Which ISP is most useful on Twitter?

Twitter An independent survey has been undertaken to see which ISP is most cop on Twitter and, coming up trumps was Virgin Media's Twitter team who have been hailed as the most helpful.

Of course, everyone goes to Twitter to gripe, whinge and bitch about absolutely any trouble they get with their internet connection, helpfully putting a fullstop at the start of all tweets so everyone can see their thoroughly uninteresting issues.

With that, it is worth seeing who is mostly likely to help. While Virgin is the most helpful, Sky got the plaudits for being the fastest to respond. They respond to 59% of customers within the hour, according to research company WaveMetrix.

While BT and TalkTalk don't respond as quickly, figures show that these companies are actually more likely to fix your problem more quickly than those with the fastest response time.

Naturally, these figures won't stop people complaining at everyone online, but it's a start.


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