Ditch the wheatgrass smoothies and save £440

21 July 2014

Wheatgrass-250x250 Crazy people who believe in the healing power of superfoods are spending far too much on their health fix, says Which!!!

Instead of spunking all their hard earned wages on goji berries and wheatgrass and other dubious inedibles, our favourite consumer vanguards suggest that people should try cheaper alternatives, like kiwi fruit and sardines.

In what has to be their most niche report yet, Which!!! found that swapping blueberries for kiwis and salmon for sardines could help healthy types save £440 a year and still stay alive longer (while not having any fun.)

Lean, mean, tanned and toned Richard Lloyd from Which!!! paused his Tracy Anderson workout DVD and said:

‘You don't need to break the bank to eat healthily. We've found you can swap some superfoods for cheaper alternatives and save a packet while still getting the vitamins you need.’

Thanks Richard! And now we can spend that lovely £440 on beer and pipes of Pringles.

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  • Alex
    Or don't, swapping healthy vegetables for unhealthy fish is a dumb idea. Even if you're spending 400 quid, which I don't think is accurate and is a bit of a pointless number by itself without racking up what else people who responded to this survey spend on food like meat, is your health worth less than that?

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