Could you be...the most beautiful kettle in the world?

Nobody wants to think too hard about buying a new kettle. Yet it’s important. It must sit in your kitchen looking nice (ish), and provide you with that most vital substance of all – tea. But where do you start?


Well, that’s what good old Which! is for. Their tireless kettle testers have slaved for hours to bring you their considered verdicts, and the winner is...only £25!

Allow me to introduce you to…the Russell Hobbs Easy 19980, and according to Which! it’s the best kettle they’ve ever tested. It boils quickly, it’s quiet, it’s energy efficient, it has a limescale filter, and it’s basically a god amongst kettles. It would be the centrefold in Kettles Monthly. It is HOT.

In second place was the fancy pants Bosch TWK8633GB at a much steeper £55. But you don’t have to spend loads of money on a kettle. Over to you, Which! kettles expert Matt Clear!

'It's increasingly possible to get a great all-round kettle without having to spend much money. Some of the best kettles we've tested can be bought for less than £30.'

They include the £20 Russell Hobbs Cambridge Kettle’ (‘A terrific kettle!’) and the £21 Breville IKJ796, which picks up fingerprints, but ‘is an excellent kettle that gets almost everything right.’

So THERE YOU GO. Milk no sugar, thanks.


  • Han S.
    Am I the only one who thinks it's just a fucking kettle?
  • Ali B.
    Looks rubbish
  • Mike O.
    Is every other article on here inspired by the bitterwallet Which! subscription?
  • shiftynifty
    I am more used to Kettling...
  • Coran
    Once you have a kettle with temperature control, like the Bosch, you'll wonder how you managed without.
  • Obi K.
    ^ I've tried, but can't think why - when wouldn't you want it to just boil? I know coffee is meant to be brewed slightly cooler, but anyone that worried about the taste of their coffee would have an espresso machine

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