5 November 2013

Mmm, don’t know about you, but when I open a pack of bananas I love it when HUNDREDS OF VENOMOUS BRAZILIAN SPIDERS crawl out of it. Well that’s what happened to Consi Taylor, who was all set to dig into a healthy snack when she noticed some ‘funny little spots’ on the bananas she’d bought from Sainsbury’s.
spider banana

On closer inspection, she realised that the spots were actually spiders, which started hatching out and having an eight-legged Brazilian spider carnival on her kitchen table.

So she complained to Sainsbury’s, who gave her a measly £10 voucher in compensation for her life-altering arachnid horror.

BUT, when Ms Taylor sent a picture of the spiders to a pest control company, they basically told her to put down the phone and evacuate– as their bite can cause paralysis and death. So she had to stay in a hotel and have her entire home de-spidered.

Sainsbury’s, who were probably bricking themselves, paid for the fumigation and accommodation and said: ‘We do have rigorous controls on imported products at all stages - from harvesting to transportation - which is why this is so rare.'

But even if it happens once, that’s really not very good, is it? Anyway, best to check your bananas before you buy - or switch to a healthier, safer snack, like, er...Pop Tarts.

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  • badger
    Sainsbury's won't be bricking it at all - they (and any retailers) would simply pass all those costs onto the importer, plus their own restocking costs and expenses and damages. They'll probably make a profit out of it.
  • Tits M.
    What a fucking pansy. Exact same thing happened to my wife last week, except she just flattened all the little bastards and then snaffled the banana like a true champ. Or so she tells me. If no comments appear of mine in about 3 months then one of the little fuckers has done an alien face hugger on me and I'm probably lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of shit.
  • Han S.
    So a product grown in a field in Brazil ended up having a Brazilian spider on it? What are the chances?
  • Jerry
    "funny little spots"? That sounds as if the spiders where freshly hatched. no way they would have been able to bite anyone if they are that small. So there wasn't any danger. They could have all escaped though and grow up, and spread then all across the UK , I think that would have been the real danger.
  • Breasts M.
    "But even if it happens once, that’s really not very good, is it?" Well, stop writing for this website because more than one of your items have been less than "good".
  • kv
    " life-altering arachnid horror" Lucy, I hear the Daily Mail have a job going for you
  • hotmail r.
    Lucy, you can pop my tart anytime!
  • Dick
    If the spiders were on the bananas, then surely they should have just put the bananas into a bag to stop them escaping, then called the pest experts.

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