Are Littlewoods making up their 'customer reviews'?

Bitterwallet reader Rob Lynch spotted this customer ‘review’ of a Sony "NWZ-S638f" 8GB MP3/MPEG4 player from Littlewoods.

It starts off well enough, but then the bit right at the end looks remarkably like the sort of report that a customer service agent would fill in after an item had been returned by a customer.

Has this review actually been written by Littlewoods themselves? If it has, how many other reviews on their website are fictional? Can we EVER trust anything Littlewoods ever say to us again? Say it ain’t so Littlewoods!

Still, if they are astroturfing their site, at least they're not giving everything five-star reviews...


  • Jbarlow
    Quite oftain companies outsource the reviews they recieve to other companys for vetting and standardising. The orginal review probably was in such a state that it had to be rewriten and thus the error occured.
  • littlewoodsarecnuts
    They are you know.
  • Mike H.
    Can't see what's wrong with the review personally, says it's shite basically, doesn't 'bigg it up'
  • Thecaptain
    Probably just a customer who bought it at the cheap price to sell on through eBay or something and the person who bought it off him has complained.... so he has passed the comments on... I'm more concerned about littlewoods going back to charging 17.5% 6 months early than their reviews...
  • Matt B.
    The contrast between the cons of the product and bottom line is rather amusing for a music device.
  • Psytronic
    @Matt: And then bottom line: "Yes, I would recommed this product a friend". I guess the idiom is right, who needs enemies with friends like those?
  • Mark
    It's no worse than Dabs only accepting reviews depicting the product as good as you can see by the numerous reviews with 5 stars but slating the product as otherwise they would not be published...
  • crofter
    Yeah lets "write" shite reviews and give this product 2 Stars ... of course it is a made up review!! First Rule of writing a review for you self give a glowing report on the product. Second Rule give it top marks with no problems whatsoever. Third Rule don't get caught doing so ...
  • crofter
    On a side note, check out some of the reviews on where THEY do write their own reviews some of these reviews are the exact same but posted by another "customer" I have even same the same review for a product word for word but with a different product rating ... lazy buggers.
  • Dave S.

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