Santander: Already annoying British savers


They may be pretty new to the British high street, but Santander have wasted no time at all in winding everyone up. A series of schoolboy errors and bad service has left people trying to stab themselves to death with those pens-on-chains.

Of course, Santander took over Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley which sees them housing a huge customer base of more than 25 million.

However, despite winning everyone over with their marketing drive, it seems that they've forgotten to be any good at what they do. This of course has left the Spaniards dealing with lots of that most British of traits - complaints.

Some of the grips have included their losing cash Isa transfers, erroneous tax deductions from cash Isas, badly calculated interest on savings accounts leaving customers out of pocket, victims of fraud being fobbed off when trying to get their hands on payouts, not telling customers about rate changes and general rubbishness when dealing with complaints.

This has lead to Which! announcing that Santander are the worst bank in terms of customer satisfaction.

James Daley, editor of Which! Money, says: 'Our money helpline gets a constant stream of complaints about Santander, mainly about slow Isa transfers and poor customer service. The bank is at the bottom of the pile of our latest customer satisfaction survey. It has a long way to go to come up to scratch.'

Have you had a rotten time dealing with them or any of the banks they took over? Spout off in the comments if so and hopefully, they'll start taking some notice.



  • Ballu
    they were terrible as abbey... no surprise they are crap as santander. have to deal with them all the time as probate practitioner, and they continue to send letters to dead customers... opened by their recently bereaved!!
  • JOD
    Santander are beyond the worst most unorganised company around. Not only do the staff have no clue what they're doing, The systems are a complete shambles. When receiving a statement on a Personal Loan showing 0.00, instead of nearly 2k. I ring to find out its been passed to someone else. When asked who it's been passed to, they can only reply, 'this hasn't been allocated yet' This was on the 14th May. I was told exactly the same thing 2 days ago. 7th June 2010. I can't make a monthly payment for a Loan if no-one is taking any responsibilty over it. Beyond a joke this organisation!
  • Colin D.
    Noticably worse since Santander took over- they charged me interest on my Current account even though I have been healthilly in credit constantly and for years- and their responses to complaints/enquiries are slow/inadequate/disjointed. One presumes they have the same staff as before, so this must be a change of policy or proceedures? They need to get a grip now, or risk losing old customers as well as new- it is all very well having reasonable rates etc to lure people in, but the real trick for any organising is keeping those customers.
  • THEY J.
  • Theo C.
    Two examples: I have some cash ISAs with Santander. Being ISAs, I don't access the money in them day to day, I leave it there as an investment. When I did try to withdraw money from these ISAs I was told that the accounts had become moribund - ie semi-closed. I had to go into my local branch with various forms of paperwork and ID in order to get them to reactivate the accounts so I could access my own money. Undeterred by this, I tried to open a new Cash ISA with them. I opened the ISA with a cheque from an account with another bank. For some reason the cheque didn't clear (still trying to work out why). But instead of simply not opening the account, Santander opened the cash ISA with the full amount of the cheque, when the cheque didn't clear they then treated this as an unauthorised cash withdrawal and penalised me 120 days interest. I now have an ISA with minus £ in it, because it never opened properly and they charged me penalty interest. Idiots.
  • Klingelton
  • No m.
    I used to work for them. they are a fucking joke. The staff get no training and the systems are indeed a shambles. How they keep going is beyond me.
  • Derek
    My sister is with them and uses her card a lot online Cheap books on Amazon get her card suspended every time, large payments are fine but penny books are a source of fraud, apparently The card always works again by the 1st day of the following month The bank have said that this should not be happening but it happens every month with no resolution in sight
  • Bullet
    to all the people complaining on here about satander, just one question. WHY are you still with them!
  • duh!
    My foolish daughter was going overdrawn on her account and racking up massive charges - (wouldn't let me see her statements) - she arranged a meeting with a manager who assured her there were no outstanding charges on her account - he didn't bother to mention the £360 in charges from the previous month they'd take out in two weeks time. The root cause of her being overdrawn was card fraud but their response to the fraud was "you must have given your pin out" and when she argued the card was used for items she had never bought before they claimed it must have been her or someone she'd given her details to buying gifts. lol
  • DP
    I worked for A&L for many years. Apart from them being a bank, i.e. their mission is to screw you, me and everone out of every penny they can by whatever means they need to employ, and stuff the customer, apart from that, their systems and organisation where not too bad. Santander on the other hand are everything that is bad about a bank plus their sytems and organisation are woeful. A&L's banking engine, their ATM network and network infrastructure were light years ahead of Santander, but now they are doing such enlightened things as 'upgrading' their ATM's from XP to OS/2 WARP and will be moving all A&L accounts to their truly awful Partenon system, basically if you enjoy trouble free banking at the moment with A&L just Google 'Santander problems' and see you future - Good luck
  • DP
    Oh yes and I forgot to mention Santander really really don't care what you think. If they can save some money by changing a process, some harware or amending some software, and they know it will result in cuatomers getting messed about, they will have no qualms, they just do it.
  • Gadget f.
    Having a problem with the ISA I have with them. Person on the phone told me one thing which helped. They followed it up with a letter saying the complete opposite and screwing me over. Wrote back trying to find out what had gone on. 2 months later no reply so a new letter. Not changing their stance but sent me £50 for poor customer service. Liking the money but would rather have the good service in the first place!
  • a55415
    We need more hitler and banana articles. Maybe we could have one with both.
  • John
    Awful, awful, awful. I've had dealings with various parts of the Santander empire, and they're all equally bad. Ditched the lot of them now, and bank elsewhere.
  • Nicolas C.
    You mean Which? not Which! Witch! is a completely different organisation made entireley of Witches.
  • Mike H.
    So you did mean Which? But didn't want to look a complete twat did you Mof? So you deleted my comment didn't you Muf? You dopey cock swapper. Change it or we'll all know your a bell-end
  • Mike H.
    Sorry Muf, I meant you're a bell-end not your a bell-end, It's a good job I can admit when I'm wrong and correct myself isn't it?
  • Andy D.
    You're all wrong. It's Which! Like Wham! We've explained this before.
  • MIch
    Screw up 1. It has taken at least 8 times for Santander to change my address on one of my accounts. I am still waiting for them to send me more post to my old address... Screw up 2. Ordered a Zero card. When i went to pick it up, it had been sent back to HQ for no apparent reason. Got them to reorder a new one. Arrived and picked up. Went on holidays, activated the card at the airport, they told me that the card had been blocked because the previous one had been sent back. How stupid is that security feature. No worries, I had my Santander Debit Card as back up. Well that didn't work either!! Was furious... Screw up 3. Eronious interest deductions. Plus others I can't think of now... Customer service has slipped. Really thinking about changing my bank after 20 years!!!
  • ricardo
    many of you forget that santander has just taken over this banks and they are still using the same old systems while working on transferring everything to the new systems, mistakes can happen along the way but by the end of this year things will be different, along with new system comes the big task of retraining stuff on this systems, as with many other banks not every1 will be happy but there are loads of customers who are not happy with the way their account is been managed and satander still working hard to fix this issues as they are trying to build a brand and customer satisfaction in on the top agenda,
  • Hannah
    There's also a problem with the 'faster payments' system which has now become 'slower payments'. Regular payments I've been making for months with my account under the A&L banner that used to show up in the recipient's account the same day are now swimming around in the ether for several days before landing. Oh, and they're now charging me fees for my overdraft that they haven't notified me about. I am switching pronto.
  • R B.
    I have only been banking with Santander a few montha snd already I've had trouble wit my pin number THREE times. My online banking details have had to be changed twice and they blocked my card from doing internet banking without saying a word to me. Limiting what I could do with MY money. I can only get money out by going into the bank personally. Which is inconvenient as I live in the country.
  • David
    I was lured by the offer of the interest on their cuurent account. What a waste of time. Hassle, hassle, hassle, everything that could go wrong has. Took 3 attempts just to open the account - I should have taken the hint! Online banking took another three attempts before it worked, Everytime they sent new pisscodes through the post after half an hour on their phonelines. That took 6 weeks to sort out. They're still in the dark ages regarding faster payments btw. Then I made a stupid mistake and went £12 overdrawn so they bounced the cheque twice and charged me £70 even though I'd been paying in over £2000 every month. Account now closed and even that was hassle. Nobody asked me why of course because nobody there gives a f**k.
