Virgin raise prices mid-contract - and that's not on

Bitterwallet - Richard Branson blackmail at Virgin Media Virgin Media are sticking their prices up (again) for their TV packages, which means that bills have gone up twice in 8 months.

If you wanted to leave Virgin and didn't want to wait until the end of your contract, this is good news, as you can now ditch them without a charge. You'll have until 31st August to hand your notice in.

For new customers, who aren't phased by all that, there's a bunch of codes floating around where you can get up to £50 off on online orders. You can see those here.

That said, Virgin have form with this, and have been warned about mid-term price increases by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), concerning some broadband and phone deals. Basically, the ASA found that Virgin could raise the price above what they had already promoted their services for, which is a breach of the regulator's rules.

Concerning the latter, the ASA said that even though the contracts that have been complained about were variable, consumers were still mislead over the notion that they were being offered fixed-prices during the minimum term of the contract.

The ASA ruling said: "We considered that the monthly price of a contract was likely to be material to consumers when deciding on a telecommunications package, and that they might not choose a particular package if they knew that the monthly cost could increase beyond the amounts stated in the ad, during the minimum term. Therefore, we considered that the price claim should have been immediately qualified to explain to consumers that it was not fixed throughout the minimum term, and that the contract was a variable one in which the price could rise."

"Because subsequent price rises meant the advertised price claims for the packages did not represent the prices that consumers would pay throughout the minimum term of the contract, across both the promotional and standard periods, and because it was not made clear that the contract was a variable one in which prices could increase, we concluded that the ad was misleading."

Virgin's wrists might get slapped over these new TV prices too, if they're not careful.


  • Dave
    I phoned up to moan and they credited my account with enough to cover the increase for a year. I'll probably still leave at the end of the year.
  • mooch
    They put my broadband up twice in 12 months, so I thought "fuck this" and left, as soon as I could. This is on top of all the bastard mailings they kept sending me. I will never choose Virgin again.

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