There's something funny about The Money Club

Money. Must be funny in a rich man's world.The Money Club describes itself as "a one stop shop with a safe purchasing environment, to help members decide what to buy and what price to pay... is to help members buy at the price retailers buy their goods, rather than at the price retailers sell their goods."

So it's essentially a cashback website, then, but with a couple of key differences; they offer a team of telesales advisers who'll find you goods with cashback-style discounts - and there's an annual fee of up to £100 for the service.

According to many consumers, including avid Bitterwallet reader Greg, they also have a panache for taking money out of bank accounts without permission:

I received a phone call saying that I had requested further information about The Money Club. Thinking I might have looked into this and just forgotten, I went along with it. The story was along the lines of it being a club where you tell them what you are trying to order online and they will find a wholesaler who will seriously undercut the best price you can find. There is an annual fee for membership of this club.
They asked me if I wanted them to post through some documentation about this to check out, so I agreed. They then asked for some basic bank details (sort code and account number) to fast-track credit checks so that if I decided to go ahead there would be no delays. This is where I was stupid: I gave them the info, though I made it clear that I was not entering, and would never enter, into a contract over the phone.
Next thing I know HSBC have paid them a first payment of a Direct Debit. I cancelled the Direct Debit on line and then rang HSBC and asked them to cancel the payment.

Greg freely admits he was naive in handing over his bank details, but fair play to him for letting us know what was going on. In fact the intermaweb is chocked full of complaints about The Money Club and they date back several years; they cold call consumers using several phone numbers and seem very keen on auto-diallers, which are irritating the living hell out of those people picking up the phone to them.

As for the service, The Money Club appears to offer nothing that cashback websites don't already do. Amongst the dozens of complaints online and in the MSE forums, are examples of how The Money Club allegedly sets up Direct Debits and makes withdrawls without permission. Throw in one of the worst websites you'll see today, and there's nothing that should interest you in signing up to The Money Club. Have you had any experience of this bunch?


  • JJ
    Hell yeah, The missus got caught out with this one. She thought it sounded great, paid the £1 admin costs at the time and was told to cancel the DD before the 28th as this is when the money was due to be paid. Had the DD guarantee through stating that they would take the money out on the 28th. Guess what, they took the money out on the 19th! Made a complaint to them direct, with no joy. Finally got my bank to refund the money. But what a nightmare. Easier to get rid of a dose of the clap, than get them to admit their wrong.
  • shinkyshonky
    Watch a shit site....turn it off made my eyes off bastards
  • Tom
    Don't you need a mandate to set up? I don't think you can set up a DD over the phone as you need the bottom slip bit which as TnCs on it?
  • Greg
    It's true. I am an avid reader and yet dumb enough to hand over my bank account number. The point was I didn't think my bank would set a DD without me signing a form or at least being consulted by my bank.
  • Jamie
    My GF just get taken by these thieves too, never signed anything and her bank (Aliiance and Leicster) told her tough crap basically! They said she'd given them permission, they can take what they want. I was under the impression you had to sign something, surely if they took the £98 without asking they can take more. I can get someones account number and sort code from a bin FFS, surely the banks require more than this?
  • Money R.
    Actually the Money Club is not a scam or a rip off. If I can just take a minute of your time to explain and also to offer to personally deal with any problems or complaints that your readers might have. The Money Club was established in 1988 and has been trading for 22 years. We spot check sales calls and take strict action against any sales people who have wrongfully sold our services. It enables us to check for situations such as Greg mentions above. If Greg was genuinely tricked into giving his bank details or a debit was taken incorrectly, I ask that Greg contact us with his membership number so we can look into his account with us. I can assure you we will fully refund any monies if this has been the case and urge him to contact either Helen or Nadine on the Money Club helpline number (01753-733733). To make things simple, our members can cancel by phone. However we are a business and the service we offer is paid for purely by membership fees. All other discounts, incentives and cash back is paid back to our members. So at the end of the trial period we will take the first year's membership fee (£98). We work closely with the Trading Standards and Citizens Advice Bureaus to ensure that our sales and marketing all conform to their high standards and constantly work to improve the clarity of the information that our sales teams provide. With reference to the web site, our business is not based solely on the internet. The internet has always been secondary to our fully staffed call center where we negotiate directly with wholesalers and other outlets on behalf of our members. We also publish monthly special wholesale offers on the web site and mail out weekly offers, many of which are exclusive to our members. I also think that it is worth mentioning our 'lowest price guarantee' at this point. If we can't find an item (with a value of over £100) cheaper than a member, then we will send them a cheque for £25, guaranteed. The exclusions are items bought on auction sites, items that are exclusive to a single retailer or are purchased from an overseas source. I hope that I have gone some small way to clarifying matters. If anyone has any further queries, please contact the Money Club on 01753 733733 and ask to speak to Helen or Nadine.
