Council pays out £278,000 for confusing parking sign

Westminster City Council are going to pay back a whopping £278,000 in compensation to motorists after they admitted a parking sign had ‘potential for confusion.’


5000 motorists have had fines slapped on them for parking in three streets in Central London since 2011. The signs said ‘No parking in the bays between 8.30am and 6.30pm.’ So, obviously you would think you could park there AFTER 6.30. Nuh-uh. Because at 6.30pm, the bays magically turned into taxi ranks. But the signs didn’t say anything about that.

Obviously the council received plenty of complaints about this stupid signage balls up, but they didn’t do anything about it until now, and they’re trying to pass the compensation off as a magnanimous act of charity. In a statement, Westminster City Council said that they would pay back the fines ‘as a gesture of goodwill.’ Awww.

So next time you f*** up in life, just take a leaf from WCC’s book. Wait a while, don’t apologise, but then just throw some money around. You’ll be the most popular guy in town!

Anyway, if you’ve been a victim of this sign, you can apply for a refund on their website. They're nice like that.


  • fairytooth
    So what happens to all the fines which are not claimed back? Since WCC have details of every 'offender' on their records they should be forced to actively return the money, not just wait for a claim to roll in. Keeping money unlawfully amounts to theft. This disgraceful council has been guilty of 'highway robbery' for a long time now and should be held to account under the criminal law for the capricious way it has made motorists' lives a misery and illegally taken money from them. It is not the first time they have been found incompetent and it won't be the last.
  • tin
    LOL! except that the signs were actually pretty clear and the above is not really the full story. However I think people should start paying their parking charges only on request of the council, and by cheque within 28 days, as this is apparently the only method they can be arsed to make to pay you. The cheeky fuckers.

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