Fairshare Music - vanished without a trace!

fairshare Have you heard of Fairsharemusic? They were a company that launched in 2010 and wanted to do charitable deeds through music. Through small donations, consumers could donate money through music purchases.

The company themselves said: "We donate 50% of our profits to eighteen of the top UK charities. With over 22 million tracks to choose from why download anywhere else?"

FSM had the support of some big charities too, including Amnesty International, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, Centrepoint, Friends of the Earth, NSPCC, Oxfam, Teenage Cancer Trust, WWF, Action Aid, Alzheimer's Society, Cancer Research, RSPCA, War Child and more.

However, in March, FSM tweeted: "Apologies to anyone who has been experiencing problems with the site over the past few days. We're having some technical difficulties which we're working hard to resolve. Thanks for your patience!"

And that was the last we heard of them. On Facebook, there's some concern and one user echoed a problem that many have found themselves with, saying: "No update in a fortnight what's happening and it seems the site has closed down. Wouldn't mind but I still had credit to spend :-("

The website is unresponsive and calls and emails are going unanswered (at the time of publishing). It seems that all customers are being ignored, but with no official word from the company themselves, it is proving to be a very frustrating episode for all concerned.

Founder of the company, Lee Cannon, has also gone quiet, which isn't calming people's fears that something shady might be afoot.

We'll keep looking into this and update as soon as we find anything out. Of course, if you know anything or just want to air your grievances, you know where our comments section is.


  • Kat F.
    Good to see it's not just me who has been seriously curious about the whole thing! It's amazing how this has managed to stay very much under the radar, to the extent that the charities involved are still displaying the info for Fairshare Music on their sites as a going concern.
  • Lloyd
    This is very concerning. 2 months on, & nothing? I've credit on the site
  • Alex S.
    Like others I had credit from a gift card to spend. Glad to find others who think it odd how this company could go quiet without anyone putting anything onto the web by means of explanation.
  • Ginnie
    Beginning of October 2014 and still no word. The website now comes up with 'Nothing to see here' and no more. I'm really surprised not to have found anything in the news when I've entered my search... They really have vanished without a trace. What a shame.
  • yasmin b.
    Incredible to espouse being ethical to the nth degree and to then treat their own customers like this. I had at least £20 credit to spend with the site and had a load of music stored and paid for. Very disappointed especially as there was no warning so we could at least safely download and store our music. Really irresponsible and immature way to behave.
  • Pixee B.
    I loved this website! And I do also have paid for and stored music... :-( So disappointed and disillusioned.
  • Rose T.
    Like others, I had paid for and stored music. When my hard disk crashed I lost my music files and can't get them back from Faireshare Music of course! So I have to pay for music downloads again if I want them. What a disappointment.

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