The UK's worst bank, Santander - are they getting it right yet?

santander_logoThere are a handful of topics and posts we receive comments on from avid readers on a weekly or near-daily basis. One of the most popular, and most consistent in terms of activity, is anything mentioning Spanish bank Santander.

Since their move into the UK market, they've seemingly caused no end of angst amongst customers. Not that banks aren't generally despised to begin with, but judging by the feedback we receive in the Bitterwallet bunker, Santander really seem to be pushing the boat out to piss people off.

Our first post dedicated to Santander in June has received nearly 100 comments - nearly all of them complaints. A follow-up piece has attracted nearly fifty more. Scattered amongst the other posts that mention Santander and banking in general, there are probably another 100 complaints and comments on top. They, really, really aren't well liked.

A couple of days ago a comment was posted on Bitterwallet that linked to Boycott Santander, a one-man blog set up to highlight yet another complaint. It's an interesting and unfortunate tale - an international student finds themselves alone in a city overnight, and thanks to a clerical error, Santander block their bank account and only source of money, a fault that Santander fully admit to causing.

It's a little melodramatic, but yet another instance of a Santander customer feeling aggrieved by their UK service. Three months ago, Santander were named the worst bank in the country after receiving over 200,000 complaints in six months. They subsequently promised to try harder and do better by their customers. So over to you, avid readers - are Santander getting it right yet?


  • put t.
  • FF
    The only people who seem to have in for Santander are you guys. You appear to have a fixation.
  • mark
    Shirley they can't be any worse than Royal Bank of Scotland?? And spookily, Santander are taking over RBOS' High Street operations later this year, so RBOS customers will get a chance to find out. Lucky them.
  • Alexis
    Have a look over at Money Saving Expert, FF.
  • callum
    Isn't it only RBS branches in England (and correspondingly, Natwest branches in Scotland)? Something to do with a condition of merging being getting rid of those branches. I had to go into Santander the other day and they were all friendly and helpful. I can't say I've ever had a problem with them.
  • klingelton
    We switched my missus's current and credit accounts to santander from lloyds, and after initial delays, which we were told and forwarned about and a minor error paying monthly credit card payments, the switch has been fairly smooth and not nearly as woful as the missus expected. We recieved on rather amateur looking notification that suspect activity was taking place - aside that, they've been good. (this is all in 12 months) and this is versus the onslaught of shit from lloyds whom were, quite frankly, a shower of shits. the missus went OD by some tiny figure - couple of quid - and they proceeded to charge her £70 in charges. My bank - natwest - have been very good with me and generous and helpful. I did threaten to leave them, but my problem was partly my error, which was recognised in the settlement!
  • Ceri
    They are useless. I set up standing orders for the 1st of the month for Mortgage bills etc. some of the go through fast track and some of them don't. Totally unreliable! They did pay my charges for going over my HSBC over draft but still.. SHIT!
  • Dan G.
    Absolute set of thieving shits. Just moved over to halifax from them, as I had no end of problems with standing orders. Get bent santander im taking my pittance elsewhere!
  • fra
    I transferred to Santander last September, basically because of a good interest rate on a current account and £100. I have to say I found the whole process very smooth and their online banking to be faultless too. With all the complaints I have subsequently read I have been doubting the move but I have to say that I have had no problems nor complaints so far. Fingers crossed....
  • Anonymous
    Santander stunningly lost a 5 figure sum of my money apparently in August from an ISA which I rarely look at as its the "house deposit fund" - the first I knew was by statement today which despite having this much in (and I have transaction receipts from in branch thank god to prove it!) Santander state there have been no transactions in or out of this account EVER! This was not even the first time either - they did exactly the same near the beginning of last Ombudsman case will be looming I think!
  • chris
    I have been banking with Santander for several years, and except for a few hiccups during the Abbey acquisition they have been first rate. I recommended them to my colleagues at work who switched and are happy as well. At the end of the day, most banks are the same, they are out to make money which is their business model. All this negativity can be really tedious. It would be good to see a blog about something positive for a change.
  • Gitsy
    They are a complete bunch of inept muppets. Had a joint account with them for 3 years and ended up never using it because every single interaction I've had with them has been painful - we still don't have two cards. I think my favourite was when my wife tried to get £2.5k out to buy a car. Ended up queuing at for 45mins only to be told that the branch 'didn't keep that sort of money'. I'd get your cash out pretty quick.
