Big energy company doesn't like little energy company

30 October 2013

The Big Six energy companies are in a BAD MOOD recently – they can feel the threat of getting their £2million a year bonus lollipops taken away from them and they’re about to go into full tantrum mode.

tony cocker

Today, they’re moaning that small energy companies get away with less environmental and social levies than the bigger ones. E.On doesn’t like it. It’s not FAIR. It’s really really absolutely isn’t. Tony Cocker (Cockup) from E.On is very cross indeed, because these levies take up 8% of the average bill. So smaller companies can change less and have an unfair advantage over the big ones.

‘The small companies are exempt from a number of environmental and social obligations,’ he said, his bottom lip wobbling.

Ovo Energy, who sound suspiciously like a feminist theatre group but in actual fact provide gas and electricity, hit back, saying that they were cheaper and naaa naaa neeee naaa naaaa.

‘I can tell you, of the four companies that have raised their prices, we are around £160 cheaper.’ Said Ovo’s Stephen Fitzpatrick. ‘So that's about 12% to 13% for a customer of average consumption.’

Hmm, could this petty little squabble be an indication that big energy companies are feeling threatened?



  • Inspector G.
    But isnt being a massive company an 'unfair advantage' over a smaller one?
  • Ian
    Isn't not being greedy, uncaring, profit-hungry bastards an unfair advantage over the alternative? Given that most, if not all, of the energy companies funnel their profits through a chain in order to report a far smaller than actual profit (whilst paying their fat cat shareholders a bonus based on the original profits), they can, frankly, go fuck themselves - talking about fairness when you're making billions in profit while pensioners freeze? Please.
  • Alexis
    But the rest of his costs, as a proportion, will be smaller.
  • Terry
    I know they have been under fire lately, but big or small, they should have the same rules.
  • Terry
    I'm talking about ones which affect the environment.
  • Gary
    Quality logic. That's All Gold, Terry.
  • Captain.Cretin
    I've just switched to a "small" company; the savings are estimated at a damned sight more than 8% !! I am looking at more like 22-25%!!!! I would have switched sooner, but I got saddled with a huge leccy debt by my son while I was overseas for 6 months.
  • oz
    That will be unfair then.... like the rigged market the big boys stitch up then.... We need a consumer revolution, maybe drop the consumer bit as well.

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