26 February 2013

There are two things in life people just shouldn’t mess with - your mum, and chocolate digestives. So the news that McVities have quietly changed their chocolate digestive recipe, hoping that nobody would notice, is the sort of thing that would make a mild mannered bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window. I mean, just don’t. OK?

The new biscuits are apparently ‘3% more chocolatey’, and have a less crunchy base, but NOBODY CARES because the old ones were nice. Not only were they nice, they were a British tradition. You may as well give the Queen a tit job and turn Nelson’s column into a giant cock.

A Which? taste test revealed that 19 out of 30 people preferred the old school chocolate digestives. Plus they found that the 3% more chocolatey claim wasn’t even true – in fact it’s closer to 1% extra chocolate. Tasters also claimed they were ‘too brittle to dunk.’

United Biscuits who own McVities, defended the move from under a table, whimpering: ‘the feedback we’ve had is that people like it.’


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  • MerseyMal
    Chocolate Digestives are so pre-1980s. They were long superseded by Chocolate Hobnobs.
  • Milky
    I wan't to taste digestive as the latter part of the biscuit name infers (as well as chocolate) ....the new double choc with choc base are ANOTHER step to fricking far (never mind greek crisis & papal employees doin greek stuff without consent). I wan't my biscuit back the way it was! HOW DARE THEY!!!?
  • Inspector G.
    You must be new here, Lucy, its 'Which?!?!!'
  • Gavlar
    I feel sick, what next I ask !!!! low fat caramel on the caramel choc digestives ?! The end of the world is truly NIGH !
  • Captain C.
    +1 for the choccy hobnobs. I took so many packets for my 6 months in China, I got pulled by security at Birmingham airport and made to open my bags. Apparently that many packets stacked together looked like a bomb!!! 18 - 6x each plain, milk and dark.
  • jim
  • Justin A.
    Also Lucy, it'll be 'old skool chocolate digestives'. Never been to a dance music night featuring tunes from 15- 25 years ago?
  • Alexis
    I thought they changed the recipe about 18 months ago? The biscuit is more crumbly and oily than it used to be.
  • Dr Z.
    Wonderful news! If I'm lucky the professor lets me lick the crumbs off his wrinkled old belly after he has eaten a whole packet. The extra chocolate ones have a tendency to run down his belly straight onto his hobknob.
  • oliverreed
    It's hardly quiet, there's been an advert on the TV
  • Joey J.
    forget your worries and finger a cat
  • shiftynifty
    Nooooooooo....Say it aint sooooooooo
  • Mike O.
    Hopefully the "own brand" variants won't follow suit, Aldi dark choccy digestives are just fine. Mind you they're all probably made by McVities and rebranded so maybe not.
  • samuri
    this change will save them money i fucking guarantee it
  • Phuck Y.
    Isn't it 'Which!' ?
  • AngryBob
    Twats they didnt change the recipe to make the more chocolatey , they changed it so they are cheaper to make and still charge the same or more because of the 'better' taste - tossers

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