  • Santander
    We're always sorry to hear when customers haven't received the service they expect. We strive to keep our customers happy, but we realise that we sometimes make mistakes. Telling us when you are unhappy is important as it means we have an opportunity to put things right there and then and improve the service we offer in future.
  • Myrtle
    They're a nightmare. I've lost count of how many Standing Orders and Direct Debits have simply 'vanished' from my account, leaving bills unpaid and charges due. They seem to have a particular problem with my paying British Gas for some reason, as they've 'accidently' canceled their Direct Debit an incredible four times. And I have complained directly to Santander. They're about as unhelpful as you can possibly imagine, and won't refund charges that are their fault. Absolute crap, and I'm now scouting for a new bank.
  • irate
    Santander are the worst bank in the world fact, i have tried to change my address several times since oct 2010, to be told my ID isn't enough! They are unhelpful, haven't a clue and down right aggresive towards the customer. So my bank statements are still going to my old address! I have changed banks, no problem with my ID, and changed address twice again no problems, that was with Alliance & Leciester until the BORG took over! Now I have no bank account useless clowns. SWITCH BANKS BEFORE THEY WRECK YOUR ACCOUNT TOO!!!!
  • Ray J.
    Santander is the worst financial institution with which I've dealt . They messed up registering a 2 year fixed rate bond, confirming the wrong rate and wrong period. After much hassle the Tunbridge Wells branch confirmed the real picture but then failed to get head office to change the record. The Santander complaints dept. was useless, unlike the FSA Ombudsman who got me the response I wanted in double quick time. The whole process took 3 1/2 months. Now the account is maturing end April, they refuse to advise the sum involved, which I want to check as all trust is gone, wanting me to go into their branch despite having my written instruction to remit the funds when all I want is an interbank transfer to my current account, of which they have details. Another family in the village had their joint account changed to single when the switch from Abbey took place so they cancelled all accounts. Even the post office counter lady who took my recorded delivery letter to the branch revealed Santander had messed up changing her credit card from Alliance & Leicester to Santander. Avoid them like the plague.
  • C F.
    Never had a problem with Alliance and Leicester (or Girobank before that - shows how long I have banked with them). Was advised by Santander to cut up my debit card as it had been compromised - lovely idea and thanks for the advice. HOWEVER - they have still not sent me a new card - now nearly seven weeks later! Will change banks as soon as they unfreeze my account. Any suggestions of where to go?
  • C F.
    Eventually decided to visit Santander local branch. I wish I had done it before but I didn't realise that as I have an online account I would be able to do so. Difficulty resolved in minutes thanks to the brilliant counter clerk.
  • Philip D.
    First they sent details of my account to the wrong address, then opened my isa in the wrong tax year, when I requested funds to be transferred to another bank they quoted the wrong account number. I am still waiting for my money. Staff try to resolve mistakes, only to create new cock ups........... Beware.
  • A T.
    Santander are a bunch of thieves who prey on the young with under 21 accounts! Yes they fob you off & mislead you, then lie some more, then call you after 5 months to tell you that you have racked up £150 in "charges" for an account ( my son) thought he had closed. We never want to hear of them ever again. Absolute nightmare. However one thing I would say is GO INTO THE BRANCH & on the 3 rd occasion we spoke to someone there who sorted it! Hurrah! Could have been something to do with my snarling presence (not a pretty sight). And thank you whoever you were.
  • Geo
    Santander is the worst bank ever, they not only rob you blind they have the ordasitity to keep you on the phone for over twenty mins and you are paying for the call thats dam right out of order. I phoned to pay off an account, which I did on 9th may only to receive a letter today [16th may] stating that I owed £36.92 I phoned and asked why I had received this only to be told that I was late paying???? I said that I phoned and asked what my outstanding balance was £££££ I paid the amount over the phone on the 9th may which I thought the account was then closed. But no it was not I feel that Santander have deffiently robbed me and do not know what I can do about it maybe write to my MP complaining about the service. Can anyone enlighten me I feel so so angrey. G
  • Madmum
    One of my daughters has had a terrible exp with Santander over her student ac. In first year she didn't get any student finance till January...major problem. They were totally unsympathetic to her situation..despite her having an ac. there since she was a little kid. With no money she went over the overdraft limit 3 times, they charged her £60 each time and she had to pay it. Last summer they informed her they were closing her account and she had to pay the £1000 back. Her and her Dad went into a branch and eventually they agreed not to but it was so unnecessary. Over 2nd year she has really struggled despite having a part time job as well but she has not gone over her over draft, which they did not increase. She got a job straight away this summer and has just been told again that they are going to close her account. She tried to open one with Nat west but the said no She is besides herself with worry and talking about not being able to carry on. They are such bastards. We help a bit but we are losing our buisness...thanks to the bank. Am going to try ombudsman. Anyone had same problem?