  • ann m.
    had a phone call from the money club myself this morning, and although i was very suspicious, but the tele sales lady did all she could to get my bank details from me she was very persistant ( i didnt give them to her) she was not a happy bunny!
  • Jamie S.
    Just thought I'd ad my GF got her money back. Spoke to the bank again, this time to a woman who actually knew what she was talking about. Refunded it there and then, its part of the DD guarantee that you can just request your money back and they have to give it you. The money club on the other hand were just being a pain, said that their employees all follow a scripted sales pitch and that she was not lied to. A request for a copy of the phone call was not acted upon. So if this has happened to you, just remember to say to your bank 'Under the DD guarantee I want my money back' and they have to refund.
  • T J.
    I have also just phoned my bank - the payment went out today, despite my writing to cancel. My bank, NatWest, have cancelled the DD without question and will the money will be back in my account tonight. Advice to anyone is to phone your bank first to cancel the DD, then worry about contacting the Money Club. Better still, stand firm against their sales pitch, however nice the sales person seems (note to self!) I expect a stroppy phonecall from the company any day now, but that's their problem. Note to Money Club representative, it would be useful if the website had an email contact address, so that we can state our intentions without having to speak to a person who will no doubt try to deter us.
  • Xavier C.
    That's right. I had too a lady calling me 2 weeks ago for a trial 1st month at £1, asking for bank details, I was stupid enough to give them, and at this day I didn't receive any info-pack, which makes me suspicious, because I don't know their policy exactly. So I called today the bank to cancel the DD, which was done, but i haven't any email adress for MoneyClub to confirm it to them. Money Bullshit Club, I guess! They are so persuasive, avoid them if you can!
  • R D.
    Contacted this morning by the money club, very persistent young lady after my bank details. I told her that I NEVER gave out my account details over the phone and requested a phone number so that if I decided to join I would contact them. I then checked the company on the web and came across this site and the opportunity to post a response. My advice is NEVER GIVE OUT BANK DETAILS OVER THE PHONE especially after being cold called.
  • I W.
    My husband signed up with moneyclub in June 09, short story he rang and cancelled and they advised thats fine would give his money back. Fine didnt think any more of it, till i looked at our bank and notice a DD came out in Dec 2010 for £98 (not happy) even less happy when i looked back in to this and discovered they have take 5 payments of £98 from march 2010 to Dec 2010 (not only unhappy but feeling sick now). My husband has since been on the phone and advised that they will cancel and give him a full refund. I have since been on to the bank and cancelled the DD, we shall see how much of a fight we have to do to get our refund!
  • WJ M.
    Thank you to everyone who has posted about their experiences. I received a call about 30 minutes ago, and while the salesperson was blabbering at a million miles an hour, I decided to take evasive action and interrupted her to say that I prefer to look at things in my own good time on the internet. She said fine and gave me the website address and that she'll call me back on Friday. I did a quick search for them on the internet, and thanks to these reviews and others I could see straightaway that this was something that I should avoid. So often people post reviews and wonder if they have made a difference. Just wanted to say IT DID! Thanks. I'm rather looking forward to taking the call on Friday - I'll have my list of questions ready, including "How do you explain all the negative reviews on your company?" and "Why should I pay you for searching the internet just as I can?" and "Why were the prices on your website better than those I could find myself on the internet?" and "Why are my various loyalty points etc are worth more than your cashback offers?" and perhaps my final one should be "How do you sleep at night knowing that you have essentially taken money from people in need?" !!
  • W M.
    I had a call from these people a week or so ago and did try them out just to see of their claims were true, the price they found was £20 more expensive than Argos!!!! I then decided I would cancel in my trial period but when I couldn't find a way to concel on their website I became very suspicious and then found the numerous comlaints on this site. I have now cancelled our DD and they have only had £1 from us so far, so looks like we have been lucky my advice is don't fall for it but if you do cancel the DD first.
  • R N.
    I recieved a call from the money club yesterday whilst at home suffering from man flu. I got rid of the persistant woman but she claims to be calling back next week when I have recovered I also will have read many reviews on many site all saying the same things; The Money Club take your money by DD and don't provide any sort of service for the money. Cancelling the membership can be difficult and costly. Lesson 1 never give bank details over the phone. Lesson 2 never join something you don't know, can't see and can't contact. Lesson 3 if you need to buy something go to a shop, that's what they're for! Lesson 4 if people you don't know call, ask for thier bank details and address first. Rob
  • Mike O.
    I have received a telephone call from Moneyclub asking me to join for a £1 to be paid by direct debit, But alas i reused to give over my bank details over the phone. She was very persistant and gave me their head office location as Datchet with a telephone No. of 01753 733333. She asked me to check it out and she would call back in a couple of days. I have read some forums and did not like what i saw, so I shall not be bothering with them too risky,
  • NIKE H.