  • Andy
    I have worked for A&L for the last 4 years and have been through the recent changes to Santander and from what I have seen from the inside already Im now in search of another job. The Partenon system they use is slow and always crashing half way through transactions for the girls on the counter and half way through various applications in my role. Help lines that get back to you about 48 hours later, which dosnt help when a customer is sat infront of you. The so called training Ive had from the full migration to Santander systems from A&L are paper based work books that ask to print off piles and piles of how2 guides and it seems that every other page is Santander blowing their own trumpet about how amazing they are. I don't think they care about the staff or customer and will use both to boost profit and increase sales. I totally agree with all the customer complaints above, but it is the same from the inside for the staff who don't get trained in systems, just how to sell and be within regulation rules when selling. In a word they are full of shit and the persons response above saying that it's a big change and things will get better is just a generic response that has probably has come down via email or through a manager, it's the sort of crap I get told every single day. I spent a hour and a half to open a currentt account for a customer today who were extremely paitient, as the Patenon system crashed 3 times during the application. I was the grilled afterwards by my manager as I should have sold them a credit card or home insurace as well. Santander from my short experiece are a big company who are all mouth, with no thought for either customer or staff!
  • Martin K.
    Spoke to the Santander Indian call centre - 2 weeks ago ( after spending 70 mins. on the 'phone at my expense & at premium rate getting nowhere ! ) & have since lodged a complaint against them - they are useless robotic morons !! Will not be calling them again - ever ! Health warning - don't ever call them unless your blood pressure is so low that you want it to go up ( they'd be perfect in this scenario !!)
  • steve
    I agree with the "Faster Payments" comment.Last month transfers from AL for £250 or less were instantaneous, this month they are taking 2 days. Also on Monday the website was down for a "software upgrade".
  • Michael D.
    Santander have just upgraded my All and Leic account! Now all my incoming standing orders have a simple reference number and I have no idea who they have come from. Previously they had a clearly named reference. When I asked how I was supposed to identify the payments, they said they could not help. So I now have no way of knowing who has paid me what - a complete disaster! Michael
  • Colin S.
    A&L I thought were pretty good until they became Santander. Now the online A/C where all our savings are is permanently "unavailable" and so we are overdrawn on our Current A/C and important debit card payments are being turned down. Ok, things can go wrong when A/Cs are "migrated" from one system to another but the lack of support and difficulty when calling them - passed to 3, 4, 5 people then line goes dead without any resolution - is just the pits. Santander just doesn't seem to be interested and we go on holiday tomorrow - what will happen when I use my debit card in an ATM I wonder???! I've sent so called secure messages to make contact with them - giving email address and home phone number for a reply - but more than 24h later no response at all. Not even a "we got your message and we are dealing with it..." reply. Just shocking. I'll be asking for a big compensation payment - same as they offer new Customers to join. It should be existing Customers who get the incentive to saty after all this hassle.
  • David
    I haven'the time or energy to waste on this crap organisation any more - just to add my voice and vote to Santander being the most incompetent; shambolic; useless; dishonest; choatic no good bunch of wasters on the planet. My experience with them is beyond belief ... they as good as confirmed to me "yes we messed up; made a mistake; caused you great problems with our failures and we are sorry .... however, our system and process are more important than our cutomer so we will not be doing a thing about it. Good bye." Needless to say it is me who has said good bye. they have lost my current, savings and credit card business forever.
  • Jane A.
    My experience is the same as Colin Scott's. As of Monday this week, my savings account (containing money I'm currently living off) is now 'unavailable'. They've promised twice to restore it but have done nothing so far except, astonishingly, to downgrade it to an account paying less interest. I've had accounts with A&L (previously Girobank) since 1980 - as soon as this current mess is fixed, I'll be closing all of them.
  • The C.
    I've just had my card stolen and it's not even a proper credit card and whoever has stolen it has somehow managed to put me £22 pounds overdrawn now leaving me with NO MONEY AT ALL to live on for the month not to mention I did not even get paid a proper first wage from my new employment. I'm going into my bank tomorrow after receiving making a shoddy phone call to them to report the fraud which I taped and I will tape tomorrows proceedings. They had better give me my money back pronto or else I will make a viral video about them that will cost them so much fucking money they won't believe it. I know exactly how bank are run, I've done my research and so did Henry Ford who said ' It's all good and well that the public don't know how the banking system and monetary system is run for if they did there would be a revolution in the morning '. They had better be polite and caring like I am or else my WOBBLY will just run loose.
  • Tony
    Like others on here, for days I wasn't allowed to withdraw money from my A&L online savings account. Couldn't get thru to anyone on the 'help' or 'complaints' line, and no answer to my 'secure' emails. I was forced to go into a branch and close tho account in order to access my money. I feel so sorry for the A&L staff who now work for Santander and are forced to deny the fact that Santander have lost control of their customer's accounts. There is something terribly wrong with the way Santander are currently operating.
  • Josh
    Im currently a staff member for Santander and yes I agree with alot of the comments and we do do some things wrong sometimes but the amount of aggression and abuse we recieve is unreal. Just remember whne youre in the branch throwing "fits" and "wobbleys" it ISNT the advisors fault. we are the face of santander but we have no control over systems and computers not working. Ive been screamed at twelve times already this week and called most names under the sun. yes a bank can get things wrong but remember the people you are speaking to in the branches are there to try and help and not to be used as a verbal cushion to vent out all your anger to. thank you
  • Nick
    The worst bank in the UK useless useless useless totally crap. I'm closing my account
  • Me
    Don't ever switch from another bank to Santander's as their switching service is crap .They semd out standing orders and direct debits twice from both accounts and then tell you to sort it out yourself! It's a nightmare especially as you can't tell from their ref no who the standing orders are set up with...
  • richard r.
    just received pin numbers for a new cash card, yes that right 2 letter same date - two different different card pin numbers for one card and its take nearly two weeks , seems totally inept .
  • Mary F.
    I had my mortage with Abbey National, and I had to move due to poor standard of customer care and no respect for customers. I took my mortage to Globaly recognised bank with whom I held my current account and today I have got the best service I could expect. I sold my car and deposited a sum of money which Abbey National did not release for a week as they had to investigate before releasing the money. Now they have been taken over my Santander and they are worst...My son who does not live in this country any more has endless problems when he has to sort out a query. The call centres they have does not update their wonderful system and when you ring them again they say they do not know about the query as they have three different call centre's. I
  • Mary F.
    I hope all three call centre's use the same system as one call centre does not know what the other is doing. We lost our father a few months ago and my Mum could not get anything sorted with Santander until she called personaly at a branch. We called for a pin number which arrived after about 3 months and until then the poor lady had to go a branch to draw money. I have stopped dealing with Santander any more, not credit cards, accounts not in use...and have advised my Son and my Mum to close all accounts with Santander.
  • Karen
    I have gone overdrawn by £1342 all because it takes 4 days to move money between accounts with Santander. No one told me it would take this long. A&L never warned me. This has never happened to me before and I am very upset. I will be looking to change banks.
  • lisa
    I tried for two days to transfer some money to my son's santander accpunt from my own santander account. It would not go through. I rand held on for 13minutes then gave up. I rang again and held on for 7mins got through and staff were laughing in the background but not answering my hellos. Eventually got through to be told oh hang on and I did for another 5 mins to be then told sorry we cannot help. WHAT! Its your account. The same bank and the same account. Sorry it must have changed. No he has not changed it unless you have................YES they had and not told him so my money was no longer going to his Alliance account, They are really bad.
  • richard r.
    Update . now I know why they issued two pin number for one person on the same date - They have sent out two cash cards one to home and one to branch for collection. Inspires no confidence that I shall either close the account or not use it at all .
  • Jeff T.
    In support of Michael Dolan's earlier post, only a reference no. is supplied for 'faster payments' on my A & L account - so no way of discovering which clients have paid what into my account! Absolutely amazing - even more so when the 'help' line says it's not a problem for anyone else (well, not in India, anyway). So that's just Michael and me, then. Off to change my bank .... again ...
  • richard r.
    My is this bank cleaver - just had an e mail re online saver account quote " thanks for letting us know you wish to manage your account on line , sorry unable to action it call us on .. (pay for the call) and wait in a great queue and in the interest of secuity weve removed information from yourmessage etc Which is less than re assuring as
  • richard r.
