After the flood: Which! top tips for handling your insurer

When you’ve got a leaking roof and a water damaged house, life seems bleak –and contacting your insurance company seems even bleaker. But like a chariot full of experts in white boiler suits from heaven, in swoops Which! to save the day with their top tips on claiming on your insurance after the floods.

Lake District flood damage 3

Assuming you actually HAVE insurance – and if you don’t, good luck with replacing that roof – the first thing to do is check whether you’re covered for flood damage. This is the painful bit, obviously. But standard buildings insurance should cover outer damage, and contents can fix all your belongings that are currently floating down the street.

Which! then tells you to call your insurer – policy number to hand – and ask what you’re entitled to claim for. If you’re flooded, arrange for a loss adjuster to visit, and you can ask them to recommend repairs to stop it from happening again.

If there’s anywhere dry to hand, keep a hold of your paperwork and a record of the flood damage. Take pics and list everything that’s buggered. And finally, say Which, if your claim is rejected or not sorted in 8 weeks, you can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Otherwise, phone Richard Lloyd – he’s probably back off holiday on Necker Island and raring to go. Good luck.


  • Han S.
    So the experts at Which! advise you to contact your insurer and make a claim? This is just the sort of top notch advice people need
  • Keremy J.
    Their subscription is cheap at twice the price.

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