Ever wondered about Orange customer services? Now you know.

If you're an Orange customer and find yourself repeatedly clawing your own face off in frustration at their ineptitude, here's at least one of the reasons why.

According to an anonymous source that contacted The Register, all of their call centres run customer service systems in Internet Explorer 6. The source, a support technician working in Orange's Bristol call centre, claims the inability of IE6 to open multiple tabs in the same window and the plodding performance are causing major headaches for operators trying to deal with customer queries.

"If you've ever called Orange customer services and wondered why it takes so long to get served, it's because most of the customer service representatives are battling a system that crashes and fails regularly and, because of using Internet Explorer 6, have to open about 10 separate pages just to deal with one customer's issues," the source whispered mysteriously to reporter Robert Redford.

Technicians have tried to resolve the issue by downloading Firefox and other browsers, but have been issued with a strict warning of a £250 fine per PC if they attempt to do so, leaving operators with no choice but to handle queries on a browser released in August 2001, when plenty of us were still peering at the web through modems.

No doubt the cost to Orange of rolling out an update across hundreds of machines will be a pretty penny, but better that than leaving customers the nagging feeling that operators are slow because they don't care, rather than because they're working on with a jalopy of a browser.

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  • MrRobin
    The company I work for (a very large multinational energy company) also rolls out IE6 on standard builds. It's only because I have admin rights and have the know how to re-enable automatic updates (policy is that it's switched off so the release mgmt dept control all updates) that I have IE7 installed. My colleague was reprimanded when the service desk discovered he had IE8 installed the other week. Also 'illegal' is any up to date version of MS Office. Apparently Office 2007 is way too advanced and requests for upgrades are met with 'computer says no' like responses, with no actual explanation or case as to why.
  • Paul S.
    Hi MrRobin - would you mind emailing us a few more details at [email protected]? Your anonymity is, of course, completely assured. Unless you're a murderer or something.
  • Henri M.
    LOVE that picture. Can I get it as a t-shirt?
  • CompactDstrxion
    I used to work in a call centre for a major bank that also used IE6 and everyone was stuck with what they got. But it wasn't so bad because all the screens had high resolutions so it was possible to have most of the windows you'd need to work with on one screen, and their system was clever enough to open the most common windows required straight away. I left about a year ago so they may have upgraded since then.
  • highguyuk
    I work for a large multi national consultancy, and we are all on IE6 too. Very similar story to MrRobin to be fair. I don't think it's a rare thing.
  • Inactive
    I'm a luddite, I still use IE6 by choice. ( as well as Opera and FF ).
  • Mike U.
    Firefox with IE Tab extension Simples!!!
  • JamFace
    Where I work we've only just been upgraded to IE7 (last week)
  • MrRobin
    Happy to provide more info... what kind of details do you want? Email me with requirements if it's easier...
  • iRonMan
    I worked for orange in bristol techinal support - I left - not enough girls

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