Thomas Cook: Happy to take your money without anything in return?

Thomas Cook Airlines logo Last night, avid Bitterwallet fan Steve Berry, tried to undertake a normally simple task - get a product in exchange for money. Seems fair and reasonable.

However, Steve was dealing with Thomas Cook. Now, not that long ago, Thomas Cook were sharing some of the preposterous complaints they get with everyone, but this time, they're not being funny at all.

It seems Thomas Cook are having problems with their website (more complaints about that here), which is where Steve got stung.

He said: "So, I tried to book a holiday with Thomas Cook UK. The web site kept throwing up errors during the payment process. The booking failed. No records. No booking reference. But guess what? They took my money anyway."

"I've tried their customer service folk online (who, of course, keep asking for a booking reference). No joy at all. What a rubbish company. Don't bother with them."

Below, the complaint shows the money being taken out of the account and, at the time of publishing, Thomas Cook haven't rectified the problem.

thomas cook


Keep an eye on this if you're booking a holiday with Thomas Cook. Customers have been complaining about the Thomas Cook site not working for some people; the last thing you want is to have your money taken off you with no holiday to show for it.

If you're booking a holiday, it might be worth waiting for this issue to be rectified before booking.


    Nicknamed Thomas Crook with good reason, wouldn't touch this company with a barge pole, did it once, never again.
  • Alexis
    Parcel Force did the same thing with me. Lost £10, filled in the form to get it back and never heard from them. What a surprise.
  • Touchwood
    If you see a Thomas Cook hol you like buy it via Tesco's online holiday comparison service which not only avoids the TC website glithes but also saves a few quid.
  • ee l.
    Stayed in one of their hotels in London - pre-paid - a few years back. Cheeky monkeys asked for the money when I checked in. Took a copy of my receipt and bank statement with me just in case. #TOSSAs
  • William W.
    During the booking process there was no option to select hold baggage for the return flight so I assumed all was OK even though the website was displaying all kinds of errors. Thomas Cook then gleefully demanded 144 euros for the return flight. This is a cynical ploy to increase revenues and nothing sort of extortion. Their new head of digital John Straw who oversees the website stated at recent IT conference that the online booking customer experience is and I quote in his own words "crap". That is an understatement. Don't touch this company. They could not care less despite their new slogan that they are "listening". Its all a front. They are still debt laden to the tune of a £1.2bn refinance package signed with banks in 2012. They will take every penny from customers using every avenue possible. Give your hard earned holiday cash to other companies.

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