    I have just had a call from the money club...I told the man I was not interested in signing up and he got quite rude and when I yet again said I wasn't interested he called me a stupid cow and hung up....I am so angry that I have just called the money club and reported him. Beware of them my husband was caught out a couple of years ago by them and he signed up and like a few others we checked out the prices and they were dearer. Trying to cancel was a real headache.
  • David B.
    I've just had a call from this company, on 0116-225-3841, claiming my wife had asked for information; they wouldn't accept the brush-off from me, but my wife soon gave it to them. I know it's easy to accidentally tick or not tick boxes on forms, but as I do most of the paperwork for my wife, I didn't think that had happened. And my telephone is supposed to be protected by TPS too!
  • steven
    i had a bank statement saying i paid £98 to this company so i contacted my bank to ask who are they as i have never heard of them. the bank told me i had paid them last year aswell so i got the phone number from my bank to try and contact them but got no answer just a leave a message thing. what i want to know is how did they get my bank details as there is noway i would give them to anyone over the phone or online unless it was someone i had phoned and trusted
  • johnny o.
    complete utter untrustworthy caught by these low life . i,m planning my strategy to get my money back ..will report back and let you know how i get on. regards one angry punter
  • Gina G.
    I have also had a nightmare with the money club! Next time a cold caller rings me up im going to tell them where to go!
  • Elaine
    I too have had the money club phone me. They claim that a brochure was sent to me some weeks ago at my request and that I asked them to ring me with a view to joining! I will not give out my details to someone who promises me something that they cannot prove they can deliver. The ruse is to fool you into thinking that all else fails its only a £1... what sounds too good to be true usually is.......if they call me back again I shall answer the phone tell them to wait a second and go about my business as usual...... for as long as it takes them to hang up...... lets see how they like having their time wasted and it costs them money!!
  • Simone
    Got a cold-call from a pushy guy today from Money Club. I was politely talking to him, when he realised he wasn't getting anywhere, he hang up. They deserve to put the phone down on them on first second. He claimed he had sent me an email which I have never received. They sound pretty desperate to me. Avoid them at all cost.
  • Cay
    Just been caught out by these folk today. So angry with myself-normally never give out details like that but they made out it was something my husband had requested. My bank have told me they can't put a stop on the company withdrawing money from the account until the mandate goes which point the money may already be gone. Is this right enough, does anyone know?
  • Richard
    Just had a call from someone from the Money Club - she said the details had been emailed to me - but i then found out it was an old email address, one i stopped using 4 months ago. She said that it often takes 6 months to process from the "request" to the phone contact. Anyway, for £1 i could get all these fantastic deals etc, It took 4 attempts before she finally quit, and she was very persistent - i feel sorry for her, must be a horrible job. Still, thanks for all the info on here and other sites - apparently those posting negative comments are Money shop competitors trying to cause trouble (lol) and as this is a public forum they are unable to complain / change any postings.
  • aaron f.
    Oh god,found this site AFTER agreeing to join £1 trial with moneyclub,have already called the number 01753 733733 to cancel,spoke to a lady who said it would be.will this be enough? I intend to also cancel the direct debit tomorrow at my bank.Should i be ok now as i cannot afford to lose any money
  • umesh c.
    I am trying to cancel, there is letter from them saying you can cancel over the phone, that those not happen. i written twice and both times they have said NO. i just want my money back. I stopped in the street to listen to someone. then they rang me at home to get my details. for that £1 , and like some one else they took the money out (£98). Now i am talking to trading standards and a lawyer, and also my local MP. If i did not use it during the trail period why would i use again. JUst give me my money back
  • Justine
    I have also just been scammed by these rip offs. Had a bank statement through showing that they have tried to take the 98pounds from my account 5 times this month (july 2011). Unfortunatley for them and me I did not have the funds in my account but I now have 95pounds worth of unpaid direct debit charges, have tried to call the number a lot of you have posted on here with no luck. I am a single mum who at the moment is on benefits and cannot afford the be payin charges like this. I went into the bank to cancel the dd and was told Money club had cancelled it them selves as they were unable to take the funds. Althought they have not actually taken the money I am now in arrears with my bank and they have told me there is nothing they can do to refund. When I had the initial call from the agent at money club he told me after the 28 day period for 1pound I would have to physically sign a form to send back to them for the dd to be set up. These people are disgusting. I have noticed on some of the other reviews they are using tactics like ' your wife/husband requested this information' they are nothing but lying scamming arseholes (excuse my french lol) I just hope something is done to stop this happening to others
  • Jay
    Just left my details on the money shop website. Was going to register with a top up credit card which is much safer. However, the comments here has helped me. I won't register.
  • Marianne M.
    They cold called me today and me the mug gave them my details. I regretted it the moment they rang off so I searched the interent to find all the complaints written about this company dating back to 2005! I then called the company back and cancelled straight away. not sure if this is enough so will monitor my bank account to make sure nothing is taken from it. hopefully this will teach me never EVER to give out my accout details over the phone ever again.
