Are KGB the new Groupon when it comes to unfair dealing?

167472_191062284244057_120212224662397_826226_5915030_n Groupon became notorious last year for the vast number of run-ins that it had with the Advertising Standards Authority, but it looks like KGB Deals have taken over the mantle in 2012, with no less than 18 adjudications upheld against them so far in 2012.

They include a kitesurfing course offer which only sold at the bargain price of £99 for weekdays, and had hidden extra charges for weekend courses. Then there was a two-night hotel break for two, priced at £129 with the RRP quoted by KGB as £348, a figure which was disputed by Vale Of Glamorgan Trading Standards, who found the maximum price on the hotel’s website for two nights was £212.50.

So far in 2012, the ASA has received 80 complaints in total about 79 KGB Deals ads. By contrast there have been 28 complaints about 28 LivingSocial ads and 24 complaints about 23 Wowcher ads.

But perhaps Groupon are still the kings of sub-standard daily deals – the ASA has received 211 complaints about 211 ads since January, but most of these have been bumped straight up to the OFT, who are keeping a close but separate eye on the company.

Do YOU use daily deal sites? Or do you feel as though you can’t trust what you’re being told, given their reputation for sometimes massaging the facts. Maybe you just don’t want to be vajazzled any more. TELL US.


  • simon
    KGB deals have the worst customer service ever (even worse than Talk Talk, yes, I know ... it must be bad I hear you say) you cant even phone them if you have a problem and they take a week+ to respond via email shit business, avoid
  • yak
    used groupon once, all went fairly smoothly and was pleasantly surprised
  • Nikey H.
    Once you give your email to Groupon, you get constant spam. Unsubscribing doesnt unsubscribe you!
  • Willywonka`s O.
    Once you give your email to Groupon, you get constant spam. Unsubscribing doesnt unsubscribe you!....yeah your fucked...spammed to hell
  • Brad
    In Soviet Russia, KGB Kitesurfs you!
  • Mienaikage
    Haven't really dealt with KGB much, I bought one deal from them and that went smoothly, but the vast majority of what they have on offer is pretty much shit...

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