Britain listens to Adele in the bath

Adele It’s the place where Archimedes got his ideas and Dennis Nielsen did his dissolving, but what’s your idea of a perfect bath? Well, Bathstore polled a random variety of British idiots, and found that the perfect bath is 39ºC, lasts 27 minutes, is lit by a single candle and is accompanied by - GULP – the sound of ADELE.

Yes, apparently the gravel voiced chanteuse is the most popular soundtrack to the average British bath. It also turns out that we’re not lying in there, switching off. We’re multi-tasking from the tub, with 20% of those surveyed saying that they used tablets to check social media and check emails. 28% also phone their friends from the bath. Claire Bayliss of Bathstore said: ‘It appears the tub is now a hub for life administration.’

But it’s not all drudge and tweets about being in the bath. 44% like to take a bath with others, while 22% take an alcoholic beverage in there and get hammered on vodka and Radox cocktails.

Well, each to their own, I suppose. Personally, I like to break out that Yankee candle and get myself clean to the soothing sounds of Kenny G…


  • Ray D.
    It's an urban legend that a waxed "Jack" causes less friction and the fragrance will lose the battle with a lady's "odour".
  • Daisy D.
    She'd look better with a bit of make-up.
  • What
    Since when is Adele "gravel voiced"?
  • iForgot
    I like to listen to Michael Bublé when I'm in the tub. Can't beat a nice Bublé bath.

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