  • Lc
    I have moved my account which I have had for 27 years. Santander decided to sell their credit card service to MBNA. They didn't bother to ask us if we wanted to move. Then when they decide to open their own credit card service they invited me to have one. When I applied I was refused ,the explanation being that I did not pass the credit factoring. When I told then that could not be the case since I had an account from the beginning when it was GIRO and then moved to ALLIANCE & LEICESTER. I have never broken any rules and always kept my account in credit. Oh I was told that has nothing to do with it! I am with METRO BANK now and they could not be nicer so goodbye Santander and good riddance to your credit factoring agency and your rude staff. You will soon be out of business.
  • Michael S.
    I've been trying to process a change of address with Santander since March 2010. Firstly, they don't like replying to letters or emails, in fact I haven't had a reply to any of the 62 emails that I have sent them in the last 15 months. I have recently been told that I will need to go to my local branch (Inverness, 120 miles each way and an overnight stay in a hotel due to the public transport situation in the Highlands approx £170 cost) and present two bills, my bank book and my passport in order to change my address and have a new cashcard sent to me. To be honest it requires the same amount to open a new account with a more reputable bank, so I shall be closing my santander account and opening one with a bank that isn't quite so hostile to it's customers.
  • jimmy
    I was on holiday for a week and santander sent my money to a bookmakers account for some reason who knows.I phoned up from abroad after the second day and asked why there was no money in my account,after a 45 minute phone call payed by me we established what had happened.They told me that they called the money back and the money should be cleared on the day that I go home this completely ruined my holiday and if it hadn,t been for my father putting money in my account I would have been fooked as it was 60 euros for a taxi back to the airport.When they sent the money out of my account it put my account around 3 quid minus and when I was talking to them on the phone they said that I should be grateful because they wern,t going to hit me with any overdrawn charges.To this day I have never had an appology from them for ruining my holiday and making it a stressful time instead of an enjoyable one.
  • Alan B.
    I had a fraud committed on my bank account. My wife highlighted the fraud to Santander and she was told there was nothing they could do but the transactions were in limbo and it can get sorted in the morning. It did not get sorted Santander put the transactions through and cleaned out my account. I had no money. Santander would not investigate or deal with the fraud. They kept passing the buck. I have receieved a letter which stated I should take the complaint with Paypal which we was as that is where the transactions originated. I asked Santander many times when they knew it was fraud why they put the transactions through. They said it was too late. I asked for the transactions to be returned. They said They could not return the transactions. I found this funny as 6 months ago my account gets blocked for a transaction of 89pence. But when thousands are taken from my account they let the transactions go through. This is the short version because I had many incidents of them putting the phone down on me and putting me through to various people who were in the wrong team or department. The matter is now with the Ombudsman and Police but Santander still refuse to deal with the compliant properly. I have got advise from the FSA and quoted to Santander the rule and regulation which Santander has to deal with my compliant professionally and refund the stolen money. Santander did not want to answer me and they tried to blame me for the fraud. Anyway because of this I will not be a customer of Santander for much longer
  • denise
    The Santander are certainly the worst bank in Spain ( and the richest) Your money goes missing for days weeks months sometimes. ( " its in Maaadrid!! come back tomorrow). I didnt think the British public would put up with them tho. All Transfers ( which they charge premium for) take a full FIVE WORKING DAYS under the chaps system. ( no where on their over dressed ponsy site does it say this ( 1 - 3 ) Surely this is illegal? Incidently the Spanish Santander first family are being investigated for fraud. Eh??? Absolutely crap
  • Katherine N.
    Santander blocked my account because of suspected fraudulent withdrawals being presented to my account, Santander were wrong, it took two 20 minute phone calls to get my account unblocked, petrol, a whole heap of time and embarassment and in the meantime I was charged for bouncing payments due out that day (the funds were there). Santander promised to call me back that week, they didn't. I had one letter in response to the email I sent the day after to say they are looking in to it. I have observed my acoount have funds going out, then not going out, then going out again- causing me extreme confusion. Now I am over drawn, and they haven't replied despite this issue being entirely their fault. I am now looking to open an account with a different banking group. I will be approaching the FOS if they don't compensate me adequately-and I'll be the one that decides adequate.