  • kimmybee
    For the past 2 year i have suffered deep depression.this company has just taken 98 quid fromme.i only have my 65 pound a week income.i never give any bank details and ir i have its been unknown to me. Dont know wot to tell my daughter as the money they took is her money for her birthday present the bike i had saved for. Pricks id say.
  • sean p.
    Posted by Marianne Morgan • July 29, 2011 at 2:23 pm They cold called me today and me the mug gave them my details. I regretted it the moment they rang off so I searched the interent to find all the complaints written about this company dating back to 2005! I then called the company back and cancelled straight away. not sure if this is enough so will monitor my bank account to make sure nothing is taken from it. hopefully this will teach me never EVER to give out my accout details over the phone ever again. Posted by kimmybee • July 30, 2011 at 3:42 pm For the past 2 year i have suffered deep depression.this company has just taken 98 quid fromme.i only have my 65 pound a week income.i never give any bank details and ir i have its been unknown to me. Dont know wot to tell my daughter as the money they took is her money for her birthday present the bike i had saved for. Pricks id say. I ALSO SUFFER DEPRESSION, SO READING YOUR TWO COMMENTS IN PERTICULAR I HAVE CANCLED ;) I WAS CALLED ON THE 17/8/11 AND CANCLED THE SAME DAY ;) I RANG THEM TOLD THEM I HAD READ BAD DETAILS CONCERNING THERE CLUB AND THE GIRL DIDN'T EVEN DEFEND THIS ?? I ALSO SAID I WILL CONTACT THE BANK SO HOPEFULLY NOTHING GOES OUT :)
  • Ken
    This company randomly rang me and asked for my bank details twice; they hung up when I refused. That's not businesslike. They can be found at Slough Road, Datchet, Berkshire, SL3 9AU - tell them never to ring me again!
  • gemma
    just had my bank statement come through the door and as i opened it i noticed the "money club" had taken £98 out of my account even though i have never used it. i made a quick phone call to them and cancelled my account, they said they will send me an email to confirm that it is cancelled. just to make sure they dont continue to take money out of my account in the future, i will go to my bank and have words with them to make sure that nothing can go out at all to the "money club".
  • Swimster
    I was cold called a few minutes ago by this company. I said I was not interested, and eventually the caller rang off. Quite honestly, it sounds like a con. They are not offering to do anything that you cannot do for yourself, ie shopping around or asking for a discount.
  • Peter
    These people phoned me almost everyday whilst I was on holiday (I recognised the number). Forunately I didnt take the call as this wuld have been expensive. They have contacted me since my return and they appeared very persuasive. I politely refused to give them my bank details as this was against all available advice. I did say that I would look at their website and suggested that they ring me later in the week for my decision. I am glad that I have found this forum. can't wait for their next call!!
  • Peter
    These people phoned me almost everyday whilst I was on holiday (I recognised the number). Fortunately I didnt take the call as this would have been expensive. They have contacted me since my return and they appeared very persuasive. I politely refused to give them my bank details as this was against all available advice. I did say that I would look at their website and suggested that they ring me later in the week for my decision. I am glad that I have found this forum. Can't wait for their next call!!
  • David.J.Harrison
    Hi, I also got a phone call from these earlier this year, I said I wasn't interested but only by luck that I phoned my bank to check something else today that I found out back in Feb' they took £98, HSBC were great & refunded my money straight away & said they will have to provide evedence within 2 weeks or the bank willl take their money from them, too many people having money taking for it not to be underhand!!!!!
  • Bob M.
    Managed to get the sales person to stop their script and disconnect within a minute by: 1. Asking if they are a UK company. 2. Asking for the postcode of the head office. 3. When asked why, telling them I needed the information to report them to the Telephone Preference Service. She disconnected before I said "Service"!!! I registered a complaint with the TPS anyway.
  • Geoff
    Just had phone call from MoneyClub saying I had completed request for infomation. Let this bloke carry on with his sales patter and as soon as he asked for bank details I told I was not going to commit my self to something like this. At this point the phone call was terminated by him. Direct Debits are valid when made over phone but customer must be sent details to check they are correct and also given time to cancel if required
  • Patricia B.
    Just had a call with the last half and hour, sounded to good to be true, the 4 wk trial is now £5, I was interested until she asked for my bank details to do a secure check search!!! I asked about price after 4 wks and was told £98 but it would not be taken without my permission!! She assured me that they would not take any money. I refused to give my bank details and terminated the call!!! I have registered with the TPS to stop these cold calls!! The sales girl was good at the Money Club..............if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is!! There are no good comments from any existing members!! cause for worry
  • Patricia B.
    Just had a call within the last half and hour, sounded too good to be true, the 4 wk trial is now £5, I was interested until she asked for my bank details to do a secure check search!!! I asked about price after 4 wks and was told £98 but it would not be taken without my permission!! She assured me that they would not take any money. I refused to give my bank details and terminated the call!!! I have registered with the TPS to stop these cold calls!! The sales girl was good at the Money Club..............if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is!! There are no good comments from any existing members!! cause for worry!!!