    OPPS sorry posted to soon by accident My is this bank cleaver – just had an e mail re online saver account quote ” thanks for letting us know you wish to manage your account on line , sorry unable to action it call us on .. (pay for the call) and wait in a great queue and in the interest of secuity weve removed information from your message etc Which is less than re assuring as I HAVE NOT SENT THEM A MESSAGE about anything
  • Pallchin
    Trying to close a ex B&B notice savings account, apparently they didn't action the notice given in June or reply to letters as they quote 'too busy' Need that money now to buy a house, thank you Santander who have graciously allowed us to withdraw the money if we pay penalties.
  • richard r.
    Thats tough Pallchin ! but then were all experiencing the .... service personally aI am in the process of empting my accounts which were orriginally A and L accounts , current savings etc , and its a fair bit of money that will now go elsewhere. a- because they issed two cash cards and two pins for one peson on the same account b- Although they are doing faster payments, at present ithey have stupid low limits and methods, ts limited to £300 and telephone only , inter tranactions takes days and days . While they quite hapy acepting incoming funds by faster payments up to £10000 instantly they wont let you transfer instantly but taking it off interest immediatly you request. b cannot process transfers to new santander savings account without mandatory messages and codes to a mobile .
  • richard r.
    Thats tough Pallchin ! but then were all experiencing the .... service personally I am in the process of empting my accounts which were orriginally A and L accounts , current savings etc , and its a fair bit of money that will now go elsewhere. a- because they issed two cash cards and two pins for one peson on the same account one to home one branch . b- Although they are doing faster payments, at present ithey have stupid low limits and methods, is limited to £300 and telephone only , inter tranactions takes days and days . While they quite hapy acepting incoming funds by by internet as faster payments up to £10000 instantly they wont let you transfer instantly but taking it off interest immediatly you request. a transfer taking 3/4 working days c, cannot process transfers from o new santander savings account without mandatory messages and codes to a mobile . I DO NOT WANT TO USE A MOBILE to do my BANKING. d- new account reg on line shows unavailable e- cannot acess santander credit card on line , just get error , please ring up and waste more money in a queue. so that closing. f ring up and you can barely understand the call centre when you eventually get thro . Then you get stupid un wanted survey calls from them . So my £70000 can go elsewhere.
  • Peter N.
    Sympathise with above comments on Santander. I had a Santander account in Spain for years and their customer service was always worse than any UK/USA bank I've dealt with. Now they've taken over my B&B account in the UK I've got the same Santander "service" which always wound me up in Spain. Its not a language problem; (as I thought originally - I now speak Spanish well enough!) Its an attitude problem of the bank. My past Santander experience has taught me that my current complaint will get no better result than a letter or telephone call of regret but b*gger all action to fix the problem or compensate my loss! Santander is the bank that really cares b*gger all about its customers! Yes, more so than HSBC, Barclays, etc. and a heap of building societies that spring to mind!
  • Chris
    Fortunately I don't have a current account with them, as the horror stories about the change over are truly awful. However, I, my son and my daugher have online savings accounts with them. After a lot of hassle with not being able to withdraw funds, our only recourse seems to be to close all the accounts. This is easier said than done! My daughter has tried on two occasions to get them to close her accounts via the telephone, a miserable experience by anyones standards. Each time she was told it would be done, but nothing has ever happened. The same thing with my son, each time assured the closure would go ahead, but no action taken. We are going to try in a branch when we next go to town, but there will probably be some reason that they can't close online accounts in a branch or somesuch. If and when we manage to get them to close the accounts, they will have lost 3 people's savings, and as many people as I can warn about them to boot. Surely all this bad publicity about Santander can't be doing them any good?
  • Matthew
    Minimal withdrawal at Cash-Point £30, Slow Money transfer to different banks, rude customer service who always make you wait for 5-10 minutes before they even consider picking the phone up no matter what time of day it is, and don't know anything even when you try to explain what's wrong. I did the right thing in going to Lloyds TSB and asking them to transfer everything from my Satander and closing the account with my old bank. I've already had better service, amazingly quick been dealt with and no god damn limits on my withdrawal. I earn Disablity Living Allowance and wow that's not a lot to live off so £30 withdrawal on santander seriously don't do my any favours you jerks, I actually walked out and told the customer service I'm switching banks because I'm been screwed around so much. Look her face = Priceless.
  • Cath M.
    Have had problems with my (previous) A+L account ever since they changed to Santander........a couple of months ago. Had a DDebit for my loan (that was previously taken out with Abbey- now also Santander!!), that didn't go through even though the money was there......nobody could tell me why? When I rang up (different numbers for each!!), each blamed the other for the error but neither klnew why it had happened!!!! Crazy!! Then it happened the following month.........So I had to go through the same process again- making a payment over the phone- hassle I don't have time for, like everyone else on here!!!! Recently I changed my name cos I got married, so sent off the bumff etc and expected new cards in my new name......they never arrived, so I rang up again, was told it had been an oversight- fair enough........but then they arrived at the weekend, with my new name in the window- but my maiden name on the cards.......!!!! How?!!!! So I have wasted my time again....ringing up for replacement cards- wonder what they'll send me this time???!!! I also couldn't use my debit card this am for an internet payment, and yet I tried it in a cashpoint afterwards- with no problems............WHAT IS GOING ON????!!! I. like a lot of people on here, will be going back to my old bank ASAP- I wish I hadn't changed!!!!
  • Mark M.
    Same experience trying to close a A&L online savings account via online messaging -- 3 weeks and 2 promises and it still hasn't happened (and although the account is empty it's due about 1000 in interest, and the interest on the interest is now earning nothing!)
  • richard r.
    A major sucess today , well done Santander , first time for a week or so , actually managed to log into c card account and see the account with getting error message . Doesnt like the password though. still not to worry as the account is zero due and the dd has been cancelled, the cards can sit in the safe, not going to pay for phone calls sitting in queue and have the grief of trying to close the account .
  • Janet
    I thought I was the only one having poor service from santander - now realise I'm one of many. Tried to xfer my old A&L ISA to Santander ISA bu even though the xfer wasleft in the branch they've managed to lose it (for the second year running too!) y complaint hasn't been registered as a complaint> I'm passed from person to person. No-one rings you back> They are a joke. Will be moving as soon as find a decent one to move to
  • M.Good
    I closed my account with Alliance and Leicester on the 2nd August. They moved my savings but did not close the account. I called again to ask where my intest was and they finally closed the account. I still have not been given my interest (over £1000) and I have spent 5 hours on the phone to be told completely different excuses each time. I have sent over 30 email and only received an automated response. It is now 27 days later since I asked for my account to be close and I the bank still has my interest and is still ignoring my begging them to pay the amount owed. To add insult to injury i was going to move my savings to another bank but the A and L assistant persuaded me to move it to Santander. I am in distress.
  • Ricky K.
    I had a simple task for Alliance & Leicester and it took 4 phone calls (50 minutes on the phone) and when I spoke to someone who made sense, they said I could not do want I wanted to do on the phone. I did the same with Coventry Building Society and this was actioned in one phone call which took 2 minutes long. the "simple task"....all I wanted to do is transfer my Direct Isa which is earning 0.1% into a new Direct Isa which has a rate of 2.75%. However, I have never had an Internet Id, so I ring this number that continually says enter your Internet Id and never gives you a option e.g. "press 0" to break out and talk to someone. In the end, it does give you an option. I talked to someone who just said "I'll transfer you". So I wait for 15 mins on the phone. Nobody answers. So I hang up and try again and I accidentally put in my wife's Internet-Id (thought I had found it eventually), and I get through to someone who refuses to help me out. I apologise for mistakingly using my wife's id and tell the guy to just transfer me back to the system, but he refuses and says that I have to ring again. Ludicrous! He raises his voice at me and refuses to help out. I hang up. I phone again. I explain to the next customer service rep that I have been treated badly and she says that she will help out, but she transfers me and I am waiting again for 15 mins. So I hang up eventually and ring "customer compliants", but the automated system wants a damn internet id. Anyway, I speak with someone who eventually tells me "Sorry Sir, we cannot open this new account for you to transfer the money into. Either you have to open it on line and then give us a call you to transfer the money, but to do that you need an internet id (never needed to ever use the internet for my ISA before). SUMMARY: A&L and SANTANDER are shoddy. I have never ever had such poor customer service in all my life. I am thinking of moving my money completely out of thiswaste of space bank! TAKE NOTICE OF THIS. CUSTOMERS SHOULD VOTE WITH THEIR FEET AND MOVE TO A BANK WITH BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE. THE FEEDBACK IN THE PRESS REGARDING SANTANDER APPEARS TO BE TRUE. I am truly annoyed!
