20% off £20 spend at eBay (they're in trouble, obviously)

ebay Have you noticed how many people hate eBay? Loads innit? Well, they're trying to win some hearts and minds with an offer that kicks off today, where you can get 20% off a £20 spend. That's nice of them isn't it? You can get on that deal, here.

So, are they doing this out of the goodness of their hearts?

Don't be daft. This is eBay we're talking about here. The fact is, eBay have watched their profits fall since they split with PayPal.

eBay said that their revenue fell by 2.4% to $2.1bn (£1.36bn) from $2.15bn, so obviously, they're still loaded and not looking like they're on their last legs... but they want to win people back into their arms. Whichever way you look at it, no-one wants to see their net income falling to $539m from $673m a year earlier, do they?

This all comes in the 20th year of eBay being in existence, and eBay's president and chief executive, Devin Wenig, said: "We marked eBay's 20th anniversary and made progress on executing our strategy to reposition the company to deliver stable and profitable long-term growth."

No-one heard him though because that was one of the most boring things anyone has ever, ever said. Anyway, you get on the 20% off deal and grab some Christmas bargains.

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  • jon A.
    Maybe if they weren't holding on to sellers money unnecessarily...

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