Evil E.ON scraps pensioner discount while raking in £2m a day in profit

15 May 2014

You there. You…PENSIONER. You can forget your 25% fuel discount if you’re with E.ON, because they’re scrapping it, despite making millions in profit and wearing pants made out of money.

cold old lady

Oh, and they’re putting up gas prices too, meaning that the elderly will have to pay 40% more than they do at the moment.

*sounds of pensioners taking their last ice cold gasp*

The company wrote a nice letter to their thousands of aged customers on the Warm Assist Deal, telling them the discount was being ditched, so tough titty.

Well, not quite – but they told them they would be switched onto a standard price deal by the end of June, giving them a measly six weeks to work out how they’re not going to die of hypothermia.

The Warm Assist deal is being replaced by the Warm Homes Discount – worth £140. But with huge price rises soon coming into effect, that payment will be effectively wiped out.

E.ON made a £177m profit between January and March, yet it appears to be targeting its most vulnerable customers all the same. What do they expect them to do? Knit themselves a noose?

‘This is a shocking example of a company profiting off the back of its most vulnerable customers.’ Said Dot Gibson from the National Pensioners Convention. 'They seem oblivious to the impact it will have.’



  • Her L.
    Don't get too close to the fire Your Majesty, just put another rayon cardigan on. It's all about the layers.
  • Kevin
    All old people are poor are they? I never knew that.
  • Unhappy M.
    While we're on the subject, we need to ask why people on pre-pay meters who are often on the lowest incomes have to pay more for their fuel.
  • jim
    kevin - if they are on a state peniosn then yes. you muppet

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