  • Nick W.
    I have just transferred to Santander from Barclays against my better judgement.....I was promised money for switching my "main" current account to them which I duly did. Unfortunately I hold a joint account with my partner that negates this payout....therefore they do not pay you a "fee for switching your "main" account... Likewise they promised to match my existing overdraft subject to me getting a visa card, transferring my pay and proving proof of my existing overdraft...that was two weeks ago and I am still awaiting a decision by the underwriters - be careful as on the wording they leave out the "subject to terms and conditions".... I am not left in a position where I have transferred over to take advantage of the payment and interest free overdraft and currently it looks like I will benefit from neither and ultimately has proved to are a fruitless, but painful, task. I have also noticed that payments seem to take days to show on my credit card statement arrived showing a payment had been received that wasnt even listed on my on-line bank account.. And the government wonders why people dont switch accounts more....
  • Conleth N.
    I just recieved a letter wherein I was charged FIFTY TWO POUNDS as it seems when SANTANDER opened my account they didnt open up the basic one as agreed In that one month I had 18 pence go in for a paypal account verification.. This is the ONLY TIME I have EVER used to account in the tree month + it has been opened.. so 18 pence in equates to 52 pounds out.. I think we can see who the crooks are I will NEVER pay this amount I dont care how much they add to it they are merely adding their own illusory money based on a fiat base fractional reserve system anyways.. SCREW YOU SANTANDER YOU CROOKED BA5TARD5!
  • Jay B.
    Ive been with the Bradford and Bingley for years.. then they merged with Abbey and are now Santander.. After the initial change they were bending over backwards to assure me things would be so much better. I had a new account. cheque book. Via electron card. Now, after a year... my new visa card didnt come through.. i went to the branch.. waited ever so patiently in the massive queue.. and re-ordered one..hoping just in time for xmas. they sent just an ordinary cash card. back to the branch..time off work to stand in the queue.. another card oredered. yet..a week later it was another blinking cash card! Yet another lengthy wait in their queue, only to be told my visa has been rejected. Huh!? Its not even a credit card...just a debit card. I told the girl i would consider closing my account. she nonchantly shrugged her shoulders... They say I can appeal.. but.. quite honestly.. i shall be glad to see the back of the place. Ive since searched online...santander are rejecting lots of electron visa's.. I shall be joining another bank in the new year.. hopefully with less queues and more customer care..
  • Becky F.
    I felt compelled to leave a post on this site as I'm so angry. It doesn't really matter what the details of my complaint with Santander are, all I would say is, I wouldn't recommend anyone applies for a mortgage with them. I can only assume that Santander pay terrible wages, offer rotten terms and conditions of employment and provide no staff training - it is the only explanation for the appalling service we've encountered.
  • Mr. A.
    I was a customer at Santander long time ago around year 2002 when they used to be known as The Abbey National. After 4 years I lost my job and my account was overdrawn just only £ 10. pounds. I have asked to repay £102 pounds. I then paid off the fine and I told them the fee is too much for £10 pounds and I asked them to close my account. I changed my account and opened a new Current Account with Barclays Bank. I have been with them quite long time but when I ask them for a lending to open up a New Business but they looked at my savings and told me If I pay half then they will match the other half and but I have to open a Business account with them first which I did. After few days later I had a phone call from the Barclays Local Business Manager and told me unfortunately they can't lend me any money due to the credit crunch so I felt really upset and disappointed because I spent so much time with the paper work and going to the bank on every week. I then closed my account with Barclays as well . Sadly again I re-opened and switch my current account with under new Name Santander now I have been with them nearly six months. I am always in credit and I have a very good Credit Rating. I wanted to buy a new car due to my wife gave birth to a daughter and also wanted to get rid off my MBNA Platinum Credit card so I applied for a personal loan on 28/12/2011 with Santander but again they declined my loan application based on their own lending criteria and they gave me the list of Credit reference agency that they have used. I have contact all three Credit Reference Agency but they told me I don't have any problem with my credit rating at all and they advise me to appeal against the Santander underwriting lending team. I have now wrote a letter on 05/01/2012 and I am waiting for their response. I think they may lend me the money but they will try to bump up the interest rate or they may not even reply to my appeal who knows because I hard their customer service is shit.
