Commercial Break: A glass of special ladies' cider served up in a sure-to-be-banned ad

Heineken have gone and brewed a cider which they’re aiming specifically at the laydeez – they’ve called it Jillz and you’ll can speculate to your heart’s content as to what THAT’S all about.

So how have they chosen to promote this female-friendly drink? With an ad littered with shirtless blokes! Just like Diet Coke did almost 20 years ago! How far we’ve come!

Tragically, the ad will never be shown on British TV as it flouts a whole host of booze-plugging regulations relating to sexual attraction and prowess. If it had starred four manky tramps scrumping for apples in an orchard, things might have been different and Jillz might be sweeping the drinks market right now…


  • Joff
    So that's why I've been getting funny looks every time I order that in Holland.
  • ja r.
    i just watched that and my willy felt funny. am i one of those gays?
  • clare
    guys looked kinda hot to me yummyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • blondie76
    Hubba, hubba...that's just cheered my day up!!

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