Don't bother sending Christmas cards first class

If you’re one of those old fashioned people who like to send a charity Christmas card through the post, then listen up. There’s no point in wasting your money on first class stamps, according to research by Consumer Futures.


Why? Because Royal Mail don’t actually have to meet next day targets during December – from the 2nd to the 23rd. They’re too busy hauling your George Foreman Grills from Amazon up ten flights of stairs to care about your piffling best wishes to Aunty Sheila. Don’t delude yourself that the red stamp of urgency will get it to her quicker. Frankly, at this time of year, Aunty Sheila can lump it.

The Royal Mail loophole means that if you’ve left it too late – after the last posting date of December 20th - then first class delivery is not guaranteed. Only half of first class mail was delivered next day last year, and with stamps costing a whopping 60p, you should probably post early and use second class, or find another way to express your seasons greetings to your loved ones.

Why not send an outrageously impersonal e-card to everyone in your address book, instead? Or make a Youtube video of yourself twerking naked in a Santa hat in a petting zoo and upload it to Facebook? You’ll have gone viral by Boxing Day.


  • Postman P.
    A WHOPPING 60p? You can't even buy a chocolate bar in a newsagents for 60p nowadays, yet you are complaining about being able to send a letter the length of the country, next day (90%+ of the time, not 50%), for 60p. Get a grip.
  • Charley
    Give it a year and 60p for a stamp will be a fond memory.
  • Peter P.
    @ Postman Pat, Don't forget all that taxpayers money that's been spent to give them the infrastructure to get it from one end of the country to the other.

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