Spain win the World Cup - you lose on penalties to small print

spain-world-cupThere was an offer knocking around during the World Cup. Basically, you bought stuff like a new computer, telly or satnav and, if your country won the World Cup, you'd be refunded the full amount you'd forked out. Sounds good doesn't it? Well, good if you come from Spain.

Over in Spain, a number of businesses coughed up and made good on their promises... but not all, leaving them getting spanked by consumers' association for promoting misleading offers.

People have been complaining about promotions launched by Toshiba and TomTom who didn't make to much noise about the fact that, if you bought their goods, you actually had to sign up on the firm's website and, in the case of TomTom, also had to answer three simple questions, to be eligible for cash back.

The association says the words " … and register on our webpage before 17 June", should have been inserted into the text of a Toshiba offer which ran: "If Spain win, You win. Buy a new Toshiba laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor or a Toshiba television and if Spain win the final we'll refund all of your money." The same criticism was made of TomTom also.

Pablo Romero, Toshiba's marketing director in Spain, said that guidelines had been sent to retailers explaining the conditions of the promotion, though it seems that customers may not have received such advice.

Both companies are certain that they've done nothing wrong. It seems that Spaniards have not only won the World Cup, but also found a new interest in small print on offers.



  • PokeHerPete
    Im still waiting for the £30 cashback on the £900 TV I bought from Currys. I could have bought it £200 cheaper elsewhere but I thought that we would put 20 away against Algeria alone.
  • Klingelton
    we would have if crouchy was playing.
  • Roger R.
    Why is Toshiba advertising in Spain using English?
  • Pheel
    £40.. Dont forget Lampards goal that they are paying out on...
  • Doug L.
    They won the World Cup - I can't say I'm too sympathetic that they didn't all get free computers as well.

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