Consumer advice - don't consume too much booze

8 June 2011

Bitterwallet is a consumer site, but as we know, there's more than one definition of the word 'consumer'. For example, this man is a consumer - he has consumed far too much alcohol. We hope you enjoy following him on his journey home...


  • Darren
    Andy Dawson, Did you manage to get back to the office after all that? You need to take some more responsibility for your action, and I did not see any disclaimer "No Streets or bollards where hurt in this video"
  • Mark
    The moral is - Dont drink alone... There's no one to fall on!
  • Andy D.
    My favourite part is the end when, having realised that walking isn't working out for him, he tries running instead.
  • george
    My Dad is soooo embarrassing!
  • james D.
    Oddly enough he seems to be running much more effectively than walking
  • RMBsnr
    Now I know where all those bruises came from. Dont remember having a drink tho
  • Dodgy
  • dubious
    BW - If you use a faked set up 'comedy' video from the Sun again I will be forced to set the dogs on you. Too convenient, too hi res and the falls are good but not real. Maybe you love Mr Murdoch and you want Mr Murdochs babies and you want to marry Mr Murdoch but most of us know he's a trout tickling penisface
  • Dick
    Anyone that can get up is not really drunk. First fall and you are down for the night. Now that is drunk.
  • Paul C.
    I think I should just count myself lucky that my body prefers puking up over the pavement. You get more female sympathy that way than falling around like a crash test dummy. Plus, you can keep on drinking. Win.

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