Buy your own replica Batmobile for $1m

If you’ve got $1m (and you’re a prize fanny), you can now buy a roadworthy replica of the ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile seen in the Dark Knight films.


You - yes you, Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons – can finally show the people at work and all those girls who never talk to you that you are the boss man of Gotham City! (Batphone not included).

The limited edition car is currently selling on the James Edition website, which specialises in luxury goods for attention seeking rich people. It comes with 44 inch tyres, an 8 cylinder engine, Bluetooth, and five cameras to stop you from shunting it into other cars when you’re parking outside your Nan’s house saving the world from the Joker.

But before you rush out to the building society to raid your Super Squirrel savings account, take heed. You can only get it in left hand drive, and although it’s legal to drive it on the roads, it’s not exactly equipped for popping to the shops.

As the makers say: ‘We have built this insane vehicle to be street legal however please understand that this is not a daily driver!’

'Robin - to the Tw**mobile.'

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  • HexParadox
    I find your tone rather insulting. This is a perfect example of something being built for real as opposed to just a model for a film. Why you seem to think anyone who would dream to own such a thing would be confined to a basement and be out of shape loser is disturbing - this seems to be a trend in your 'articles' a truly terrible 'professional' writer

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