  • Peter
    I was told I couldn't get their simpliest bankaccount on a Saturday from their staff, since they were closing in 15 minutes on a Saturday. What customer service is that? It couldn't be so hard to fix an account if you really want me as customer. Instead the person serving adviced me to come back after the weekend. That is what I did and the staff then said I couldn't get an account. I went to another bank and got the account in 15 minutes. Santander is a utterly useless bank and the staff working there is totally incompetent. They give different answers depending on day it seems. I don't trust them at all and they deserve to be named the worst bank. I'm glad I didn't apply for an account there. I have heard a lot of horror stories about them. The sooner they live the UK, the better. Even if they now have lots of branches it doesn't help them if they continue to be incompetent.
  • Monkey
    I am trying desperately to get a business off the ground and the one thing that is holding me back is Santander. Every time I call, I get someone else on the line. I finally got a full name and email address of one helpful individual and I was working with them for the last week and now I have been informed they are 'no longer with the business', which is making me nervous on the fraud/identity theft side. Why have I wanted to be with Santander? 1. their business account is supposed to be free (but I guess it depends on how you value your time) 2. I've got a really good merchant account deal agreed, but it's dependent upon banking with Santander. The core of the problem is the lack of contact with anyone with responsibility in Santander. They are so well hidden from Joe Public, or Joe Customer, or Joe Idiot, depending on your perspective I suppose, that getting a straightforward answer to a simple question is impossible. I have had just one email from the central team with a request for information, which I supplied exactly what they wanted, and haven't heard a thing since, despite racking up time on the phone and emailing my now-departed contact. I really do feel like such a fool, believing in their marketing in the first place. Frankly, I have lost all faith in them as a bank, and am looking at other options and kissing my merchant account deal goodbye. Thanks for wasting a month of my time Santander; it will be nice to not do business with you. In Santander's defense, I have completed online contact forms over a week ago for the other major high street banks, but not a whisper have I heard. Government take note, the banks are not helping customers (and all I want is business bank account that doesn't cost the earth! no loan, nothing, just a flipping account and I've never had any legal/financial problems either) We, the people of this fine nation, really need a banking system that works for us, not just for themselves!
    I'm still in shock that Santander do not have a recorded delivery facility when sending out bank cards!!!! Not only did they send me a replacement card without telling me they were going to do so - someone got their hands on this alleged card before it even got to my house! I found this out when a cash withdrawal of £500 of my money was made OVER THE COUNTER in a Hornchurch branch while I was at home! One can only wonder if someone from the royalmail got hold of my bank card or if someone from santander did... So I called up obviously distraught because someone had helped themselves to my account with my "new card" that I knew nothing about to begin with - I spoke to someone in the complaints department and she questioned me as though I was the criminal! "HOW DID THEY GET YOUR PIN, THEN?", "HOW DID THEY KNOW HOW MUCH TO TAKE OUT" - - I never received my pin OR my card you imbecile. How should I know what happened to them? How should I know how much they knew to take out? I got robbed!!! Why don't you ask them? So then after all that - they reimbursed me...I thought that would be the end of it. No. I went into the branch along with my I.D to take some money out to pay a phone bill...while I was there the representative says to me "oh...they're closing you're account and transferring your money to a new one" WHEN WERE THEY PLANNING TO TELL ME THIS?!?! I thought the 'fraud' issue was sorted?? Why is my money being carted off??? And to where?? I hate you Santander. When it was Abbey I had no problems - been banking with them for 10 years since I was 12 and opened my first savings account with my mum. Now Santander took over and effed my life up! Load of crap. Don't get me started on the customer service!!! All of the representatives say DIFFERENT THINGS to one another! So you never know where you stand! I can't actually believe how abysmal the service is - regardless of how shitty their systems are - their manners and basic customer service skills aren't up to the standard they should be.
    I've spent £30 phoning them up in the past 5 days - trying to understand what the hell it is they're playing at with my account!
  • Complaints B.
    [...] of complaints against Barclays compared to Lloyds TSB, report The Guardian. HSBC, RBS and our old pals Santander joined the aforementioned banks in having  more than 3,000 complaints [...]
  • G A.
    when I wanted to open a Santander fixed term account I couldn't reach anybody by phone so I made the trip to a branch. The teller there told me he was leaving in four days. He was careless and didn't get me to sign one of the forms. This meant I had to make a second trip to sign. I asked if I could ad to the bond as long as it was'lt active yet and he said yes. So I withdrww funds from another bank. But it wasn't possible to deposit a different sum because it takes an extra week to clear funds and he couldn't cancel the first bond etc etc Although I will lose two weks of interest on a larghe sum, I will be using my 14 day cooling off to cancel the whole transaction and will never step through their inefficient doors again.
  • R J.
    Because of incorrect information given to me when I phoned them amonth ago I asked them to close the account I later found out the information was wrong and this was agreed by at least 3 staff members THey will not tell me how much interest I have lost through their fault and when trying to ring them over the last month I have been cut off by a number of them VERY UNHELPFUL will not be dealing with them again
  • Colin P.
    I asked Santander to transfer money to another bank. Over 2 months on they have still not done so. In between there has been a catalogue of letters, e-mails, music on hold, phone calls not returned, dishoboured assurances, surreal excuses, off-hand truculence, plain dishonesty, etc. On a more positive note, First Direct have exceeded expectations - so it can be done!
  • richard r.
    substancial annual interest due 1st oct on A and L saver account , surprise surprise - NOT PAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • james
    what i truely fail to understand is after there constant and still on going crappiness how the hell is santander still allowed to be a bank at all it smacks as very ditre indeed if the uk is still alowing this bunch of trained chimps to run banks in the uk at all its no wounder britain has become so poor from where it was say some 15 years ago with this slack pathetic standards, santanders red tape basically killed abbey natinal for sure . the made tons of mistakes on my mother accounts and isa money going missing , thankfully my mother is now with lloyds who i am with also and i have to say lloyds are very much my taste there easy down to earth and very pratical santander need to go down! there worse than criminals steeling money they ruin peoples lives with there child like mistakes!
  • james
    ps sorry for bad spelling in my above post,. but you get my point im sure
  • richard r.
    substancial annual interest due 1st oct on A and L saver account , surprise surprise – NOT PAID !!!!!!!!!!!!! e mailed two complaints , mine and for her indoors, response promised in 24 hours , 4 days later no reponse , exept that the interest was credited to the account a day late , which has enable us to empty the accounts , and they can sit empty for ever .
  • Adrian
    I can see that I'm the latest of many. I bank with Cahoot - which is now Santander - who now seem to have fame as Olympic Gold medal winners in the crap banking event. 1. They took away the ability to manage cahoot loans on line 2. If you want to pay off a cahoot loan, you have to take a cheque into a branch of Santander..Really? 3. They frequently block your card if you go to mainland Europe. 4. They paid my credit card 2x - nice to have a credit card balance of -£850, but all the same I'd rather it was still in my current account. 5. They put 4 (above) right and in so doing, they blocked my credit card - great having my card declined at the Waitrose checkout - NOT 6. My debit card for my current account expires at the end of this month and they still haven't sent me a new one. 7. Don't bother contacting them via their webiste, they don't read or respond to the messages you leave. 8. guess who is starting up an ING account and about to look for a new bank - Co-op look good :)
  • Alan L.
