Facebook fail - DSGI attempts customer service via fan page

If you're a well known brand, there's no such thing as dipping your toe in the world of social media - you either do it or you don't. DSGi have suffered at the hands of Facebook in the past, although it was admittedly at the hands of their staff. Now they're trying to embrace the network with an official Facebook page for online brand Dixons. It has nearly 1,000... well, 'fans' is the technical term for people following them, but it'd stretching the truth somewhat.

Everything seemed to start out reasonably well; as expected, customers joined to vent their spleen but were promptly greeted by online representatives who attempted to solve their issues. That was until the beginning of February; for the past two months, customer service reps have abandoned the page.

The result is that it's turned into a bit of a dog's dinner; there are one or two customers praising Dixons, but otherwise it's a long stream of complaints about their appalling customer service, a perception reinforced by the lack of any customer service whatsoever:

Bitterwallet - Dixons complaint on Facebook 1Bitterwallet - Dixons complaint on Facebook 2Bitterwallet - Dixons complaint on Facebook 3


  • Fella-Tio
    from this I have learnt: People who shop with Dixons are not only using over-priced companies with non-existent CS but they also cannot spell
  • Paul S.
    "Captain Pot to Captain Kettle, Captain Pot to Captain Kettle, can you hear me, over?"
  • Michael
    It's not acceptable for a company like Dixon's to start a social media campaign like this and NOT address customer complaints. Just take a look at a company doing it right... BT...: http://twitter.com/BTCare Yes, people often complain about BT - probably due to their sheer size and thus obv. there will be complaints, however they're taking a pro-active approach to this sort of thing. DSGI are a disgrace, we all know it.
  • Fella-Tio
  • Fella-Tio
    why are posts being removed? was it cause they knocked your typing skills? @ Paul...where is my mistake? btw: Representative attempted
  • Randomhero
    Can not is two words....
  • JGN
    Im no expert but I thought it was 'Learned' not learnt and cannot should be either "can not" or "can't". Carry on with your fight...
  • Martin L.
    Cannot is a word I don't know where you guys got taught English, cannot: never spelt as two words in modern standard usage.
  • Mo
    deleting posts lol Paul its OK to mock others but when you fuck up you delete posts Cannot is a word I don't know where you guys got taught English, cannot: never spelt as two words in modern standard usage.
  • Paul S.
    I'm never going to knock the spelling attempts of others because I'll make mistakes from time to time, as everyone does. Just pointing out that posting purely to chastise others for their spelling when the poster shows no grasp of basic grammar (capital letters, punctuation) is a little rich. Fella-Tio is one of our favourite BW trolls, who rarely contributes nothing of interest to any post, complains that BW is a pointless waste of time, yet continues to read it every day. You just can't buy that sort of loyalty!
  • Mo
    Paul, Fella-Tio only talked about their spelling not their grammar albeit both are important however it seemed a bit of a low blow considering you guys do muck up and seeing as we are talking about grammar than your post about the remote should be edited as there grammatical mistakes in the post. Don't meant to be a twat just pointing out the facts.
  • Paul S.
    I was talking about pots and kettle which are also different, albeit they're both important when boiling water. If we get a comment pointing out a spelling mistake or grammar, one that makes no other comment, occasionally I'll delete the comment and correct the mistake, purely to keep the comments clear. That's why comments that point out spelling gaffes and make some other point will always stay. We tend not to moderate, but we will in a vain attempt to get nurture dialogue about the story. We do muck up, absolutely, but then if you re-read your comment above, you'll appreciate how easy it is to make spelling and grammar mistakes without realising it.
  • milky
    Normal service will be resumed shortly.... (spelling & grammar posts allowing) Just remembe what is argued about today as slang / being incorrect is tomorrows dictionary entry a folk get slacker & the language we were all taught is diluted further.. I can stand in the entrance hall of my kids school & circle spelling mistakes printed out via an adult on a pc, laminated & stuck on the wall. However that is deemed improper & we languge snobs are derided for it, suggest we all stop bitching at each other & teech the wurld to spell an that. (As that is where it's going)
  • milky
    ..though an "edit post" facility would be greatly appreciated!
  • pauski
    ^Milky I guess windows 7 wa'nt ur idea?
  • AK
    I read the comments and now have completely forgotten what the article was a bout. and yes it's deliberate.
  • JGN
    Milky i think you'll find it's "remember", not "remembe" which is ukranian for dildo.
  • You A.
    [...] Facebook fail – DSGI attempts customer service via fan page | BitterWallet [...]
  • Bogbrush
    Why would someone who lives in the no-VAT Channel Islands buy a laptop from Dixons' website with 17.5% VAT? I just looked and it says "For smaller items delivery is to addresses in the United Kingdom only. This excludes the Channel Island". Sounds fishy.
  • Andy D.
    Its OK tp spel rong. As any fule kno.
  • Morocco
    DSGI attempts customer service? I don't believe a word of it.
  • delrio
    I'm a bit late to this party it seems but.... "Im no expert but I thought it was ‘Learned’ not learnt and cannot should be either “can not” or “can’t”. Carry on with your fight…" Learnt is a viable option in the context in which it was used. It's a UK English word that doesn't seem to carry over to American English (I don't know where you're from so don't know if this is relevant @JGN).
  • google
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