fans annoyed by frequency of kit-changes

ManUrinals New KitFor a while, it has been accepted that Premier League teams change at least one kit per season. Normally, at least one of the kits stays around for two seasons. Of course, it is a bit of a rip-off, but you don't expect anything else from a football club, right?

Well, this year, we'll see a spate of new kits, despite the fact that new shirts were only released last season. There'll be 18 new home kits this season from teams who released new shirts this time last year.

The worst offenders are Tottenham who have launched three new kits every year for six seasons in a row. At £45-a-pop, it isn't cheap for fans or people with demanding children.

The only teams that didn't release new kits last term are Arsenal and Liverpool who both have new products out this time around.

It isn't illegal for clubs to release a new strip every season, but it does fly in the face of the recommendations made by the Football Task Force which looked to give football fans a fairer deal.

The BBC report that Premier League rules state that teams must "allow for market research to be undertaken with regard to the frequency of strip changes and to its design", whilst also "identifying the intervals at which strip changes are intended to take place and the date of the next intended change" and each club's customer charter must be available to the public, outlining its policy with regard to ticketing and merchandise.

Of course, no club has liaised with fans and, during a rather sticky financial climate, it seems rather insensitive to offer new strips to the fans so frequently. It is little wonder that more and more fans are looking toward places like Toffs to buy retro kits.

Former sports minister Kate Hoey spat: "The Premier League clubs are a law unto themselves and if people keep buying them then they will keep selling them."

No such problem for Man United fans in Malaysia though, where the new kit has been banned because of the devil on the club crest. Sky News report that the badge has been deemed "dangerous and un-Islamic". One religious cleric has stated that: "This is very dangerous. As a Muslim we should not worship the symbols of other religions or the devils. It will erode our belief in Islam. There is no reason why we as Muslims should wear such jerseys, either for sports or fashion reasons."


  • Morocco
    MANCHESTER UNITED FANS: Don't waste money on expensive replica football kits, simply strap a large fake penis to your forehead - this will make it clear to all as to where your allegiance lies.
  • crap
    Cant afford the kit dont buy it. Also, club sponsors change, so clubs have no other choice than to change the kit. Obviously a bit annoying but nothing really to moan about, I'll buy my clubs shirt if I think its a nice one most seasons, but not every season just for the sake of it. Im sure newcastle fans weren't livid when they brought out that horrible mustard yellow away strip, they just chose not to buy it.
  • PokeHerPete
    I wonder if all the muslims here will stop supporting Man U, they are probably too busy supporting Spain at the moment. On a side note, Ive just ordered my highlighter pink Everton away kit.
  • H E.
    Teams are starting to take the piss. The smaller teams have been at it for years, I can't remember the last time PNE kept a shirt for longer than a season. It seems that now the big clubs are doing it that it's made the headlines. You can buy brilliant fakes from the likes of Soccer Triads and Bornprosper for a quarter of the price and there is literally no difference between them. Only an idiot would continue to feed the greed of premier league clubs.
  • Nobby
    I still wear my 1980 West Ham shirt. I'll replace it when they win something else, unless it's the InterToto.
  • kev
    until UEFA get the finger out and find a way to introduce wage caps, the clubs will gouge the fans for every penny they have
  • Mr M.
    @kev You think they'll stop gouging if wage caps were ever introduced....
  • tfeb
    About ten yrs ago copy shirts were flooding in and being sold for about £18-£25 a pop. There was a bit of a crackdown Umbro and the likes agreed to reduce prices and for a couple yrs england shirts were only £25 new and also the report came out saying prem league clubs shouldnt take the piss. Well looks like its all happening again. All this will do is feed the gowth of counterfit shirts again. lol I got myself a black Leeds shirt and it go so much attention going into Leeds ground haha
  • Alexis
    Former sports minister Kate Hoey spat: “The Premier League clubs are a law unto themselves and if people keep buying them then they will keep selling them.” Stupid woman. They're not a 'law unto themselves', they are selling whatever they like in a free market in a democratic country.
  • -]
    £18-£25 for a fake? fuck that - you can get almost identical fakes for £10-£15.
  • -]
    Also, in a laissez faire society they ARE a law unto themselves. Not like she is lying, is it?

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