Dominos caught selling Aldi potato wedges

Aldi pot wedges.jpg Staff at a branch of Dominos in Linlithgow, West Lothian face a grilling after they were caught buying cheap jumbo bags of potato wedges from Aldi and then trying to pass them off as Domino’s own brand.

The cheapo wedges cost only 59p from Aldi, whereas Dominos wedges are a staggering £3.49 for a tiny box. But staff say they’d run out due to Wimbledon and the World Cup, and they were just trying to keep up with an unprecedented demand for wedge action.

A customer spotted what they were up to when he went in to order a pizza, and said: ‘I had a bit of a chuckle – but it’s really cheeky flogging Aldi products as their own.'

Domino’s bosses explained the problem.

‘With big sporting events in full swing, the Linlithgow store was faced with no wedges. We do not advocate this as a solution. We have spoken to the store to ensure ordering has been adjusted and our customers get Domino’s wedges.'

It’s actually pretty enterprising when you think about it – and it also very much begs the question: 'is there a scientific correlation between major sporting events and potato wedges?’


  • Jim C.
    I regularly see staff from my local Dominos in Cumbernauld stocking up on potato wedges and chicken goujons at my local Asda so it is probably a nationwide thing.
  • Alexis
    Makes a change. I've been in supermarket cafés whee they've run out but 'can't' even grab the food from the main shop.
  • JD64
    I wager that the Dominos own brand ones cost less per wedge than the Aldi ones so the customer was technically getting a more premium wedge!
  • Samantha
    Could anyone taste the difference?
  • Paula f.
    NEWS NEWS NEWS Fast Food outlet buys it's ingredients cheaper than it sells them.
  • Championthewondermule
    They only got rumbled because the Aldi ones were better quality.
  • dvdj10
    ‘is there a scientific correlation between major sporting events and potato wedges?’ No, but there's obviously a correlation between major sporting events and takeaways in general.
  • Slacker
    Dominos prices are outrageous. Only nobheads would eat there anyway, so who cares?
  • shakesheadsadly
    This happens all the time. The local Burger King often runs out of the Coke syrup, so you get your drinks filled from a 2ltr bottle the staff bought next door at tesco. They don't like doing this though, because the bottles cost more than the syrup and aren't as easily watered down.

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