  • gordy
    Just missed 2 calls from them, will answer the next one and give them false bank details, let them sort THAT one out!
  • Steve S.
    Just had the same phonecall. She knew my name and address and said that it was perfectly safe to give out my bank account number over the phone as this is why cheque books have it on them. Also that if I gave her the first part of the number, she could probably tell me the rest anyway!!! She did try very hard to convince me and does speak extremely quickly! I asked for the website address and have asked her to call back tomorrow. Meanwhile, of course, I've researched this company and seen the issues. Thanks!
  • He n.
    Experience? I used to work for them when I was 18, the worst job I have ever had in my life. I worked there for all of about 4 weeks. You think they lie to their customers, they lied about what they paid us (I was a telemarketer) with a target to send out 35 brochures per day, paid £6.50 p/h which dramtically reduced to around £5.50 p/h as everytime you weren't on the phone you weren't getting paid (water breaks, toilet break, receiver getting put down etc) so that was the first con of the job. Second being half the brochures sent out were sent out regardless fo whether you wanted it or not just to keep you in the job til the next day and that 'lead' would be followed up by the £8p/h sales team who would high pressure you into signing up of course at no obligation, whereby you would be charged a fee knowingly or unknowingly - didn't matter. The guy who owned the company who drove an aston martin at the time and didn't speak to you unless you were the manager, once said " over 50% of all orders we receive are refunded" it wasn't about increasing retention rate it was about getting more customers to sign-up until the market becomes saturated. Surprised to see they are still running. As someone who has a very highly paid role in the IT sector - 6 years later, I can safely say don't work there and don't sign up by far the worst month of my life -career wise. I actually went on lunch and didnt come back I'm ashamed to say it really was that bad. Scam doesnt begin to describe that office, more of a boiler room.
  • Money R.
    Hi I thought I'd take this opportunity to once again put forum users straight on a few things concerning the Money Club. The Money Club was founded in 1988. They have been saving money for members ever since. With the advent of online shopping Money Club started a web site with researched links and special offers. The site has been updated with the best cash back offer around, namely 100%! Thus any commissions that are paid to them for items bought online by members are credited to their account and every time there is a balance of £25 in it, they send out a cheque. They also have a call centre staffed by experienced advisors that not only look at the online offers but also negotiate with wholesalers and other outlets (of which the public does not have access too) to get members the best deals going. And, if they can’t do this they offer a number of guarantees. They offer a full refund of your membership during the trial period if you are not completely satisfied. They have departments specialising in shopping, travel, insurance and leisure. The head office is located at Money Club House, in Datchet, Berkshire. Telephone 01753 733 733 and is on their website They also have offices in Newbury, Birmingham and Leicester. The joining fee is £5, which is fully refundable during the trial period, followed by an annual subscription of £98. However this is NOT just for access to a web site. Members can call their advisor to get them to track down the best deals on the best products from their wholesalers and manufacturers. Ideal if you don’t have a lot of spare time. If you want to discuss any concerns you may have about the Money Club Services or Sales Calls you may have had, then you should talk direct to them on 01753 733733 and at least give them the opportunity to resolve any issues you might have. I’ve worked for them for 17 years, with some staff being with them longer and I can assure you, I wouldn’t work in a boiler room. Thanks
  • Don't f.
    My friend stupidly gave her bank account details to these bar stewards the other day! Next day (or 2 days later),she received their mail,through the post & this made her suddenly think “It's legit”! She panicked,after giving over her details & spoke to her bank but then this mailing from them made her seem assured all was fine. Thankfully, she has listened to me (oh & countless negative reviews on here & moneysaving forum) and she will be cancelling this as soon as her bank next opens. If this stupid bunch of Scammers even try to harass her or cause her any cancellation probs, they should know that she alone, when p*d off, is a force to be reckoned with. If that's not enough for u 'Money Club Scammers', you then have me - her friend who will give her ALL the legal advise & assistance she needs! She is a fan of the Trading Standards, as I am (and Action Fraud), so neither of us will have a problem talking to them about the beautiful friendship u seem to have together (I think NOT somehow). NEVER EVER GIVE OUT UR PERSONAL/Bank details to anyone over the phone, that you don't know! As said above, “If it sounds too good to be true - it usually is”. Thank You to ALL who have posted here (apart from TMC representive).I hope that you ALL get things sorted out. Contact Watchdog/Which? Tweet about these scammers.Put their crap on to FB & any social networking sites you use.Email loved ones&text&tell them when u talk. Spread the word,so WE can help STOP these bar stewards stealing money from innocent good people! Stay Safe everyone.
  • Richie B.
