Commercial Break: A model bouncing around with her fake instruments

16 June 2010

We bring you today’s Commercial Break for many different reasons. It is a Guitar Hero TV ad starring supermodel Marissa Miller that never made it to our screens because it was considered to be too ‘racy’.

We bring it to you as part of the ongoing fight against censorship, as well as for those of you who are avid followers of the Guitar Hero ads and ads in general. We also bring it to you if you are fans of the Tom Cruise movie that we’ve forgotten the name of that the ad is a homage to.

They are the only reasons we bring it to you. We hope it doesn't bore you.


  • laurz
    Risky Business :)
  • F. F.
    too racy? I really have desensitised myself... oh well, back to the porn.
  • Dirty F.
    This is racist
  • MaryWhitehousesGhost
    What was the need of her to be in her underwear to sell a game, can these advertising guys not come up with anything more creative, than to just fall back on getting a sexy women on the ad to distract you from what the actual product is.
  • Gob
    If I didn't already own this game, I would be purchasing it right now. Well, right after I cleaned up this mess I just made.
  • Mund
    Makes me want to buy it!
  • Mike H.
    Well, it was good for me, I don't know about Marissa.
  • piggy
    How exciting. Who's Marisa Miller?
  • Nobby
    They should also ban the Special K adverts, just as racy.

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