Don't get burned by the Great Sun Cream Scam

Which! has outed three major brands of sun cream for being ineffective, slapping them with a ‘DON’T BUY’ sticker.


In a test of 15 popular brands, they found that Hawaiian Tropic, Piz Buin and Malibu don’t offer sufficient protection against UV rays – and that although the label said ‘factor 30’ they were found to have a real SPF level of 25.

Ironically the brands that failed the test were among the priciest – for example Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance costs £13.99, while Piz Buin Ultra Dry Light Touch Sun Fluid is a skin tingling £16.99. Meanwhile Morrison’s Cheapo Cream, SPF 30, passed the test with flying colours and costs just £3.50.

Which! tested the products by applying a small amount of each sun cream to a volunteer’s back, exposed them to a sun lamp, and then lab assistants checked them for redness.

Malibu Protective lotion also failed to meet EU recommended safety standards – by law the UVA factor should be a third of its SPF.

An angry and sunburnt Ricardo Lloyd of Which! put down his pina colada and said:

‘We’ve found three products that failed the strict British Standard tests and we want to see manufacturers doing much more to make sure their sun creams live up to the claims on the packaging.’

It’s a cover up, that's what it is.

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  • God
    I am outraged to hear that Aldi and Lidl own brands didnt come top and will be boycotting them as soon as I have got through the 20 litres I have already purchased.

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