    Oh wow, interesting to read all these. I remember being phoned Feb 2010 and signing up 4 weeks for £1. I was told yearly membership IF I WANTED IT was £98. I had NO intention of becoming a full member, but thought I'd just pay a £1 even though I didn't even want that - I thought I might as well try the £1 trial. I was told, or at least massively given the impression that I would only become a full member if I PROATIVELY chose to. So today (Feb 15th 2012) I find on my statement The Money Club have just taken £98. They also did so the previous 2 years! And I never used their service, even during the trial. Looks like they'd thought they'd save me the effort and signed me up anyway, and saved me the bother of paying EVERY year too. I never signed up to that. It seemed pretty clear at the time I would be trying it out £1 for 4 weeks. Nothing more unless I wanted it. I did phone up the 01752 733 733 number and got through, asking to cancel. She wasn't happy but said she did so. I asked for a refund and she said all those details of what to do would be in the email they just sent me (I'm waiting for it). Also, while I was typing this, I got a cold call from I think a company called "Fresh Start" saying I have outstanding finance they can help me with. That reminds me, I've had quite a few of those calls from The Money Club saying their records show I have outstanding finance and they can help me. I'm very fortunate in that I don't and never have been in debt (apart from overdraft). So now that sounds like something dodgy too.
  • Bubbles
    I also worked as a Telesales Adviser for the Money club, when I joined I was told they were warm leads and the people we were contacting knew of us and had shown an interest. I have since learnt that all the leads are bought and half the people don't exist or unfortunately in some cases deceased. We are told to read from a script and always to mention the 98 fee for the continuation of membership after the 4 week trial. It was a £1 fee to join for a 4 week trial with no obligation, since gone up to £5, and if you don't cancel within the 28day period you will get charged £98. We as membership advisers are unaware of them scamming people we believe that you get a fair trial, after all the reviews and complaints I have endured regarding money going out of accounts etc, I am quite aware that they are in no way as innocent as they portray. I do feel the Telesales advisors do there job from a script with limited information and we had to be strict and exact with what we said. I am sorry if this has affected anybody I might have signed up as I was most honest with customers and stated that it was a 28 day trial and they must cancel if they don't want to continue. I have since learnt that members have not received packs and are unaware of funds coming out of their accounts as when and if they get the pack the money has gone and it is too late... SHAME ON YOU MONEY CLUB!!!!!!!!
  • jayne H.
    I am really upset and shocked that i received my bank statement today and £98 taken out by Money Club, some pushy sales women had my details even though i said no. She said i had nothing to lose it cost just a pound and nothing else would be taken out without my permission. I could make huge saving this was a few months back and i forgot about this and now they have taken my money. Worst thing is i am not working at the moment has i have had cancer and i cannot afford for people to help there selves to my money. What can be done about this? Any advise please. Jayne
  • Laura M.
    I had a cold call this morning from the Money club, I am VERY wary of cold callers and let her prattle on, how I could save 30% on all purchases, holidays, insurances, electrical goods, mobiles, clothes ect, ect, everything except food!! All sounds too good to be true, there is ALWAYS a catch!!! The trail has now jumped to £5 for 28 days and then £98 after. I was asked for my bank acc and sort code details and a trial pack would be sent out. I am so glad that I refused, as looking at most of these people above they have been conned. Never give anyone your details, especially cold callers. Thank god for Google and hope these threads help others before they decide to part with their details :(
  • rachel j.
    Missed spellt my name
  • Andrea m.
    I was told I could cancel on line and after great thought have decided to do so,but you do not give an e-mail address,this worries me as I was very reluctant to join in the first place.I shall be notifying my bank to cancel the direct debit,but unless you take note of this I will not be contacting you again. Andrea Freegard
  • liz 1.
    Like Laura Mac I was caught with the £5 trial but unfortunately I gave them my details so the money was taken out of my account cause I forgot to cancel before the month was up. This year is a special anniversary for me so are going on a once in a life time holiday. As per the instructions on line I found the trip on expedia then contacted the money club to get their discount. The travel person told me there were no flights available that day. So I went back on expedia's web site and arranged the holiday myself. I called the moneyclub to cancel my membership and they didn't even ask why!!!!!!!!!! says it all seems like a con.
  • Something F.
    Time for a break? Check out something funny. Enjoy & Share.
  • Tim S.
    I too have been stung by this "club" - twice! Both times for £98. Beware - be very aware! I was originally debited for £98 in April of this year and again just a few days ago! Both occasions have placed in an over draught situation which I do not enjoy with my bank so they have actually cost me £133 each time! Short of changing my bank account number etc. what else might I be able to do?
  • Jacqui C.
