Beko recall fridge freezers after one sets a block of flats on fire

electrical fireRecently, there was a rather large fire in a tower block in Bermondsey. While you cast dispersions on the people of Southwark like 'they deserve it' or 'surprised anyone noticed', we'll crack on with telling you that it was all the fault of a Beko fridge freezer.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) reckon that up to half a million fridge freezers across the country could be posing serious fire risks in you house thanks to their dodgy thermostats. Or because they're manufactured to be evil. Take your pick.

It appears that particular models of Beko fridge freezer are more susceptible to overheating and turning your house into an inferno. Exciting, yes... but very irritating when all your stuff ceases to exist and your skin falls off.

Fire chiefs alerted Beko to the problem in June 2010 and the company have issued recall notices to all of its customers. If they missed you out, the affected models were all manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006.

A Beko spokesperson says: 'It was confirmed in December 2010 that certain models of Beko frost-free fridge freezers may, in some circumstances, fail and overheat. We have contacted all retailers who sold these products to seek their help in ­identifying affected customers.'

If you don't trust these swine to get in touch, you can check yourself. Have a look at the serial numbers of the models you own and check them against the warning list, which you can see if you click over the jump. If your fridge freezer is one of the affected lines, it is advised that you contact Beko as soon as possible.

Read over for a full list of the affected Beko serial numbers.






