    Santander Online Loan Application Do not be forced into going through a credit check with Santander as they promise typical low rates on their calander and then after going through half an hour of of questions and despite having a high income to spend ratio they agreed to the loan application but at almost double the rate of their original on line quote. Even more annoying was that Patrick the customer service representative could not have been more patronising.. Not only did he continue to force me through the insurance pitch which I continually told him he did not have to sell me insurance as I was not interested, but he said he had to !!!! When I told him he was forcing me to listen to a sales pitch for insurance which I totally understood but did not require.. He patronisingly said he had worked there for 5 years and knew his job.. Luckily I am a recipient of two years of financial training and a fully qualified Business Adviser and demanded that I would not require to go through this if I demonstrated that by refusing the sales pitch I understood the implications of recovery of the loan should I faulter.. He had to then discuss this with a manager before returning and then working his magic on the figures..Despite my monthly income (My own not including my wife's) being £4,200 per month with £1400 going out leaving me £2800 disposable income they agreed a £15k borrowing. However>>>>>> At 13.4% I thought they were having a laugh and said I was not interested in their offer and despite going through a credit search which has an effect on my credit score I am back at square one.. Thank you Santander!! For more ammunition to throw at you about your ill gotten practices and your lack of customer care. Call me if you would like feed back you should be able to track me through my e mail and name.. I would love an opportunity to describe my experience with your Customer service representative? Patrick could not represent his way out of a wet paper bag without a script in front of him.. Get real Santander. the people of this world are not stupid and ythe banking industry continue to treat them so. The banks deserve all the trouble they get. Copy of this letter is being sent to the Ombudsman re your bludgening sales of Insurances..Listen back to the tapes!! and tell me that Patrick was neither being patronising or lacked the manner suited to a skilled customer service representative.
  • Complaint B.
    [...] posts on Santander has been amassing a steady stream of complaints from you, the ever-avid reader. Over 70 readers have vocalised their displeasure at the way the Spaniards are doing business in the UK, and six months on we’ve delved into [...]
  • Rob
    Had nothing but good things to say about Alliance and Leicester. Santander (having taken them over) is another matter. A couple of weeks ago I kept getting pre-recorded phone calls (12 in one day) warning me about my A&L account and a possible fraudulent transaction, from a number that after I googled it, was found to be based in Vietnam. I rang A&L customer services and found that there was a £2 charge on there I didn't recognise, even though it didn't actually show in my online statement???. The fraud dept canceled the card anyway and said they were issuing a new card. No problems I thought, it will be here soon in the post and ill be able to draw cash out/pay by card again... Not so. It took nearly three weeks for them to send a new card, which is of the Santander variety and I'm still without the new PIN. So, I cant actually access my cash unless I go into a branch with ID! Called customer services to complain and they said all they can do is issue a new PIN WHICH TAKES ANOTHER FUCKING 9-10 DAYS!!!! I have a current account with them, a savings account, a Zero credit card and a Cahoot loan. Ill be paying off the loan this month and moving all my accounts somewhere else. Not even First Direct was this bad...
  • James E.
    I've banked with cahoot for about10-12 years, after having been totally pissed off with LloydsTSB. My experience has been excellent to date. The only problem I've had was when I wanted to transfer money from my wife's A&L account to cahoot. I was told it would take 2-3 working days, when I asked why, as A&L and cahoot are all part of Santander, I was told that, although cahoot is owned my Santander, it is not part of the bank. I think this is why it still works OK for me! But, having seen all of the comments above, I'll keep my wits about me!
  • Christopher B.
    Banking with Santander caused my car insurance to be cancelled. Calling their call centres to rectify the issue meant that I was hung up on 5 times. The call centre staff were rude and incompetent. They simply cannot be trusted - there is a reason they are making significant losses. Don't be fooled by the perky incentives to switch. It is never worth the hassle.
  • Tim
    Until August this year, I had banked with A&L for 20 years, since my sixteenth birthday. This year, I have suffered a near breakdown due to their utter incompetence. I bought a house in July and spent the final three 3 months gathering savings, ISAs, eSaver funds, ensuring all of my money was together for my deposit. My wife also transferred money to my A&L so it was all in one place. It would make it easier, or so I thought. The stress that goes with buying a house was nothing compared to the stress that A&L put me through, just trying to move money from my account to my solicitors. A&L were nothing short of awful. I was given different advice from various A&L sources, none of which was the same. Their customer service was, as always, 50:50. Half the time they're acceptable, the other half they are completely incompetent. Untrained, ill-advised, unqualified, amateur and frequently rude. I swore that I'd be ending my relationship with A&L when I'd finally moved house. I decided to open an HSBC account and use that as my main bank. My wages would be paid in and I instructed HSBC to switch my direct debits. I left approx £100 in my A&L account as HSBC informed me that there was a chance that not all of my DDs would be successfully switched. It was good advice as four of them failed and I had to contact the individual companies to arrange the switch over the phone. However A&L took it upon themselves to CLOSE my A&L bank account. There was no instruction to do, anywhere. Noone could give me any information about why it had been closed, when it had been closed or who by. I had specifcally told HSBC NOT to close my A&L account when actioing my direct debit switches sio I can only assume A&L 'assumed' that I would want my account closing. If I said I'd spent 25-30 hours on the phone to A&L since July, I wouldn't be exagerrating. All on my mobile! I've since switched all of my direct debits and I have no reason to deal with A&L anymore. I feel if I chase this anymore to try and find out what happened, I'd only be wasting my time and would make myself ill again. I complained by phone at least 6 times, twice by email and twice by letter and I never once received a response, other than them depositing £50 in my bank account back in July. No explainations, no narrative, just tried to fob me off with some quick cash. They really don't care that they made my life hell. Truely an awful bank. I will never deal with them again.
  • Tony Could this be the reason why people are getting such bad service from their complaints department? They are trying to recruit 12 complaints handelers(sic). Even their attempts at recruiting are incompetent!!!
  • Stephen M.
    Made the mistake of opening an eSaver account with these clowns and very much regretted it.Four months after opening the account I was still waiting on details to operate it online.Phone call after phone call and threats to take my business elsewhere led to nothing.Nobody is prepared to take ownership of a problem and an impression they don't particularly care.I was fobbed off with a tenner in compensation but easily spent far more than that on all the phone calls I had to make.Even closing the account was a chore as I was passed about from department to another.I am just relieved I got my cheque from them 8 days after closing the account.Even now they have never explained why the online details never arrived and probably never will.Open an account with them at your own risk.You have been warned!
  • James
    The branch idiots just told my wife she is not allowed to withdraw £4 from her account as its too little - hang on its our money you cheaky *&^%$$£ I bet they would let us pay £4 in NEVER USE THIS BANK
  • jo r.
    Get this-having a squeaky clean credit record for 20 years I had no probs starting a new phone contract.Altho the DD mandate showed on my summary,the company were unable to take the money,so I went through the whole process again.Four times.Each month I had to pay by card,so was not eligible for the cheap deal I'd signed for,which required DD.Eventually my service was disconnected.I thought the phone company was at fault because the DDs kept appearing on my summary.Silly me-Santander strikes again!So I went to the Co-op to transfer my account,only to be advised that I now have a bad credit record!
  • charlene W.
    This bank isn't even helpful at all I been having money stolen out of my account just have £390 tooking out of my account by loan companys that i never even heard about and i phone bank up tell them and said that it was cancelled and went to cash machine when got new card and they wouldn't let me with draw my own money and then later that night they did and took £40 for food shopping thinking that it be ok leave my money but i was wrong i have £210 that day spent £54 and when went to bank next day rest of my money was gone so went in and lady just told me phone the number on back of my card which i did first time and nothing happen all it's done is made it worst and can't pay for bills aswell cause have no money thanks to Santander and worst part is i'm pregnant and can't afford anything so hoping open new account wih Nationide as gone cancel santander one as doesn't matter how many time phone or go in it just goes in one ear and out other with then and sure rest will agree with me:(
  • Not a.
    I just transferred accounts to the great Santander October 2010 and set up a joint account for me and my wife I’m 25 she is 26 put in £642.000 yes six hundred and forty two thousand pounds in to my new bank account from the sale of my parents house that died in March got my card pin and just checked my account was in there ok on the 1st of November £475.000 four Hundred and seventy five thousand pounds went into my account from the rest of the sale of my fathers business, I check it and it was all in there I took a trip away with my 2 children and wife to Florida went to use my card and was declined on the first day went to use my wife’s card declined went online in a panic and could not access my account online telephoned from Florida to be told my account was frozen because someone was trying to use my card abroad I sed yes that was me 4hr’s on the phone they manage to sort it out I managed to get £200 dollars out of the ATM went to Disney to buy Tickets to be told my card has been declined yet again went back to the £1000 a night hotel to be told my card was also declined there and they wanted £11.000 if we wanted to stay in the hotel was so embarrassing telephoned my bank to be told I should of got some travellers CHQ’s before travelling or should of paid the hotel before I went and I would not be in this mess. Hello this is my money your not lending it to me !! After a embarrassing day in the hotel and huge phone bill and wasted day I managed to pay my hotel bill and get £5 grand in cash from my fantastic sister who sent the money to the hotel somehow you would think having money in the bank would be a safe guide when away but take my advice if your going away don’t count use your Santander bank card it’s a joke no matter how much you have in, oh yeah got back yesterday went in branch today and I asked to withdraw some money from my account you should of seen the woman’s face when I sed I wanted it in cash lol £1192.958p but I settled with a bank transfer and have sent the money to Natwest which was told will take 4 Day’s Thanks Crap bank
  • Mark
    I won't be shopping at Asda ever again as Santander mismanaged my Asda credit card. I had to pay £7 by 3rd November of which it was credited with £7 on 15th October, leaving my balance at £0.00. The direct debit kicked in on 3rd November to take a further £7 and then they bill me £12 for a late payment fee. I telephoned their complaints line, spent 10p/minute for 30 minutes to be told that they could not discuss my account with me. I wrote a letter of complaint and received a letter back that if I wanted to complain I should follow their complaints leaflet that was enclosed. There was no enclosed leaflet. Useless. DON'T EVER BANK WITH SANTANDER. SANTANDER IS SHIT SANTANDER IS CRAP SANTANDER IS USELESS
  • Tony
    Why don't you say what you mean Mark? BTW - I totally agree with you. As a bank they are a total disaster, and should not be allowed to tout for new business until they have sorted out their current mess.
