Bad Ad: Nasty Pizza Work

A controversial New Zealand (not Australian) pizza chain have landed themselves in bother after producing an ad featuring dead celebs Heath Ledger, the Queen Mother and Mount Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary dancing together on a pizza to the strains of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’

The company in question, Hell Pizza, have apologised and withdrawn the ad, but not without getting a whole heap of free publicity along the way, which we’re happily adding to here.

Hell Pizza have got more than a little bit of previous when it comes to creating a public furore. Last year, complaints forced them to withdraw ads showing Adolf Hitler clutching a slice of pizza in a Nazi salute (right). Before that, they incurred the wrath of the public by shoving condoms through householders' letterboxes to promote their "Lust" pizza.

Rumours that another ‘dancing dead celeb‘ ad was made, featuring Fidel Castro, Paul Gascoigne and Barack Obama patiently waiting for their turn to dance on the pizza, could not be confirmed.


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    Awesome first picture. Is it alright if I use it on an article I'm writing about bicycle climbing and the effects on the body?
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    Tara, was great.....xx loved it..

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