  • Robert S.
    our fridge freezers serial number is CDA543FW,appears on your list,,so what happens now. very concerned ,Robert..
  • Idi A.
    Never had this problem when fridges used the good old greenhouse unfriendly refrigerants. But the tree huggers insisted, so the old gases were replaced by eco-friendly R600 and R290 refrigerants. Or "butane" and "propane" to you...
  • The B.
    Mate of mine had his flat burnt down by a faulty Candy fridge freezer, it has to be said that the bottom end of the market don't seem too reliable in the bursting into flames stakes. I'm umming and arghing over an LG at the mo, I've only ever used Bosch and not had one break yet (he said touching wood) and LG are a bit of a step down, but I can't find a decent make in the size that I want.
  • Phil
    I have a beko frost free fridge/freezer circa 2003 - Just hoping it doesn't burn my house down before I can check it serial number tonight! Its actually been rather good if I'm honest...
  • Rubberbandboy
    Very poor of bitterwallet not to include this link You need to check the serial number as well as the model number. Check above and see if you need a recall Regards, BoingyBoing
  • fiery d.
    My freezer is within this range, checked on the BEKO site and it is affected. Had no notice of a recall even though weve lived here since we bought it from Currys. Thanks Biterwallet you saved mine and my familes lives (potentially). now if only I could get through on the hotline number thats been constantly engaged since 4.30.
  • Mof G.
    EDIT, title should read Currys/Dixons sell faulty products... I think we already knew that though.
  • Mrs A.
    Our serial number on our BEKO Fridge/Freezer is CDA653FW which is one of the serial numbers quoted for the fire risk. Please contact me immediately on 01268 565385. Mrs Maria Arthur/Mr David Arthur
  • fiery d.
    mrs Arthur, I really wouldnt put my phone number and name on a public message board. And I dont think anyone from bitterwallet will be contacting you, they are just passing over the information. contact BEKO.
  • Leslie M.
    I have a beko fridge freezer frost free model No.CDA543FW is this faulty. Regards Les Marsh
  • jax
    RE: Some stupid questions above. This article seems to have brought out the inept members of society.
  • Richard b.
    I have a beko fridge/freezer model number cg964 is it all right
  • maxtweenie
    I have a BEKO fridge freezer. I followed the instructions, checked the model and serial number and found it wasn't one of those affected. If it had been, I would have followed the instructions on BEKO's website of what to do next. My point is, if I can follow simple instructions, why can't some of the morons who have posted on here asking for someone else to check for them? You have to be amazed at the ineptitude of the general public. Sometimes, I hear voices telling me to kill everyone.
  • Grumpy
  • Grumpy
    Actually, with a little more gravitas, there's a lot of talk about the affected models and lots of statements from people at Beko... but Beko has so far said very little about the death which has been caused by one of their faulty products.
  • David H.
    I have a BEKO Fridge Freezer CDA 653 FW ? What do I do now ?
  • me
    like maxtweenie comment
  • simon
    my frost free fridge freezer is a ca5411ffs wich is on the list....what happens now..cheers
  • Mark
    hope this link helps
  • Stan m.
    Bought a new Beko fridge freezer from Curry's last night 7 am, got up in the morning, plugged it in, & watched the news, saw the news of the Beko warning, our model is included. wifw Spent all day waiting to get through on the Beko info line, no answer, Currys warranty were far from helpfull, & told us to contact BEKO, so went back to store. 1) 1st lad checked online, & confirmed my model, he said he would get it changed for a different one, then took us to C/S desk. One bitch said, it only covers 2000 - 2006. & the model number of mine, was not on the warning notice she received last night. It was no excuse to return it. ( fob off's excuses ) The lad said, that cant be right, as he had seen our model on the Beko warning site. 2) So we called a manager over, they agreed, that we had right to return, as under 7 days, & not used, so we gave it back & got an instant refund. There are legal ramifications, in having a known Beko or any other known appliance fire hazzard in your house, the insurance would now argue, as a grounds to refuse payment. or that you contributed to it, by using it, or even having it plugged in, until you had had the repair done. I then mentioned, that Curry's help line, now said, they were having nothing to do with Beko fault, & you had to contact Beko via its help number. for 6 hours on hold, we had tried & we never got through to anyone. It is mentioned there is some 500.00 of these duff units out there, if Beko did a service call, say costing £100 a visit, thats a lot of money, & also work out the time scale, it may take them years to get your timer changed etc. If, as others say it may also apply to 7 other major appliance makers, then again, there is only a set amount of service engineers. ============
  • Skymarshall
    I have a Bosch washing machine. Will I be affected?
  • thomas m.
    my one is cda648fs/1 what happens now
  • gary
    o.m.g 4 years i have owned my fridge becko cda 659 fs. i got it on finance and they haven't contacted me and they have the paperwork to say the what's the were,s and the when,s i have 2 little kids and my fiancée who we have been put in danger and had no notification i got mine from currys. i got a phone call off a family member who told us witch is lucky as i dont watch much tv.
  • stan m.
    been on phone all day no luck.BEKO need more staff & phone lines.If it was a car recall it would be a priority.BEKO wake up and answer E-MAILS.
  • Terri B.
    @ Robert Stow visit the beko website enter details of your fridge freezer including the model and serial number and they will notify you whether your particular product is at risk
    A bit suprised at the panic of some, who seem unable to simply check the Beko site. I have and got a message that mine is ok....I don't trust em, they sat on this for 6 months.