  • BFB
    I recently moved house so I went into a branch to change my address on Santander's records. My driving licence still has my old address on it, so apparently it's invalid. After an infuriating five minutes arguing with the girl in the branch, I just walked out before I started shouting. So I called and asked to change my address and was told "no problem". Well, that is apart from the fact that two expired insurance policies are showing on my account from five years ago, so for some reason, they can't change my address. The supervisor at the call centre apologised profusely, credited my account with £30 in compensation for time wasted and put me through to complaints, who recorded my complaint and told me somebody would call me back with a resolution that day. Two days later (this morning), I called complaints to find out what was going on. I was put through to "level 2" where I received the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life, and having been a BT customer, that's up against some pretty stiff competition. The guy I spoke to, Ahir Asif, told me the wrong complaint details and when I tried to tell him what had actually happened, he just spoke over the top of me repeatedly. As you might imagine, I'd had enough by this stage and his rudeness flicked my switch, leading to a torrent of expletives. Amazingly, Ahir didn't hang up on me, I can only imagine he's used to being called worse than I called him. He refused to put me through to his supervisor and continued to be rude. Apparently, they've sent me a letter telling me how to resolve this, but he couldn't tell me what was on the letter when I asked, which I did to make sure I wouldn't have to call again. The answer seems pretty simple: I'm going to go to my local branch and get my account to zero and just never use it again. The thought of trying to close an account after this palava is just a bridge too far.
  • Cocksaur
    Im very distressed about my cock problems ..... i have puss coming out 8-----,,,,,, [email protected]
  • Herman M.
    I recently opened an online current account with Santander (November 2010) and one of the key questions I asked before applying was, did Santander offer the Faster Payment Service. I was given an affirmative YES to this, and I found a page detailing the benefits of their online banking service on the website. I have two sons at University who regularly run out of cash, and I wanted assurance of FPS so that I was confident I could top up their accounts immediately in an emergency. On a page or the Santander website, entitled "Guide to Online Banking", under the heading "Managing Your Finances" was a list of benefits: They included: Schedule bills Standing orders – view, setup cancel and amend Faster Payments Service View and cancel Direct Debits Having been reassured by this officially published information, I duly opened an online current account and immediately set about detailing my payees etc. Things like credit payments that needed to reach their destination on time. I set my wife up as a payee and transferred some money into her account as a test. Not a lot, under £20. Imagine my mood when, three days later, the money had still not arrived. I phoned Santander Customer Services and spoke to a representative, to be told that the first payment to any payee was subjected to a security check and subsequently was put on an ordinary clearance system. This could take up to four days. I took this information at face value and so ensured that the credit card payees I set up were paid sufficiently in advance to ensure that the payment would be logged before I received any penalties. Christmas passed and I went online to my account and set up payments to my credit cards to be paid out on January 1st. I sent these payment instructions up on around December 27th so that the payment was scheduled to arrive, so I thought on Jan 1st 2011. When on January 4th I checked my credit card statement I was surprised to note that no payment had been recorded as being received. I again phoned Santander Customer Services and asked them why this should be, and got the same 'security checking' story, until I told them that I knew about this procedure, but that this particular payment was not the first to the payees, but the second, and that I had checked my account and the money had left my account on Jan 1st as scheduled. I was then given a new line about how it must have been delayed by the Bank Holidays. I was not prepared to accept this as I know computers don't take bank holidays and the BACS system is automatic. I asked them where my money was, and they couldn't tell, but they offered to compensate me for any delay. I refused and asked to speak with someone higher up the food chain. The Customer Service Rep spoke to someone, and then informed me that they had 'refused' to take my complaint any further and would not be prepared to speak with me further on the matter. The fact is, Santander do not offer FPS at all on their online banking as published. They had blatantly lied in order to win my business, by perpetuating the myth that they offered FPS on online banking by having a set of excuses officially in place, as part of their customer handling procedure to fob disgruntled account holders off with subterfuge and lies. As a result I have taken up this issue by lodging a formal complaint with Trading Standards, and they are, in turn, writing to Santander's Head Office demanding an explanation, on the basis that a charge of criminal misrepresentation could follow. Is this really a bank anyone can trust?! I am now thinking of moving my account to HSBC.
  • Johannes N.
    I have been banking with Cahoot (Abbey's online bank) since 2002 and was extremely happy with the excellent service until last year when the bank was bought by the Spaniards. What used to be an excellent sevice has decended into a complete shambles of an orginisation, with all the 'good things' either scrapped or scaled back. The customer service was promt and attentive, the website was easy to use (it still is, in fairness) and charges were made on time and without fuss. The first thing I noticed was that internal payements made from my current account into my credit card account now takes 2-3 days to process - it used to be instant. This is not a huge problem but slightly annoying never the less. The real problem is the appalling customer service department. Gone is the 24/7 service. The call centre is now closed on Sundays, not very helpful in this day and age! And the quality of the call centre staff is noticably far poorer than a year ago. I am in the process of switching all my banking to First Direct, although one point I would like to make is that Santander transfered my isa over to First Direct within a few days.
  • shaftedbysantander
    While trying ( unsuccessfuly ) to get santander to return some money they had lost recently, the assistant on one of the ( many ) phone calls said 'well, anyone can take money out of your account' ... so er, that means santander is not a bank is it ? more of a large bucket in a public car park perhaps. or ponzi scheme.
  • shaftedbysantander
    its clear to me that the spanish are finally getting their own back on the brits who have blighted the spanish coastline for years ...
  • Cheesed O.
    I had several thousand pounds stolen from my online account. After a period of two months which was a comedy of errors, Santander accepted responsibility and replaced the money. Trouble was I could no longer access my account which had been blocked. It took weeks and more comedies of errors, including being told that my account number didn't exist, pins which did not work, to get my account up and running again. Lo and behold when I recently tried to talk to them on the phone using the pin which accesses my online account, the pin was not accepted and I am again locked out of my account. In desperation I went into my branch and tried to speak to someone for advice and reassurance that my money was still where it should be. I was told that they could not deal with online banking problems. When I told the guy that their website says customers should go to their branch with any problems, he went in to the 'back shop' and came back to tell me that I would have to make an appointment. Consulting his diary, he told me I could have ten minutes with someone, ONE WEEK LATER. I await this meeting with dread and anticipation.
  • Anthony F.
    Santander is a crap organization. They want your money but it is a devil of a job getting it back. I would never invest with them again. The staff are inefficient and just don't care. One is just another number to them
  • Sharon M.
    My daughter has a Santander bank account, Novembr she paid her wages cheque in, it cleared on 23th December but never reached her account. Asked the bank that paid the cheque to send a copy, which was stamped with the A&L stamp, date it was received, date it cleared. Santander wrote to us to say they had never handled the cheque!! Unbeknown to our daughter her account had a block on it, don't know why, they never wrote to tell her, it's taken them till 26th February to actually admit they had lost the cheque so did an automatic transfer of her wages. 7 days later they did it again, so daughter called bank to tell them, they said she would have to wait until they write to her asking for the money back!! First she didn't get her money for 4 months, then it gets paid in twice and now she has to wait until they ask for it back. Looks like they will be losing a lot of customers very soon.