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  • Frogger
    I have to agree with a lot of the comments on here . I too banked with Girobank and then Alliance and Leicester with not one bit of trouble in all of those years .Along come Santander and I had the misfortune to lose my debit card and nearly 3 weeks later I am still waiting for a debit card I can use . Two have been provided but the pin numbers don't work and I am fed up with sitting on the phone trying to help them sort of their mess - not that they seem to care one jot . New bank hers I come. Any suggestions much appreciated !
  • ThimoS
    Santander has caused me a four-digit amount of damage over the last 6 years. They by far deserve to be called the UK's worst bank! The FSA should withdraw their banking licence!
  • G D.
    Charged me 2 fees - an 'Unarranged overdraft fee' AND an 'Arranged overdraft fee' - how do they work that out? on a few pounds over, BUT I have an overdraft facility. Useless communications. Also, they once lost 2 cheques I put in at a branch, got receipts; but were lost internally ??? no apology, had to get them reissued (from HMRC refunds). Massive hassle ... HSBC are much better.
  • Ryan
    Santander and the worst, im 15 and they let me go over in the shopping centre by 50 pound, Of course if your someone like me who just spends, Santander is a nightmare to work with and im still not able to get an Overdraft as im under 18,:S,
  • Ex E. an ex-employee, I can confirm that not only do they treat their customers badly but they treat their own staff even worse (excluding the big cheese managers), the fundamental reason that customer service is so poor is that they offer very poor training, little or no support, understaff and overwork...the company ethos is to get you out selling asap whether prepared or not, see as many people as possible, tackle any objections to the point of overpowering and persuading the customers to take out products whether suitable or not. Santander have often released products before they have given their staff sufficient training, sometimes products are announced to the public & the staff are only told about the product same day and then told to focus on selling that new product without having a clue about the product. The majority of the organisation is made up of unnecessary middle management, who's job is to micro-manage subordinates with constant meetings and telephone conferences 6 times day to discuss your daily pledge (or in layman's terms, a complete guess on what you'll think you'll sell today??) , followed by more calls to discuss if you are on target with your daily pledge by 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm. Bottom line: Service is bad because the only focus is on sales figures, if your the best customer service employee in the company but have poor sales then you won't last, however the other way found and you will be rewarded. Please note, the above statement is purely in my opinion only!!
  • S D.
    After having m credit rating shredded by VIRGIN and EXPERIAN (experian messed up, virgin sorted it IN 24 HRS) SANTANDER refused my loan based on incorrect information, however it wasn't their fault and after seeking help from the SANTANDER COMPLAINTS TEAM (even though I had no complaint) normally i wouldn't name people but good, hard working people need naminig..we name and shame the bad well i want everyone to know that 2 women in particular, Samantha and claire at SANTANDR COMPLAINTS are the best!!!!!!! if you want to be listened to , regardless of the outcome, just the satisfaction that someone listened and used a bit of common scene. My issue was resolved by SANTANDER inside 48 took alot of phone calls, however if your nice and polite and you don't rant and really is amazing how helpful people can be. Sometimes that is all it is about......the people. SANTANDER have renewed my faith. they may be a SPANISH bank, but it is staffed by hard working BRITISH PEOPLE:)
  • Luke
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  • Michael
    I transferred a payment from my santander premier plus account to paypal last night using online banking. It went almost instantaneously. I transferred another payment to paypal today. After an hour, it was not on my paypal caaount. So I checked my account online and it showed the payment had been rejected. It didn't show if it was santander or paypal who rejected it. So I called santander and was told by a very nice scottish lady that the payment had been resubmitted to paypal and it should be on the account in a couple of hours. Now, normally I would trust whatever I get told by a business representative on the phone (lol) but having been a customer of Alliance & Leicester, and subsequently santander, for 26 years, I have become a bit canny about my dealings with them and so I sent a secure message to santander asking what had gone wrong with the payment. A couple of hours later I got a reply from them to say my account had been blocked due to suspicious activity and that I had to speak to the security team directly before it could be unblocked. So I rang and got put through to the security team (but not before the nice gentleman tried to tell me the same story as his colleague had a few hours before) and was told that my account wasn't blocked and that the payment had gone again. I was told that paypal do not accept quick transfers and it would be up to 16 hours before the payment would show on my paypal account. I may get a call from the security team tomorrow morning if there are any further problems but if I don't hear from them, the payment has gone through. So now its 6 hours later, the payment isn't on my paypal account yet and I'm -£70 in my bank account that seems to be in limbo land.
