Apparently we are optimistic now!

HAPPY FAMILY Who hoo! The future’s bright and we’re apparently we all have a new positive outlook on life!

That’s according to Mintel’s British Lifestyles report, which found that eight of out ten consumers think they've had as many, or more, positive life opportunities than the average Briton. Yes, we’re apparently walking around feeling more fortunate than most, unless you live in Wales, the South West and East and West Midlands, where only 34% consider themselves fortunate.

Half of us also think that our standard of living is better than our parents when they were our age (WRONG!), and if you’re in London, you’re practically bouncing to work with bluebirds on your shoulders. 34% of London dwellers think they have more life opportunities than the average Brit.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbow coloured unicorns on a bed of marshmallows in other aspects of our lives. Our top five priorities are spending more time with our families, getting household finances in order, exercising more, eating more healthily and getting a better work life balance.

Analyst Ina Mitskavets said: 'Post recession paints a new outlook on life with a new set of priorities as British consumers take care of themselves and their families. During the recession, many Brits lost touch with a variety of aspects of their life while they focussed on the economy, this year British consumers are re-prioritising their spend.'

She added: "Indeed, while getting finances in order remains a key priority, consumers are now starting to prioritise their physical and emotional wellbeing, which spans taking care of their nutrition, doing more exercise and nurturing close relationships."

*orders pizza, has close relationship with Netflix*


  • Quinn
    I really think the new focus we have on our lifestyles is a great shift. Could it be that because of the recession we realised that it wasn't the money or the 10 hour days that made us happy? Of course, a base level of income is required but I wonder if many people found happiness simply because they had time to do so.
  • jim
    who's fucking happy? not me.... grrrr

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