    I too have been caught out by the money club, in the first instance, I agreed the 4 week trial period last December, and despite the 28 days 'free period' they took the money out by direct debit only 3 weeks later before I even had a chance to cancel or try out their services. They also sent out a lot information and some offers about free flights and hotel rooms (which is why we thought we would try), which we later found out were useless to us as they had an expiry date of only a few weeks later. To be honest I forgot about the club for 9 months until the other day when I was checking my internet banking and aghast that £98 had been taken from account 3 months before the 'annual' renewal with no letter or email sent to me to ask if I actually wanted to renew or not or warning me they were about to take money. As it was before my salary went in, my bank declined the transaction and next month I will have a returned direct debit fee of £30 to look forward to...I am in disbelief that a company can operate lie this! I phoned to complain and due to lines being busy, I left a message on their answering machine leaving my contact details and surprise surprise noone has returned my call.
  • Chloe
    Hello, Does anyone have a number for this. I have just argeed to this and i want to cancel asap! PLEASE HELP!
  • Kay
    Like Chloe, I was gullible. I gave my bank details cos money short. Reading all this I want to cancel....How do I do this please? They want £4.00 for Dec and next month £98.00 for the year. Was told I cud pay in installments, but paperwork they sent, I wud av to pay in one go. Has anyone benefitted from this club please? Need replies asap please. With kind regards
  • graeme
    hello i signed up to and they to toke money out of my account and i thought my months trial still going there and i just found out they have toke out £98 and i want a refund as i just lost my job and am going to phone them asking to end my contract and ask for a full refund telephone number for the money club is 01753733733 PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP FOR THEM AS THERE CONS...
  • norman b.
    I realised that I was a victim of a scam-I rushed to my bank to cancel the direct debit but was too late. I shall go again to my bank to insist that the direct debit is cancelled. I feel sick and cannot understand why I gave my bank details to a person over the phone.
  • marilyn c.
    I too had a phone call from money club and the caller was so convincing, I gave my bank details. As I needed car insurance I went ahead. (unknown to them I already had a low offer) they could not match that offer. I went on line and cancelled my Direct Debit with them, thankfully they had only taken £1.00 out. I then phoned and cancelled it. I have been duped before with a so called money club some time ago and I am almost sure it was them, This money club should be looked in to.
  • jane
    Never deal with these guys they r dodgy worked for them and its all a scam felt so bad lying to people.landed.up leaving in a wk
  • Viv
    I think the Money Club is a scam too. I was cold called and signed up. Subsequently I rang them to get a price for hi-fi speaker. This was on New Years Eve but it is not a public holiday. Their literature states they are open for business Monday to Friday from 9am till 6pm. I rang them in the morning and they did not answer the phone. I tried all 5 extensions. Then tried leaving an online enquiry but that failed. Next I left a callback request online which was not accepted because it claimed my membership number was incorrect. I tried to leave another call back request and it refused this because it claimed my postcode was incorrect. Finally, I wrote to them(sending my letter by registered post so I know they got it) to complain and ask for my money back but I have not heard from them.
  • lee
    Just had a phone call from the money club trying to sell me membership. thank God I said no what sounds to good to be true .need I say any more
  • Becky S.
    I stupidly,stupidly,stupidly entered into the Money Club with my eyes firmly closed and now realise I have not only wasted a lot of money;have purchased nothing at all via their "amazing savings", they've also taken 4 DD's from my account within the first year when it was only an annual subscription set up. Having attempted to contact them before the subscription automatically renews,I've left messages aplenty and had no contact back at all. It is now in the hands of my bank to try and reclaim the money which The Money Club have effectively stolen. Don't touch this company with a cattle prod. Chocolate fireguards are more useful.
  • carolann ).
    I just had a call from this lot. The woman who called would barely let me speak or ask any questions telling me that when I had signed up all of my questions would be answered, she obviously has a very tight script to stck to and maybe I was putting her off lol. She found it hard to believe that I wouldn't give any of my bank details over the phone. I offered to post the £1 trial fee by registered post, she didn't want me to do that and wasn't keen to give me an address to send it to.................I wonder why :/ I explained that if I was happy with the service I would most definitely sign up. When companies are cagey about giving me time to think or any of their details then I would steer clear. I have told this woman to call me back as I wanted to check feedback online, I am thinking I wont hear from them again. I have only seen one not so bad feedback the rest are pretty bad. If you want a discount, try online with different companies who are willing to give you their details and are happy to give you their number/address etc and it wont cost you a penny. As someone else said, if it sounds to good to be probably is. Be safe, and remember not to give any details of bank accounts etc to cold callers.
  • Kathleen
    I was cold called by this company offering me the £1.00 trial offer and stupidly I gave them my bank details, as they said they would send me an information pack which would show me how to cancel before they took out £98.00 for a year. I have never received the information pack and have just found out they have taken the money out of my account, does any one know how I can get refund as I need the money, I am early retired do to being diagnosed with cancer. Help please
  • Janice M.