  • charles k.
    i lost my debit card today so i phoned santander and found out they had ot changed my address from my move a month ago and now they wnt send me a new card for 30 days and then i can order one,so approx 40 days with no debit card and this with christmas around the corner.thanks very much for your not helping me and i hope your christmas will now be better than mine with no card....i cant get to a branch as its a 100 mile rouns trip but santander couldn't care less
  • BillCoop
    It looks like Santander have set up a trap to discourage UK customers from using their own money (Debit Cards) abroad. When a person travels to another country they usually have some cash and use of the card is restricted to hotel bills and small items etc. After a week or two the cash runs out and so the pattern of use changes as the card is used to withdraw cash. Of course this is perfectly normal, but triggers their software, closing down access to your card. This trap alone has caught me twice, but there is a second one - and probably quite a few more hidden away. When going to the santander site from home your computer remembers your ID - which is just as well because it is a series of digits - but having changed your location you are asked to put in your ID rather than the usual Password. This comes as a complete surprise as nobody can be expected to remember this number; no matter, if I put in my Password in deliberately or by mistake, then they will send me an email. No, all that happens is that they will withhold your cash - this is not credit but your money that is being withheld - and then they will ask you to phone them despite the fact that you have no money. So as masters of the universe they should be able to sort it out by phoning you, or asking the security questions that they insisted on when opening your account... It is very hard indeed to imagine that this faulty logic is there as the result of say, incompetent programmers in whatever software company they use. Common sense and its associated logical methods are the basis of computer programming, it must therefore be a decision at the management level that has had the software designed to incorporate methods that 'flag' normal use abroad. As a company with this kind of customer 'service', it should be interesting to watch their share price.
  • invest f.
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  • Luke
    Santander have the poorest customer service I have ever experienced anywhere on the planet. I'm not going to waste any more time than they already have by going into details. AVOID THESE CLOWNS!
  • Lisa R.
    This is what I sent to santander but with no reply........Santander u are the worst bank EVER!!! Wot u have done to me and my family is horrific!!!!! Saturday u decided to block my account and didn't contact me and when I did contact u on the phone u tell me tht I'm under fraud investigation.????? All I have is a basic account. U won't give me any information? I feel like I'm the victim here and like I have done something wrong. I have money sitting in my bank tht the goverment have paid and this is for FOOD shopping. But u don't bloody care tht I can't get tht. I have been on the phone about 7 times to u today about this. I've eve been in the bank speaking to the bank manager crying in front of him and still u dont care. And also this is running my phone bill up. All u say is we will phone u bk even though u haven't!!!! U need to get ur finger out and unblock my account. You will be to blame if anything happens to my family because I can't access my account to buy FOOD or ELECTRIC. I've already reported u to the papers and I will be doing more!!! I have already applied for a new bank because I don't want to ever deal with SANTANDER again!!!! I have noted everything down and wot has been said on the phone and in dunfermline branch. I will send this to the facebook email along with my mobile.
  • Groundmole
    Girobank, Alliance and Leicester, but now, SANTANDER. The instructions for deaf customers to phone Santander needs explaining. I was locked out from internet banking, they say I had entered my ID incorrectly too many times. I asked how many and over what period, they would not say. They would send me a new telephone banking number. How long ? a few days. If any fraudulent activity happens on my account, that I am unable to check, will you accept liability ? NO ! A week to send a new number, how long does it take Santander to advise of an unauthorised overdraft ? Santander, your customers are a source of income, why do you treat so many like idiots ? Move the Alliance and Leicester accounts back to Bootle, they seem to be more customer focussed. If the Financial Services Ombudsman started to apply bank style charges to Santander, for every complaint received about Santander, the annual cost of the Ombudsman service might be exceeded by that income. Santander, why not allow another bank to qualify for the "Worst Bank Of The Year Award", or is Santander proud of its status. Remember, we all have a choice, and an expectaion to obtain reasonable service from Santander. Has a start date been scheduled yet ?
  • Fiona
    Been a Santander customer for 22 years. Have had several loans over the years no probs no defaults no late payments everything perfect. Just been REFUSED a £5,000 personal loan - 'Computer says NO'?????? Santander you have definitely gone downhill in my estimation.
  • Arshad M.
    I am a santandere account holder last wee k I'll receive £2000 from finance and business school this is tution fees refund every thing docomented after how long struggle I'll get this refund it's long story worse thing us they blocked my account this was only my account and they did not even tell me where shall I go to solve this problems every thing I can proof about this money but totally dark I don't know what do do Reg Arshad mehmood
  • tarak
    Dear Mahmood just email me , il tell you what you should do and where you should go . God bless

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