Cineworld faces probe (not over silly popcorn prices)

cineworld Cineworld is facing a full competition investigation over their £47 million takeover of art house cinema chain Picturehouse by the Office of Fair Trading.

The OFT has referred the acquisition to the Competition Commission after they uncovered issues in five local areas, fearing that it could limit the choice and price (increases) of cinema-goers.

Cineworld's takeover of the 22-strong Picturehouse chain, in short, could nullify competition in Aberdeen, Brighton, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and Southampton, where Cineworld brands would overlap.

The watchdog said research showed a sufficient number of customers see their local Cineworld as an alternative to Picturehouse, and that Cineworld "may find it profitable to raise prices after the merger".

Jackie Holland, OFT senior director and decision maker in the case, said: "Our investigation found that although Picturehouse cinemas show art house and foreign language films, a large proportion of Picturehouse's revenue comes from more mainstream films, in direct competition to Cineworld."

'We are concerned that as a result of the merger, cinema-goers in five local areas could face higher ticket prices and a significantly reduced choice of cinemas and films."

Next week: Shock as more and more people pirate films.


  • Sigmund R.
    What's a people pirate?
  • chewbaccca
    " that it could limit the choice and price (increases) of cinema-goers." Makes no sense. You fucking morons.
  • Fucking M.
    Makes complete sense. "...could limit... price (increases)..." That's exactly what we need - limited price increases. Let's hope it's not a Murdoch limit, cos with him the Sky is the limit.
  • badger
    Genuine question: has their "rule" forbidding customers from taking in their own snacks or drinks ever been challenged in court?
  • Justin A.
    @badger Screw their rule. I drank my own OJ carton in their cinema tonight, and I go in there right after dinner anyway. Did the same to Manchester United and took my own OJ to watch a match last night. I paying them a fee to rent me a seat and entertain me, not allow me access to overpriced junk food.
  • chewbacca p.
    @Ducking Boron. No, it doesn't make sense. You should be able to disregard anything in parentheses within a sentence with no effect on the sentence itself. The sentence does not make any sense with the parentheses removed therefore it doesn't make any sense. You ducking boron.
  • chewbacca u.
    "it doesn't make any sense, therefore it doesn't make any sense". A bona fide Chewie classic right there.

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