14 day unlimited refunds makes EU a happy nation

15 October 2008

That online shop over in Poland that screwed you over?  No problem.  The European Commission is here to your rescue.

The BBC reported new EC proposals for increasing online consumers' shopping rights across the borders of the 27-nation EU. 

Currently, about 150 million people in the 27 EU countries shop online, of which, 30 million cross borders.  Of the 27 countries, half have no more than 7 days to change their mind after a purchase.

The proposals are looking to change all this.  The result of the proposal may include a 'nationalised' 2 week cooling off period for consumers to back out of a sale, better guarantees for repairs/replacements, and the right to refund for delayed deliveries. 

(That is, assuming, you're not a jerk.)

I'm all for controlling and dictating prices.  It has a distinctly old fashioned socialist feel about it.  Hail, Chávez.  Then again, it's about time that companies like Paypal and eBay get more regulated.

But what's with nancy pancy EU directives? What's wrong with the current system of getting my boys from the hood rollin' uptown in da white van with their brass knuckles, pick axes, and M-16s from Romania?

(Wait.. Romania is in the EU now, right? Does that mean we soon get 14 days to refund 'em shooters?  I'll wait.)

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