Cheaper energy - with added cashback

In our relentless and heroic quest to save money, shoppers are hitting on smart methods to save more – by using cashback websites when they switch energy providers.


Apparently people using the TopCashback and Quidco websites saved £45 and £39 each, bringing the grand total of energy cashback savings in Britain to a British Gas thrashing £2.85 million.

Around 150,000 households decided to switch energy providers to save money last year, after the astronomical price rises were announced. But those using cashback sites saved even more.

Cashback sites act as a middle man and give you cashback if you click through them to reach the company or provider you want to buy from. The amount of people using cashback sites to switch from their expensive Big Six monster to a smaller, cheaper provider rose between September and October 2013, showing that people really aren’t as daft as they look.

It follows a growing trend to shop around for energy deals - but MORE people need to start switching to end the tyranny of the Big Six. If you’re looking for a better deal – with cashback – you can still switch utility companies through cashback sites, but a recent Ofgem ruling means that you can only get cash back if you use a comparison site first.

So go to Quidco et al, click through to a comparison site, and get switching. OK, it might sound convoluted, but surely it’s better than subsidising the energy fat cats who are currently wallowing in a boob shaped pool full of Chateaubriand and Dom Perignon.


  • Mark W.
    So where did this £2.85 million come from? The energy companies. Their advertising budget, tax deductible for them. Hence if I get cashback by switching supplier, it's the other customers, and also all taxpayers, funding that. Thanks suckers!
  • zeddy
    Yes, TCB really are the best for cashback as you have shown.

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