Britons love biscuits more than sex and booze

One in six people would apparently rather forego rumpy pumpy and alcohol than do without their beloved chocolate biscuits, a skewed biscuit-related survey said.

chocolate digestives

Research to mark National Biscuit Day, which is on Thursday, revealed that other pleasures in life could not compare with the taste of a chocolate Digestive.

It also showed that a third of Facebook users would happily log off and never speak to their mates again if it meant having to give up Jaffa Cakes. (Which isn’t TECHNICALLY a biscuit, snack pedants.)

The study for – you guessed it – McVities, also found that Brits eat 2 biscuits a day and four out of ten of those polled liked to dunk them in their tea, with some of us preferring to do it in private.

Britain’s favourite biscuits were as follows –

1. Chocolate digestives
2. Hobnobs
3. Jaffa cakes
4. Digestives


*throws survey away and goes off for a drunken shag*

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