TalkTalk top yet another customer service bile-poll

TalkTalk It only seems like five minutes since we ran a story about TalkTalk’s lousy customer service, but here we go again. According to stats unveiled by Ofcom, the beleaguered company were the most complained about phone and broadband provider in the first six months of 2011.

Already top of the shitty pops between January and March, they held on to their disgusting crown between April and June as well, seeing off all of the others with consummate ease, racking up 0.8 complaints for every 1,000 customers for its landline service and 0.58 per 1,000 for it’s broadband ‘arm’. The least complained about company in both the landline and broadband sections were Virgin.

But there’ll be muted celebratings at TalkTalkTowers (if that’s the name of their hideout) as the number of complaints has fallen significantly over the past year. Mind you, that’s probably as a result of them sorting out the colossal mess that ensued when they took over Tiscali and were fined £3 million for the wrong-billage of 65,000 customers.

Elsewhere, in the mobile phone category, 3 were the most complained about company. Let’s face it though, it could have been pretty much any of them. It should be noted that the stats only reflect complaints made to Ofcom, as opposed to the complaints made directly to the companies themselves. Or indeed, grumblings directed at a partner or loved one that are not escalated any further.


  • Jay
    Their figures are about to go up quite sharply quite soon when my long list of complaints lands on Ofcom's desk. This company is a complete shambles and shouldn't be allowed to trade if they can't handle customers properly.
  • Craig
    Did a home move with them and contacted them through the website. They never received my communicaiton. Called them after I moved to start it again. A home move basically starts a new contract at the original price. 2 Days into the contract I see I am being charged full price when they had a 1/2 price promo offer on and was not told this by agent. Called them back to complain and they gave me 6 months half price and have to call back in another 6 months to ask for the promised further 6 months 1/2 price package. Unacceptable. They said sorry the system wont let me change it and the supervisor / manager was not there at the time I wanted it escalating. I did get 2 months line rental for free. Let's see if this has been processed on my bills.
  • maxtweenie
    I was with AOL from the beginning, the dark days of dial up at 28kbps if you were lucky. When CPW / Talk Talk took them over, their shoddy customer service sank to new depths. I had no broadband connection last week, so with a sense of trepidation I rang the helpline. Bombay Bob told me there was no problem in my area, and spent 50 minutes going through all the crap I'd already done before I rang. Eventually, the numpty donut told me that I would need to unplug my desktop pc, and take it to a repair shop as the lan card was faulty. I told him he didn't have a clue what he was doing, and asked to speak to a supervisor, and he promised me one would call back within 30 minutes. I told him one wouldn't. He assured me one would. I told him that when he speaks to his supervisor, he can tell him that he was solely responsible for me leaving and going elsewhere. Needless to say, no-one ever rang me back, and I later found that the network was down in my area. Incompetence breeds incompetence, and Talk Talk / CPW / AOL seem to be the most incompetent bunch of idiots I've ever dealt with.
  • geoff c.
    Why will Talkmobile not allow me to cancel my mobile phone contract with them when it expires on 30 Oct. They insist that they are unable to accept it before 30 Sept, ie 30 days in advance. 30 days is the notice period required but, as I already know that I shall be taking my business elsewhere, they will not allow me to give them more than the 30 days notice. They say that their sytems cannot handle it!! They can accept early termination though, as long as I pay a fee. It seems to me that they operate on this basis in the hope that customers will forget to do it on the exact date and have to pay for another month. Well, they've lost me for mobile, telephone and broadband by taking this stance.
  • Sophie
    I've had my mobile phone with 3 for a few years now - leaving as soon as i can and will never be returning!!! On my latest contract renewal i was given a faulty phone. They repaired it free of charge and it came back still faulty with added water damage. Although this water damage was clearly while the phone was in their care i was told i would have to pay. After approximately 6 months of waiting through 3 repairs and well over 30 hours on the phone to customer services and the repair team (costing me £20 in calls i was not warned about) i was eventually offered a new 50 quid handset. Not the 200 quid smart phone i'd paid half (12 months) of my contract for. Accepted it as could not be doing with anymore hassle. And now, as i clearly have atrocious taste, i have just taken out phone and internet with TalkTalk for my flat while i'm at uni (couldn't go with the company i wanted unless i paid for a BT line instead of the company's own line so TalkTalk worked out cheaper). After less than a month i get a letter saying prices are increasing for their line rental. An extra £1.20 a month that i'm unhappy to pay as i'm already paying 12 months charges for a service i can only use for 9 months. Didn't realise they could up the charges 20 days into a 12 month contract - chasing that one up currently! Not yet called their customer services as trying to find out my rights first - and judging by this i don't want to!

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