Why there's more than meets the eye to Exclusive Eyes

There are times when we tie a neat bow around a story, thinking we've taken care of the job in hand, only to discover our avid readers have been furrowing away out of sight, digging up new revelations. This is one of them. And it's a doozy.

Earlier in the year we ran a story and a follow-up post about ExclusiveEyes.co.uk, an online glasses retailer who appeared to have a blatant disregard for their own guarantees, failing to deliver orders on time, accept responsibility for faults or promise to honour refunds. Their service was nothing short of a shambles for the Bitterwallet reader that alerted us to the problems he was having, and it was only after we kicked up a stink that anyone at the company came forward to help.

Eventually the customer had his satisfaction, the company learned a valuable lesson about customer service, and Bitterwallet went back to publishing third-rate tosh about iPhones. Well, not quite.

See, our avid readers didn't leave it there. We've had plenty more complaints from irritable customers, all claiming of shoddy service from ExclusiveEyes. That in turn led to other readers searching the internet for information on the company. here's what they found:

All that's mildly interesting - a couple of businessmen create multiple consumer-facing sites in an attempt to dominate the search rankings, while having fingers in a number of other pies. It's not as if anyone suspects them of criminal activity or anythi-

Cops turn up heat on Baner porn kings

Design firm bosses in the dock for using fake software to make pornographic films and pictures

Two directors of a private limited company located at Baner Park Society in Aundh, India are facing the music for procuring pirated software and using it to manufacture porn.

Manish Suresh Keswani (34) and his brother Anand (29), were arrested and a case was filed against them under the Information Technology Act at Chatuhshrungi police station after the police raided their office, Mak Media and Creations Private Limited.

Sub Inspector Manisha Dhamane, who is investigating the case, said: “The Keswanis have been operating for the past two years from Aundh. Their company is into designing logos and other products. They are well-versed with Information Technology.

"When their office was raided, we found out that the Keswanis’ were using the software manufactured by Corel Corp to make pornographic movies and pictures.”

Ah. Well at least if they go blind they know a website that can help. Good work to the Bitterwallet readers for shedding further light on the matter; if you've have a complaint with any of their four glasses websites, let us what happened in the comments below.


