When Crime Doesn't Pay, Put A Complaint In

If you don’t receive the kind of service you expected, you should never think twice about complaining. A cold meal in a restaurant, a jacket that splits the first time you wear it, a pint of beer with more head than fizz, empty tills when you rob a bank…

Eh? Complaining about empty tills when you’ve just robbed a bank? Well why not? That’s what Philadelphia criminal Jospeh Goetz did when he held up a bank as soon as it opened and before the tellers had had the chance to fill up their tills.

After realising he’d be leaving empty-handed, Goetz scarpered, but not before angrily informing staff that he’d be making a complaint. We’re not holding out much hope for a positive outcome – they’ll probably fob him off with a complimentary bag of dog biscuits.

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