  • Grumpy
    Argh! I have a Beko television! It has a similar model number to the ones listed on the Beko website (it has letters and numbers in it). It's been ok for the last five years or so. I rang Beko and isisted that they come and fix it this evening but they said that wasn't possible. What if I burn alive in my sleep?!?! Argh!
  • Martine
    Does anyone know if models manfactured by Beko carrying the brand name Lamona are affected?
  • maxtweenie
    This is getting tedious now. Go to Beko's website and READ the fucking instructions. How hard is it? You might hsve the model number on the list but if it wasn't made between 2000 and 2006 it's not affected. If you're that worried, unplug the fucking thing. Morons.
  • Pinny
    I tried to phone BEKO unsuccessfully, so have sent an email to their email address. Not sure what else I can do at the moment until their phone lines settle down! I'm VERY concerned, as we have one of the affected fridge/freezers in our flat we are renting out to a family with two babies! Although we have had no problems with it so far, and the flat has smoke detectors installed, I would like to know ASAP what happens next! Hopefully they will contact me on my details I left via the email. It is a horrible feeling though that as a Landlord, my tenants could be at risk, especially when kids are involved! I always do everything by the book, but at the moment this is out of my hands until I get a communication of some sort with BEKO.
  • Pinny
    to foul mouthed maxtweenie - the BEKO website is crashing because so many people are on it, as well as the phone lines, so its NOT possible to just key in your details and check!
  • maxtweenie
    Well duh Pinny. How come I can check their website by clicking on the link in Marks post above? That clearly explains what to do. Why do some people have the need to complicate things?
  • Chris
    I have a Beko fridge-freezer. I have looked for the serial number inside but can't find it ? I have it unplugged after it started to make a lot of noise and started smelling funny. I could do with Beko's email address.
  • maxtweenie Direct link for lazy people to check their product.
  • dvdj
    I've got a Beko CSA4706FFX tha's on the list which I purchased in 2005. It's currently on fire but I can't get through to the hotline. What should I do?
  • AbuNusaybah
    Chris you can try emailing [email protected] I emailed them yesterday but have not had a reply yet and am not confident that I will get a reply anytime soon. Mine is an affected model and I've been trying to call Beko on 0800 0094 837 since yesterday but I keep getting the automated message that says please wait patiently but after the message ends the line cuts off. Is anybody else getting the same problem? More importantly does anyone have another number for Beko, would really appreciate if you could forward it please. I wouldn't normally worry too much about these things and would be willing to wait for a response to my email. However, with children in the house the urgency is greater and need arrange a fix ASAP.
  • Richard R.
    We have Beko Fridge/Freezer with Serial No CDA543FW. Can you tell me what happens next ASAP
  • Bazinga
    I've got a Beko phone that's on fire, so getting through to a hotline is easy. Can you put some phone numbers in the article to stop all these muppets asking the same question? If you remove "read over for a full list" it looks less like a copy/paste too.
  • Ian P.
    The issue is that they have half a million refrigerators to repair and about 30 staff on the phones, so the chances of getting through any time soon are very slim, the very most they can do is handle is 12 calls per hour 2,800 calls per day (based on 30 staff) so it will take 179 solid working days if all customers call and get through, so the bottom line is you will not get through! The chances of fire are 1 in 100,000 based on the current estimate of 1 million instances and 10 being know to catch fire, if the issue is half a million then its 1 in 50,000 which every way you look at it is too great a risk for the house and for my family so the fridge is off here and we will have to get a new one. If your are one the unlucky The number to call is 0800 783 7892 if you get though very well done. It unethical that Beko can take such a huge gamble as 1 person has already died and it is a clear case of refunds V risk as on there website it sates: Is it safe for me to continue using my Fridge Freezer? It is still safe to continue using your product until the engineer visits, but please take the same care as you would with any other electrical appliance. However, if you have any concerns that the product may not be operating correctly please call us for further advice.
  • General P.
    I have a BEKO gas oven. I stuck my head in it to find the serial number and now St Peter says I'm too stupid to get into heaven.
  • Mrs K.
    I have one of the affected fridge freezers but after trying the beko numbers for nearly a week now ad not getting through or getting cut off when asked to hold, this whole thing is getting a bit tedious. I noticed a couple of months back that our fridge freezer gets extremely hot in places at the back (i know its supposed to be hot but not this hot!) and my frost free freezer is also seemingly not frost free since i've defrosted it numerous times over the last few months! I am quite concerned that my family are at risk and don't know what to do about it since beko never answer the phones! any help would be appreciated. Thanks alex
  • john f.
    Thank you for this important info. Does any one know where to find BEKO serial number on appliance? Thanks John F
  • Mrs K.
    The serial number is on a silver sticker on the inside of the fridge. Mine was at the side of the vegetable drawer at the bottom x
  • Stringer B.
    There is either a lot of sarcastic people on here or a hell of a lot of fucking idiots.
  • c j.
    We have Beko fridge freezer at the school I work in. It is a Beko CD86H as we are a school we are concerned about the problems that have been happening with the fires and feezers Could you please let us know how we stand.
  • hmmm
