Bag of shite - 5p

6 February 2014

The government has been accused of making a mighty balls up of their 5p plastic bag scheme. The Environmental Audit Committee say that the 5p charge on plastic bags, which is intended to reduce the amount of Morrisons carriers flapping sadly on tree branches, is confusing and ill conceived.

tesco bag

A government plan that’s confusing and ill conceived, you cry? It’s hard to believe, but the problem with it is that under the new scheme, biodegradable bags, paper bags and bags given out by small retailers are exempt – and the ECA quite rightly say that’s silly.

The ECA’s chairwoman, Joan Walley said: ‘Ministers have managed to make a complete mess of their planned carrier bags charge by making it unnecessarily complicated.

Carrier bags litter our streets and harm wildlife, and the Government is right to want to reduce their use. But Defra seems to have made decisions about the design of this scheme that were based more on wishful thinking than hard evidence.’

The charge is due to come into effect from next year in England, but the ECA want ministers to rethink the plan before it goes ahead.

After all, what’s the difference between a swan being strangled by a Sainsbury’s bag or a Jo Malone bag? (Apart from maybe its corpse might smell a bit nicer?)

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  • Sneeky P.
    More people will take their shopping home in supermarket trolleys and just dump them so hopefully someone might see it, photograph it and then send it to a shit website and they will............UPDATE the FUCKING TROLLEY So in summary I'm all for it.
  • jim
    why cant people get over the fact that the trolley of the week hasnt changed in ages? is it really that big a deal?
  • Marking M.
  • Obi K.
    BW changes editor more frequently than it changes the trolley
  • limbo 6.
    I don't mind paying for a plastic bag if it helps the future for gens to come,what I hate is you are charged to advertise that shop,so what I do is turn bags outside in,it should be plain poly bags with no advertising.
  • Ginge M.
    Mof can barely string a sentence together, how the hell can he be an editor?
  • Chewbacca
    Mof isn't a real name anyway.
  • Reg
    Maybe we should have an 'Editor of the Week' section.
  • Joulupukki
    The Environmental Audit Committee is shortened to ECA?
  • flipperni
    We have had this for a while in Northern Ireland. All bags, even paper bags are charged for. Only free bag comes with hot food. Why are they making it so hard in England.
  • barry f.
    Wow limbo63 you are such a cool hipster!.........FUCK OFF TROLLEY!!!
  • wOnKeY H.
    jim sounds a right cunt
  • Captain T.
    just noticed that Mof is now Editor!!! WTF Is Dis real
  • wonka
    How awesome @limbo 63, with all the supermarkets offering distinctive colour schemes you really are showing them.

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