    Stupidly, I too gave the benefit of the doubt to the "lovely" Jane "from the Leicester office", as I was feeling kind towards telesales folk after a couple of relatives were forced to take on tricky telesales jobs. (Both of them quickly moved on after realising what exactly was involved - despite their desperate need for an income!) Big difference between telesales and scammers, as a google search soon revealed to me tonight!!! . Looking forward to getting back in touch with the" lovely" Jane again for my article (sorry, Jane - I'm a very pissed off journalist!!!) regarding those who conspire to run these scams (if you said had "no", like my friend's partner and, later, my daughter - rather than rip of decent people - I'd have some respect for you.!) Right now - unless you get in touch to tell me differently! - you are as bad as (worse than?) the organisation you currently represent. Shame on you!!!
  • Linda p.
    I too have been duped by this so called club. I resigned myself to the fact that I had been foolish at giving over my bank details and vowed to write to cancel my next subscription before it is due next year,however have discovered this week that £98 has been taken from my account before it is due. I contacted money club and they acknowledged that it was an error on their part and would refund the money. I also cancelled my membership . I di think it all seemed too easy and have had no refund and am still receiving emails from them regarding offers ! Have phoned several times but only get answering machine and no call back .AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!
  • pam t.
    I too was cold called and very stupidly gave him my details after I was told it would only costone pound for a four week trial i then asked what else would it cost me and was told it was only £98 for the year at that point I said no I did not want to join the club and also to forget the £1 and four week trial well four weeks later I was checking my bank statement and got a shock to see a dd for £98 had been taken and the £1 also I did not receive the so called welcome pk so was not aware of what was happening.I have rang repeatedly sent e-mail and even hand written to them twice all they say is I agreed and did not cancel in the 4wk trial period even though I have never received any paperwork from them can anyone help me get my money back!
  • LUCY
  • christina e.
    just had a call from these this morning, even though they express that they don't want to push you into anything, she was very adamant to get "just a small matter of my account number" her very exact words!!! I told her I wasn't really wanting to buy anything, and really not interested, but still she wanted my account number. told her I wasn't going to give her my number because I don't give my bank details over the phone to strangers...... and still she was insistent that I gave her my sort code, because that was the same as hundreds of other people who bank in the same bank!!! told her that I wanted to google her company, and she warned me of bad press, due to customers not cancelling before the trial is over, yup that's right guys its all your fault!!! she told me she would ring back tomorrow or saturday...... I will look forward!!!
  • carefix
    I just had a call from these people. I agreed it sounded OK but declined to give them my bank details as I said: "You could just empty my bank account", I don't know who you are. To please the lady I put "moneyclub" into google plus the word "scam" and found the above. Thanks! Always use the word "scam" to quickly check out a company. I just hope they haven't got my bank details from elsewhere....
  • Milly
    A few steps to bear in mind when dealing with this company: 1. Don't sign up to anything! 2. Oh dear, if you're reading this far you, like me, fell for the sales talk. 3. O.K. Don't panic but watch your bank statements like a hawk. I had two unscheduled payments taken out of my account within a short space of time. If this happens....... 4. Cancel your direct debit of course and then settle down with your phone ( best to have a cuppa to hand and have been to the loo, it may take some time). 5. Ring the company and use every department you can reach to get to talk to a person, not an answer machine. Ask the person on the phone if they can help. Stay polite ( it's hard I know). If they say someone will call you back just move on to the next department. Be persistent, be polite. There is a saying "it's the squeaky door that gets oiled" keep squeaking! 6. Repeat step 5 every day until something happens. If nothing does, contact your bank and tell them a direct debit agreement has been broken. It took me three days to get the £196 they owed me put back in my bank account. Not one person I spoke to , and there were many, said sorry. They all seemed unsurprised. Worrying isn't it? Good luck!
  • Jack
    The money club has taken £882 from our account over a twelve months period. We naively gave them our bank details over the phone, but thought that the £98 fee was a one off payment.
  • Carol L.
    I've been trying to cancel Themoneyclub since last Wednesday 17th June both by phone and email and requested a refund of £98 which they took on Wednesday and someone was supposed to ring me back or email me about it and no-one as so I'm not very pleased with them I need that money back a.s.a.p.
  • michelle t.
    I signed up for thier free month which actualy cost £1.00(so they get your bank details) I then declined to join after 1 week, but still the following month they stoped £98.00 and surprise surprise the stoppped another £98 the following month (thieves)
  • Ann
    I found this interesting link on the web.
  • PJW163
    Signed up in September 2014 then wife took ill and I stopped tracking my finances. TMC took a further 6 DD of £98 a time from my account in the first 12 months. Membership was renewed automatically in 2015 when the DD was changed to monthly payments of £98 per month. I have had all my money returned via my bank but have yet to hear from The Money Club despite leaving messages and sending emails. I'm not the only victim of this practice, which must border on criminal activity, and I would strongly urge everyone to avoid this company. Their website indicates how professional they are.
  • Garnettoi

    Why is everyone so stupid to give out their bank details to some stranger ringing up over the phone? Honestly this nation is so dumb no wonder the UK is going down the sh*tter. 

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