Woman finds 'fang' in Waitrose lasagne

22 September 2015

waitrose_shopping-bag_20-jpg A lady was having a lovely time eating her lasagne from Waitrose, when suddenly, it turned out she was chewing on a tooth that wasn't one of her own.

Arabella Frankel, who is from North London, was eating her ready meal, and took out a bit of what she thought was a bone. After giving it a wash under the tap, she found it was a 'fang'.

Frankel said: "I was eating and then there was a hard thing in my mouth. I bit down and thought "what is that?" I thought maybe it was a bit of bone or metal. But when I took it out of my mouth and washed it under the tap I realised it wasn't."

"It was a fang, about one and a half centimetres long. It even has a root on it. It was really really grim. Honestly, when I think about it it gives me the shudders."

She added: "I even spoke to a dentist at the practice near my work and he said it looks like a rat's tooth. I just don't understand how a tooth could have got in there unless there are rats running around the factory. I didn't see it in the food and it could've been a really bad choking hazard. I know things happen but I wonder how it could have got in there. It's so grim that it was in my mouth."

"I think this is the end of my lasagne days. I was probably eating ratty lasagne which is disgusting."

Meanwhile, the phrase 'ratty lasagne' is the thing that will stay with us the longest. Anyway, she contacted Waitrose, who said sorry and said they'd look into the matter. Remarkably, they didn't offer her a refund.

A spokesman for Waitrose said: "We take all customer complaints seriously and are very sorry about this customer's experience. The quality and safety of our products is our top priority and our ready meal suppliers have very strict processes to prevent materials which shouldn't be there getting into food - so we are mystified how this could have happened."

"We would like to investigate by sending the item for analysis - which we will do as soon as we receive it."


  • Stu
    Why would an ordinary human dentist be such an expert as to identify it specifically as a RAT's tooth?! I smell a, erm, rat...
  • oldgit
    Are you sure it was lasagne, and not ratatouille?

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