    To all these people saying what should we do it, like you it is quite simple. Unplug it or it might catch fire. Ring BEKO and if you are successful they will replace the defrost unit, alternatively buy a new fridge, clearly not from BEKO.
  • Danny K.
    Well I finally got through to them on the phone after 45 mins, they said that my fridge was not effected but I don't want to take any chance with my children. So I'm going to recycle my 3 year BEKO and invest in another Brand.
  • Paul.925
    If your Fridge Freezer is one of those listed phone BEKO on: 0800 009 4837 they will arrange for an engineer to call and replace the affected part FREE OF CHARGE....
  • Mrs h.
    If anyone is having difficulty getting through to Beko try this number 08007837892 it didn’t take me to long today to get through around 15 minutes they want the product number and serial code I found the serial code on the inside wall of the fridge hope this is of help to some of you.
  • Numpty D.
    I have checked and I have some old videos of Sergeant Beko starring Phil Silvers. I cannot find serial numbers on them anywhere. Can someone please tell me where I stand? I have a large conical white hat with a red D on it and a spare corner if that helps?
  • fizeroo
    OMG some posts on here...... I had a Bekon sandwich in 2007 – will I be OK?
  • trying h.
    0800 783 7892 only works if you bought the fridge through comet and so you are on their database, as they are comet staff helping Beko out. They did give me another number for Beko though that I did manage to get through on - 01923 818121. Still busy, but at least you get an engaged tone instead of an irritating message and once you get it to ring, you're in!
  • James D.
    I have a Beko TV. Should I burn it before it combusts?
  • Numpty D.
    You have to laugh at the stupidity of some of the people on here. The guy who got rid of his fridge even though he was clearly told it wasn't one of the affected models, the people who clearly haven't read any of the official stuff and are asking very very stupid questions, and even leaving their home phone numbers. My favourite is the 'concerned' landlady who wasn't that concerned when she furnished her flat with BEKO stuff in the first place.
  • Abunusaybah
    See the link for latest follow-up story from Metro where Beko actually state that people unaffected are clogging up the phone lines and those that are genuinely affected can not get through. So i do agree with Numpty Donut people need to read and understand whether or not their product is affected before jumping the gun and start to get rid of their fridge freezers and only call the Beko number once they have establish on Beko website that their appliance is one of the affected ones.
  • trying h.
    when you actually get through, you can tell they are so fed up of people not affected calling. They were delighted with me when I confirmed that yes, I had already checked the website and yes, I had checked the serial number as well as the model number. Was only then kept on hold for 6 minutes! Special treatment if you can read I reckon! I can understand those who fall just outside the time scale wanting to speak to them possibly for extra peace of mind, but not today people! leave it a couple of weeks. There's a WHICH thread going on this as well where they have managed to ascertain that Beko will leave the phone lines open til 11pm to try and help to cope with demand and Direct Line and Saga have confirmed that following advice to leave the fridge on will not affect home insurance with them.
  • marky m.
    Been trying the 0800 number for two daysno answer . Then someone gave me his no 01923818121 they picked up straight away.
  • mrs f.
    i got a beko fridge frezzer from currys on 2010 my numer is cda539fw 8.4cf what should i do thank you mrs a firth
  • mrs f.
    should i go to currys
  • mally
    i have one of the recall biko's, and i dont like it too much TBH, its noisy, is there a way a can get a new one, for free, what ya think? like there at falt, you know what i mean
  • trying h.
    @mrs alma firth - you need to check the serial number too. you should be ok as it's only those manufactured between 2000 and october 2006 that are affected. all the information is on the beko website. @mally - no. you'll just get a fix
  • Stringer B.
    @Alma Firth. Are you a fucking idiot or what? There is clear and concise instructions on this and many other websites about what you should do. The fact that you bought it in 2010, when every report on the story is about those manufactured at much earlier dates says it all really...
  • Jermy C.
    I have a small penis, is it infected?
  • Phil S.
    I've got a DVD of Sgt. Beko starring Steve Martin. It's currently smoldering and I'm worried it might catch fire. What should I do ?
  • James D.
    Stringer, you may have a small penix but you have massive balls.
  • Stringer B.
    James, they are worryingly big andstarting to drag along the pavement if i don't restrain them with a D-cup bra.
  • Christoff
    Reported my potential barbecue to BEKO over 24 hours ago, still no responce ?
  • Bob g.
    Would it help if I turned it off?
  • Natalie C.
    @bob That's your answer to everything.
  • Luddite
    I don't have a fridge-freezer at all. I believe they are the work of the devil. As is pretty much everything,really with the possible exception of a damn good thrashing. But what with all this warm weather I am starting to feel quite uncomfortably hot in my nether regions. Should I call the help line....
  • K W.
    we had a Beko white fridgefreezer CDA653FW delivered yesterday. My sister then informed me of a Beko going on fire. Our seriel no cda653fw is on your list above. Could you please tell me if I have something to worry about. thanks
  • Apartments L.
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  • John M.
  • mr b.
    my fridge freezerCA701ffs is not freezering as it should it over freezer now its not feezering the fride part is not cold but very warm i have been informed that this is due to the defrost timer &this could cause a fire can someone please be sent asap.

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