  • Born2Hula
    I dont want to be a racialist but...
  • Daniel Z.
    in b4 should have gone to spec savers
  • Mr K.
    I have used exclusive eyes many times in the past and have had absolutely no problems with them. I have received my glasses the exact same day I ordered them and they were always perfect. When they were broken it was obviously Royal Mails fault and I made them give me a refund. Every company has little problem, and it is very mean of you all form bitterwallet to make fun of a poor company that is trying very hard to help it's customers. And no I do not work for Makindia. -Chris
  • Roger R.
    Forgive me if I've missed the point of this article, but where can we get hold of this porn they are promising?
  • simon1
    I too have used this company, and have had no problems with the glasses they sent. Their Porn was crap though.
  • Jim P.
    corel draw? seriously?
  • Pedant
    They were drawing porn with corel draw? Epic fail.
  • The B.
    Exclusive eyes? As opposed to what? Non-exclusive eyes? Do they share them? Are they like the 3 sisters in Clash of The Titans? One eye between 3 of them? Inquiring minds must know.
  • Codify
    How do you make pr0n with Corel Draw?
  • maurice
    "I have used exclusive eyes many times in the past and have had absolutely no problems with them. I have received my glasses the exact same day I ordered them and they were always perfect. When they were broken it was obviously Royal Mails fault and I made them give me a refund. Every company has little problem, and it is very mean of you all form bitterwallet to make fun of a poor company that is trying very hard to help it’s customers. And no I do not work for Makindia. -Chris" and signed mr keswani? jeez, it's like a french and saunders script lol
  • Mr K.
    I am the real Keswani. All hail my evil genius. Will the other Mr Chris Keswani please retract. PS Codify - you squiggle a pink round-shaped brush reeeeeally softly with the mouse and voila nipples!
  • Mrs K.
    poor keswanis. for a couple of conniving criminals they sure do look like a couple of marys 'put on' haha!! 'you can't arretht uth, we're too fabulouth!'
  • Golly G.
    Any news on the outcome of the Keswani Brothers Porn Empire? Are they now making a different kind of porn in an Indian prison? Soap anyone?
  • David W.
    I have used the glasses that i ordered from Exclusiveeyes.co.uk and they are better than I expected.
  • Paul T.
    I ordered another pair of designer glasses from Exclusiveeyes.co.uk,. I received my brand new pair of glasses right on time and in perfect condition. I liked the service provided by this site.
  • Born y.
    Hi Paul, unusual use of English 'right on time' rather similar to the phrase 'right before time' used by Margaret in another thread. Are you the same person??
  • Bitterwallet B.
    [...] of the Keswani Brothers (who are also involved in marketing, advertising and pornography, at least according to the Indian Police). It seems several readers have had problems with their service in the past, and in this particular [...]
  • michael p.
    I am having terrible trouble with 'PerfectGlasses' who have being promising to deliver my order since last week - there are a number of bad reviews on the internet - looks like this company is going the same way as 'Exclusive Eyes'
  • michael p.
    Actually the two websites: PerfectGlasses and ExclusiveEyes are identical
  • sangakara
    hi, I have placed orders on exclusive eyes for a pair of Oakley glasses and believe me you they were just awesome. This is to all those who complaint about this site let me tell you they are the best in business.
  • michael p.
    mmm, what makes me think you have something to do with these businesses?
  • michael p.
    Dear 'sangakara' or whomsoever you are, your idiosyncratc expression of English idiomatic phraseology leaves something to be desired, affirming suspicions regarding the authenticity of your spurios missive.
  • Andrew
    If you ever hear the address 27 Old Gloucester Street in London, run a mile. This address is supplied by prime-secreterial.co.uk and britishmonomarks.co.uk as a 'Serbvice Address' (a legal way for directors to keep their own addresses private). I myself am investigating a modern day 'Protection Racket' that is 'The Advertising Protection Agency' - also at the address of 27 Old Gloucester Street. Do a Google search for "27 Old Gloucester Street" and the top result is about Nigerian Lottery Scams! I'm starting to think a global organised crime ring is being uncovered.
  • Shaun
    Terrible company! full of false promises! Please tell everybody you know not to use them!
  • Padraig
    As with other comments - AVOID at all costs ! I have had the same experience - not delivered within 3 days and emails which kept changing the delivery date. Their 3 day delivery and no quibble guarantee is a lie and not true. I have had to raise a charge back from my credit card company to recover my £206.00. A bunch of cowboys ... you have been warned
  • Jeannett
    I agree having problems with this so called company. Still waiting for them to reply they are in possession of 2 pairs of glasses worth £200. They ignore e-mails and any direct question regarding delivery. Been waiting 5 weeks so wrote a snooty letter with my demands (recorded delivery) for a full refund and the return of the glasses. Will raise a charge back from my credit card as Padraig did and hope it works. WARNING TO ANYONE CONSIDERING USING THIS COMPANY "DONT"
  • Damien H.
    My complaint to perfectglasses.co.uk Hi I am still awaiting to be contacted by a manager regarding the location of my order which I was promised would be with me two weeks ago today, yet I am still awaiting these glasses. On Thursday last week I contacted yourselves on 0845 363 11 55 (a number now stating ‘sorry this service is not available’) and spoke to a member of your call centre staff who was very unhelpful, when I asked to speak to a manager I was informed there was no managers or line managers available, and that someone would phone me back between 12 and 2 the following day...I am still awaiting this call or even an email to apologise. I have taken some advice from trading standards and am hereby giving you 14 days to deliver my paid for goods in satisfactory condition. If for whatever reason you are unable to meet this delivery deadline I would like a phone call from a senior manager or a director of the company either Mr. Manish Keswani or Mr. Anand Keswani to discuss my concerns directly with them. If I am still dissatisfied with the service offered I will be requesting full refund of all payments made to you for the above order. Kind regards Damien Harrison
  • Pip
    I ordered from them (GlassesExperts). They sent the wrong spec glasses. They refused to refund. So now I have no glasses (having sent them back) and no money. Really nasty. And since I was a little too trusting and let it go on a little too long, I couldn't get chargeback on the card either. Isn't there a good specs site not run by them? Pip
  • Nigel
    I too have ordered glasses through Exclusive eyes and have not received glasses, ,2 months later. There is no telephone number to dial, the email system just keeps churning out stock answers, you could email a recipe for cherry muffins and you would get an email back about the glasses being sent in 2-5 days, send another recipe and the reply is about the glasses failing a quality assurance test! This site is a con, no matter what you read, this site is a con.
  • Nik
    I'm a cheated ex-employee of Manish Keswani. It's not just Exclusive Eyes... he's cheating the whole of UK with a crappy website called http://www.branddesignexperts.co.uk/ - Brand Design Experts, assuring the lowest of prices across all of UK.. BITCH!
  • The N.
    NIK wasnt an EX-employee on this date. So who so ever is trying to be NIK, first get your facts right dude! You've always been too slow but i guess you were a little too quick this time!

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