BrewDog are #sorrynotsorry about Portman Group ruling

29 April 2014

In an attempt to keep up their punk rock image (even though they're quite clearly bespectacled dweebs in Converse), the makers of BrewDog ales have given the finger to the Portman Group after they found that the promotion of one of their ales encouraged binge drinking and anti-social behaviour.

After the Portman Group banned their near boozeless 3.8% Dead Pony Club beer advertising - which was described as 'perfect for drinking by the bottle, case or keg' - BrewDog did their worst. They wrote a blog post.

In the insufferable post, which sounds like it was written by Viv from the Young Ones (or perhaps Nigel Farage), the craft beer company apologised for ‘not giving a shit’ about the findings of the independent complaints panel. Under the title #sorrynotsorry, founder James Watt wrote:

"Unfortunately, the Portman Group is a gloomy gaggle of killjoy jobsworths, funded by navel-gazing international drinks giants. Their raison d’être is to provide a diversion for the true evils of this industry, perpetrated by the gigantic faceless brands that pay their wages. Blinkered by this soulless mission, they treat beer drinkers like brain dead zombies and vilify creativity and competition. Therefore, we have never given a second thought to any of the grubby newspeak they disseminate periodically."

YEAH, MAN, YOU’RE ALL CORPORATE SUITS. TAKE A CHILL PILL, YEAH? (Let's not mention the whole Selling Beer In Tesco Thing).

The independent brewery has long called for the dismantling of the Portman Group, but this latest outburst is one of their most direct attacks yet.

But is this the kind of world-changing rebellion that could bring the drinks industry - and the Portman Group- to its knees? Or is it just a storm in a beer glass created by a bunch of terminal adolescents with thin beards who make beer that tastes of urine?

They probably don't care, maaaaaaaan.


  • Gordon
    Having experienced Mr Watt's (lack of) business ethics first hand I shall refrain from making any further comment.
  • Olly N.
    It cannot be BrewDog's fault for having Tesco sell their beer, surely power to Tesco for recognising a indie and stocking their product -- that isn't a loss to anybody -- after all, Tesco sell what they think customers want, and it turns out they don't want a 4% mass produced watered down syrup. The Portland Group deserve everything they get, and in this case, BrewDog's response was entirely justified.
  • Dionaeamuscipula
    Oh my. BrewDog, they so edgy and rebellious, man. They dangerous. A marketing concept with a product that is entirely peripheral to the PR driven bullshit.

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