  • Vineet
    take it or not, ya all want better interests thats why ya all with santandar.......or if you want service go to HSBC and they are pretty slick in service everything done and dusted in mins...and no BS. But ya all are greedy.......and wana make a buck or two so why moan.....ya aint paying for the interest ya shut it.
  • mmm
    Same expereince here:- Lousy online system, rarely working at usable speed, many functions, such as faster payment or simple trasnfer between accounts permanently "not currently available: please try later". Big issue in integrating old Abbey National and Bradford and Bingley accounts - is it any better if you start afresh with all Santander branded products? Block incoming transfers from other banks for no reason, needed 'dormant' savings accounts revalidated, block outgoing payments subject to review by fraud team, who call any old numbers you have ever given them with number withheld and start giving out your personal details to whoever may pick up the phone without any checking, but won't give their own id or a direct phone line number so you can call back and know who you are talking to. Multiple cards and pins for same accounts, different numbers unclear instructions as to whether new ones replace old or are in addition? Bye!
  • James T.
    I am in a quagmire of misery with Santander. Last September after I had requested my other bank Halifax to absorb my remaining D/D's and S/O's from Santander to Halifax not only did Santander cancel my overdraft without notice they refused to transfer two of the direct debits (both Santander) to Halifax which promptly created arrears on my account which compounded the problem. I immediatley complained and at first was told that I should receive £80.00 compensation as there had obviously been a failure of comunication. Santander then retracted this and I elevated my complaint which eventually was brushed aside. My main complaints being that i recieved no notification and that they failed to comply with my switcher request.there were other elements of complaint but I have now referred the whole thing to the FOS and the FSA. Since this though I have been inundated with calls from Santander as many as nine a day and as late as 2100hrs. I have today registered a further complaint with ICO and OFCOM and further complaint with the OFT who deem this behaviour as intimidation. I have requested typed transcripts of many of the calls between Santander and myself which is your legal right where they have recorded the calls. I have also removed my consent from Santander to use my personal numbers as a point of contact, (you need to do this in writing by recorded delivery) now they are in breach of banking and communication regulations and I am going to sue them for intimidatory practises. I urge all complianers to do this as they are legally obliged to send transcripts and it costs them a fortune producing them. Also make sure you keep details of all calls made to you with numbers and times. This is an appaling bank with an even worse record than Lloyds where resolution of complaintsis considered. Take your time do your research and remember every complaint to the FOS costs Santander £100's of pounds even if your complaint is not upheld so if you hate them that much then fire off a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service after you have made an initial unresolved complaint to Santander itself...They had 255,000 complaints last year if everyone had took that complaint to the FOS then Santander would have faced an administative bill of (£127.5 million) yeas thats right in just one year. lets pass on this little known fact and bring the bank down...
  • Shan
    I was stranded overnight without money, food or shelter in freezing cold temperature, while also suffering from ill health, because Santander Bank had blocked my account due to a branch error...They chose not to help me although they could have... Although the branch accepted it was their fault, it took Santander over two months even to apologise... More than two months later I was informed by Santander that the formal response regarding the investigations carried out further to my complaint will be sent to the Santander a particular Santander Branch for collection as I was residing in that area at the time. I was told when it would be ready for collection. However, upon visiting this Santander branch and inquiring even twice, I was told that the branch had not received a letter to be given to me, as promised by their head office. Once again Santander has harassed, hassled and inconvenienced me! Similar to the employees of the Santander branch where the previous incident took place, Santander employees of this branch too did not even apologise for the inconvenience caused... I have created a blog and posted all details with supporting evidence on:
  • xyzbird
    Santander is about the only bank that offers an online service with faster payments that are not online. I have sent them a message to tell them that is crap.
  • debby
    Santander are crap, we have had to continuously phone up for our pin number to arrive and it has in total taken four weeks, we were told about the reward scheme but when asked to have it added to our account they forgot. When I went in to open another account with them I was told by three branches they were too busy and to go along to the next branch down the road. We were told we would have an interest free overdraft and so far no this has not happened twice when I have tried to pay for something it has said insufficient funds when Im spose to have a thousand pound overdraft. They also said they would switch all the direct debits on our behalf and didnt do any of them. Useless marks out of ten 1 !
  • Jack
    I had a current account with A&L for many years. Never any problems. Once they were taken over by Santander I had nothing but troubles. And as mentioned above they don't really offer Faster Payment Service. Their customer service is appalling. I'm with Lloyds TSB now.
  • Kevin
    Can't understand why people don't like Santander. I've just removed somebody as a signatory to my account, and changed my address, and it's only taken me 20 months, over 100 calls to the service desk, 4 letters, 3 identical forms, about 4 weeks of effort and bucketloads of stress. The help desk staff are brilliant - they each have a different version of how you should get things changed, none of which works. Priceless! The security questions are a hoot - some days you pass, some you fail, despite being asked the same questions everytime. They've not written to me once to explain what's going on, despite promising to on almost every call - brilliantly acted by the service desk. All in all, I've never experienced anything quite like it. I'm off to ask my teenage stepdaughter for some advice on relationships and career guidance now - that should eb about as much fun and as seful as dealing with Santander.
  • Jon
    Spanish bank didn't tell my wife they had stopped the overdraft because they felt we 'didn't need it'. My wife openned account with Santander to put in the governments child benefits. Little did we know Santander had charged us for being 28p overdrawn after inntially charging us £75 in some waffled bank charge. So the account was being charged £5.00 A DAY. This could have been avoided if the overdraft they chose to cancel was still in effect. So after then being told a £45 closing a Santander bank account charge was expected I was quite happy to tell them I was now investing in Natwest bank. Santander bank = theives. Word travels fast, I will be encouraging everyone I meet to avoid Santander if they want to keep their money.
  • Barbara
    After reading these comments I'm even more depressed. We had an online business account with A & L without problems, before it changed to Santander. On May 24th I wrote a cheque for £300 in payment for legal fees. It was showing in our account on June 2nd as £3000 being debited. I phoned the recipient who confirmed £300 had gone into his bank account, so I then contacted customer service at Santander. They looked at a scan of my cheque and admitted to making a mistake. However, I was told it would take 14 days to rectify. I'm wondering if this is the start of a long journey. I don't understand why it should take 14 days to knock a zero off that entry - presumably they have software which can recalculate the balance. Money goes into the account on a daily basis, but it's paying off an overdraft which we didn't incur. We were in the black before this error was made. Now I'm having to juggle money around between credit cards and our personal savings in order to pay suppliers. What is really niggling me is that I have had no letter of apology or confirmation that it will be resolved in the time given. I have written formal letters of complaint to Ana Botin and Steve Pateman, as well as the complaints department, but not one has acknowledged my letter and that's just downright rude. My next tactic will be to phone customer services every day for a progress report so that my calls get logged - I'm gathering ammunition in case it goes to the FOS. Our accountant has tried contacting senior staff at the local branch to get some inside information on how to fast track a quick and positive outcome and was given a number to ring. The person he spoke to at the other end was very unhelpful and quite nasty in his attitude. If anyone wants to contact Ana Botin I've read that her email address is [email protected] I'm sure she'll be happy to receive your comments.
  • matt p.
    hello i phoned up santander this morning even though i had my phone banking number correct they failed me due to the fact i didnt no when i set up my bank account with them and i have memory problems and then when i phoned up again it was the same person and that time he passed me it dont make any sence?
  • Micky
    normally it takes them about 3 days to transfer money... even from santander to santander... rubbish.
  • Stephen N.
