Clever hack for your old VCR reveals monster surprises

When our VCR came to the end of its natural life in around 1987 (I believe the term at the time was "the heads are knackered") we didn't attempt any clever hacks as outlined in the video below, but that's because YouTube wouldn't be invented for another 15 years.

Instead we drove to the tip in Barnard Castle (the council were going to charge to take it away) but there were shady characters waiting to steal it away once deposited. To ensure nobody else profited from his unwanted items, my dad drove to a nearby layby and threw it high into the bushes.

If only he'd knew. Look at what you could have won, Dad, just look at it:


  • Will
  • Paul S.
    ...................................... Another 2.20 mins of my meaningless and pathetic life wasted :(
  • dan
  • The B.
    You managed 2:20? I'm impressed, I'd rolled my eyes, sighed, muttered "cnuts" under my breath and stopped it by 1:15.
  • youtoo
    best 2.20 minutes of my life so far. Guess it's all downhill from here....sigh
  • Ray
    Like this website....that video just underachieved and proved a total letdown!
  • John R.
    Desperately trying to be funny. FAIL.
  • Martin S.
    Ha Ha! I enjoyed that!! Very good - keep it coming!
  • victor
    " I JUST DONT BELEEEVE IT " so thats where the electrical shops get there stock
  • Gus
    was that meant to be funny? I will check my payslip!
  • andy y.
    How dare the Smith family wreck the serene beauty of the Co Durham countryside.Why oh Why can't you do what all decent people do and dump in Middlesbrough on top of pile of used johnnies
  • Adam
    What a load of rubbish!! I've just tried this and my supposed was treasures were a Tevion MP3 player, a Medion Sat Nav and a portable DVD player. Mind you, the VCR was from a cheap one ALDI, maybe it depends on the brand of VCR.
  • Can y.
    BW taking stuff from MSE newsletter! tut tut! You're a week late by the way....
  • Pete
    Lame lame lame.
  • Pete
  • PhilC
    Unbelievable....... I actually laughed out loud
  • ABC
    Strange, think that link was published a week ago in the MSE newsletter.
  • agaveworm
    What's in an HD DVD player?
  • Pete
    "What’s in an HD DVD player?" - well, going by these lamers' "joke", obviously it's some next-generation f3D olding screen technology! Lame.
  • Pete
    3D folding screen, I meant. To re-iterate: Lame.
  • agaveworm
    @ Pete. Lame?
  • Dave T.
  • Martin

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