BT is the most complained about Internet service provider in Britain

27 March 2014

bt-logo Ofcom have today announced that BT is Britain’s most stinking ISP, generating the most complaints for their fault-ridden broadband service and lousy customer service.

They also won the telecommunications wooden spoon for their pay-TV service, which keeps breaking down and causing customers no end of trouble. Even when their actual service is working, customers complained of billing problems.

With 0.32 complaints per 1000 customers this quarter, BT has even surpassed the crapness of TalkTalk, who have been the worst offender for several quarters. However TalkTalk is still the most complained about telecommunications service for landline faults.

And even though BT has announced plans to hang out with their new boyfriend EE more to improve their mobile speeds, EE came second place on Ofcom’s s***list, generating above average complaints – 0.29 per 1000 customers.

It seems that if you don’t want to be on the phone all the time shouting at someone, you should switch to BSkyB or Virgin Media, who managed to come out of the report with significantly fewer complaints.

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  • jt
    I've been with BT broadband and TV for 3 years and can't say I have had a problem. Their broadband customer service is no worse than any of the other broadband providers I've been with, and considerably better than Talk Talk.
  • Andrew S.
    I couldn't make a worst choice paying BT 7 Years for hardly ever achieved 15 Mb-- £130 every 3 Months. I keep Landline, but use ONLY for finding my Mob whereabouts under sofa once a week. After every 3 month's moaning in fact i always receive a new Bt Hub. BUT it doesn't improve the speed as much, every day for hours it either dropped totally off , or sunk to 0.21- 2.40 Mb. It's very questionable 'IS IT worth £ 43 a MONTH ??? Virgin -same BB promise-£ 26.32 Trying iPlayer or any other stream is nightmare. Month ago line became dead- and Engineer's changed something in street Cabinet, so... and since that time hasn't gone off but still mostly (even often) on same annoyingly 0.20 - 1.50 Mb "value". He sad".. if you can go for Infinity, cannot guarantee speed but nothing to loose. Not the point change for Talk-Talk --it's the same line rental, only Cust-Service worst..." The only reasonable jump is to VIRGIN, however their Super Hub is not better then BT-5 er. (if i get a luck to swap for it)before Change. For yesterday with my next £130 bill I've got upgrading for Infinity offer May be not FOR SURE faster but FOR SURE still more expensive for the same thing from Talk-Talk or Virgin.

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