Sky told to lose exit penalties for January

sky If you're a Sky broadband and landline customer, and you want out, now is the time to do it. Basically, Sky put their line rental costs up last month, and customers have been given an extra 30-days to exit their contracts without any penalty.

All Sky Talk customers were told of the price change in October '15, and were given a month to either switch to another package or cancel their service. However, after some complaints, Sky were told that they have to extend this deadline.

This is a move by Ofcom to allow people to move from contracts with greater ease. Other companies have also been told that they'll have to lift penalties for people who want to leave their services, such as EE, BT, and TalkTalk.

Seeing as people are being charged hundreds of pounds for wanting to leave a company, because they're getting a crappy service or a product that was not as good as advertised, penalties on top of that are a very contentious issue.

Anyway, Sky customers now have until January 31st to cancel their package if they so desire.


  • Bethany
    I am with sky at the moment and ever since I've joined all I've had is trouble with it and obviously I'm not getting what I'm wanting with the service.
  • Alan b.
    What about TV ?
  • Louise m.
    Hello I'm with talk talk I have 12 months left I'm not happy with service or the Internet they provide and also worried about my bank account
  • Georgia b.
    Get me out this silly contract been bumped since day one signed up for 21 a month went to 23 then 26 then 33 get me outtttt
  • Old M.
    Have all these people been drinking? This is Bitterwallet, not That's Life.
  • Jessie J.
    I've never had Sky but I'm outraged by everything they do. I hope the sky falls on Sky. Wear my hat low.
  • **Paul**
    I used this to get out of my Sky Fibre contract in October. It was a rear loaded contract, so for the first 18 months Fibre was £5pcm, then up to £20pcm. I never got to the £20pcm bit thanks to the price alterations. Now with BT, for a ridiculously cheap deal.
  • Ian
    If you select an 'Anytime' deal, Sky's inclusive calls allowance also covers calls to mobile numbers. BT isn't offering that.

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