    I wonder if any of these thoughts are shared. I think this is not just a case of lousy call centre and retail staff and they are surely some of the worst. This is rotten from the top down. They cannot cope and because of the work I do, I can see they have been trained to be vague and not overcommit or over promise because management are probably assuming they will under deliver. In the last year I have personally experienced:- 1. Letters and bank cards sent to a deceased parent weeks after informing them 2. Lost information for which we won an award from the Financial Ombudsman 3. Travelling for an appointment in a specific branch to find the person was not there 4. Receiving contradictory instructions about some actions to take on line which can only be done in the branch 5. Opening/ Closing Transferring accounts in branch which took 90 minutes (excluding the wait) 6. Being transferred to a trainee in branch (OK everyone has to learn) and then watching the supervisor go off and help someone else so that he crashed the branch printer. 7. Counter staff sitting at their counter with the window open for business and talking to their colleague rather than deal with the customer /queue in front of them and without apologising 8. Poor diction. Thankfully my hearing is good but some of these "kids" speak that language we call "Estuary English" ......"innit". This is not a gender / cultural/ ethnic complaint. This is a noticeable inability by so many to speak clearly and intelligently to customers and with expression and empathy. This crosses any cultural /ethnic divide. This is the product of poor education made worse by incompetent recruitment and training. Santander have turned poor customer service into an art form. They can deliver most of these "horrors" to a customer in the same visit. One final point and a clue as to what is going on at the top. Some years ago, the company issued an invitation to suppliers to submit a proposal to provide certain business services. I will not mention the details but I glad it was not my firm. For various reasons I got to see this document and there was a wonderful sentence towards the end which said that if they discovered that any potential suppliers had contact exisiting business acquaintances inside Santander, their proposal would be automatically disqualified. In other words people were forbidden to do some research in order to present their best possible proposal to their customer. So not only do Santander have no clue how to sell. They have no clue how to buy either.
  • Chris M.
    They are happy to take your money but try getting it out! Recently I did a reasonably large online transfer from my Santander savings account to my Barclays cheque account, expecting the money to be with my bank in 3-4 days as stated. 24hours later I had a message on my home phone asking me to call them. The number was a general Santander number with numerous departments to choose but, of course, I didn't know who was trying to get hold of me because they didn't say. Eventually I got through to their security department, who told me they were just checking that it was really me who asked for the transfer. I didn't mind that, I've had similar from other banks but what I did mind was that it took them 24 hours to phone me and then told me that the money which had been taken from my account was going to be put back in it within the next 48 hours so that I could transfer it again. As I needed the money reasonably urgently this would mean that the payment was going to be 3 days late arriving, up to 7 days from my initial transfer request! I have never experienced this problem with other banks or building societys and I have dealt with many over the yers, A bit cross, I then told them to close the account and transfer all the money to my bank account, upon which I was told that they couldn't do this until the money had arrived back in my account within the next 48 hours. Then I could close it online but I would also have to phone them!! Needless to say I am no longer a customer of Santander. Get your act together Santander, you are a disgrace!!
  • Ashley
    Help me!! I was going to transfer over to Santander after hearing about the £100 but after signing everything and recieving my bank card, I decided against it and just forgot about this empty account i never use. I got letters from a debt collection agency saying I owe Santander £800!!!!! They had been charging my daily for not paying in the agreed amount. This is a dormant account with no activity ever happening on my part. What can I do,will Citizens Advice help? !!!!!Help me!!!!
  • Joshua U.
    I find the culture at this bank (Santander) very arrogant and closed. This was not the case when I started operating my bank accounts under the name of Abbey National. It is unfortunate and frankly I would not advise anyone to open any accounts with this bank. They have very poor telephone habits; repeatedly not calling back over same issue when they promise to and this would have been less worring if donne by junior cashiers but it is manager after manager who indulge in this. This is just a part of the many problems I find with this bank. For investors who regularly move money around, please run else where with your money if you dont want your deals stalled when they are still hot .
  • Kevin T.
    My daughter withdrew all the money from her Santander Current account thinking that this would close the account. Since then Shitander have charged her monthly fees for not depositing the required minimum amount. She had no cause to logon again and was not aware of this. despite zero activity on the account Shitander never posted her any messages or contacted her to query/advise of the charges. Today she has had to pay £87 blood money to close the account. DO NOT USE SHITANDER - THEY ARE MERCINARY BAR STEWARDS,,,,,,,
  • A O.
    I made the mistake of changing my direct debit date on a loan, from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, wish I had never bothered. Two payments went out in the same month, they apologised and sent me £25 compensation, fair enough. But then it started, the phone calls and letters advising that my account was in arrears when it wasn't. I phoned them and spoke to several people in the stage 2 complaints dept. all apologetic, promising to do this and that another £100 in compensation sent to me for their mistakes, all lies, nothing has been done and a second default notice has now been applied to my credit file. More promises today advising they will remove the defaults within 48 hours, i've no faith that this will happen. Have written again to complain this time asking for £500 compensation and now i've involved my local MP and the Ombudsman. Extremely frustrating, I'm also going to send an e-mail to the CEO Ana Botin at [email protected]
  • Nicola
    Hi there guys, its a weird comment to all of the above, but ive been with abbey for 5 years and now Santander, but never have had a problem with them. I live in Dorset and the mojority of branches I have visited have been good, and even if something goes wrong they do stick to their promise of 48 hours complaints resolving. Have heard on the grapevine they are focusing more on service then sales now, so hopefully we'll see a different side to them in the next year :D
  • Nicola
    But I am slightly bemused to Kevin's comment above about taking all your money out of an account thinking it will close it... think about it - common sense would be to go into a branch and close it, and check terms and conditions on the account when first opening it to make sure their are no account fees like under funding - remember whoever signs to open the account is the one agreeing to the terms :) a little OTT to criticize the bank
  • Mark S.
    Took out an intrest free balance transfer credit card for 18 months paid the minimum as required, paid the full balance on the last day of the 18 month contract only to be charged £49.00 to avoid any further charges I paid this at the same time. Received next months statement with £39.00 interest, as I was a bit confused called them they apoligised and immediatelty refunded both amounts. If you go into one of their branches you are bombarded with insurance offers, finance reviews, mortgage advice they then try and book you with an "advisor/consultant" who spends their time trying to sell you all of their products. Tommorow I will be closing all my accounts (3) and my daughters University savings account. I left RBS because I believed Santander bank appeared to be honest and believed in customer care - RBS are saints compared to these Spivs from Spain.
  • Jude H.
    I opened a Santander current account about 12 months ago in the local shopping centre and last month without any notice they closed the branch. I had to change my bank as i need to go into branch weekly. Santander will not let me close the account unless I go into a branch. How can I go into a branch they have closed when there is no other locally. Not impressed at all.
  • Susan
    Can anybody please help me? My father wrote out cheques for my brothers and myself only for them to be returned saying "account closed". Before he had a chance to issue us with new cheques he unfortunately passed away. We have recently discovered that the account was cloased 3 weeks after his death by his wife (who was not the executor of his will). Nobody at Santander will tell us what has gone on and state that they have a £25,000 threshold for probate rather than the norm of £5,ooo. Who can I contact for help? I have tried every avenue available to me through Santander and got nowhere. Everyone you speak to gives differing advice.
  • Clive
    They may pay £100 to gain new customers with their marketing gimmicks but they should pay more attention to retaining the thousands of angry customers they already have, im furious. On the last 3 different requests to action either a simple change in mortgage payment date, request information on interest rates or different mortgage products( to use their pathetic terminology), ive encountered staff and customer service that simply defy belief. My original idle threat of leaving when my mortgage rate term comes to an end, has become a question without choice. Now I am without question going to a lender that is capable of completing a simple task. Why we as customers put up with repeated incompetence I dont know. This customer is leaving and to hell with their useless service. Ive never written a comment like this on the internet but had to simply to vent my anger. Rot in hell santander.
  • kladionice
    Hi there, I found your blog by the use of Google while searching for a related subject, your web site got here up, it seems to be great. I've bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.
  • Old c.
    I'd been with A&L for 25 years but this Santander outfit is a joke. To close an account with £280 in it requires a letter, a copy of the last statement (the one they sent me) and a copy of my passport!!!!! Planet earth has passed them by and I will be pleased never to deal with them again, albeit that it'll take 10 working days. What a bunch of idiots! This is no way to attract business.
  • Richard L.
    I have an internet 4 saver account with no link to my current account. Why because Santander forgot to transfer the link from my internet saver 3 account. Despite me filling in a fresh bank mandate they insist I must send them a certified copy of my current account bank statement held with Clydesdale bank, why, what for? I refused as they would not tell me, so I have to pay in money by personal cheque at their local branch, and the money comes from the same account. I asked the Financial Services Ombudsman (FSO) to take up the complaint and 8 weeks later all they achieved was getting me £50 compensation for distress and inconvenience but I would still have to submit aforesaid bank statement. Santander convinced the FSO that it was their standard practice to ask for customers outside bank statements and the FSO swallowed it! I intend to pursue my complaint and ultimately will write to The Prime Minister if the FSO review body and The Independent Assessor fail to get the result I expect which is just an explanation for their bureaucratic nonsense and the re-establishment of the link that they deleted.
  • Paul c.
    Does anyone know the email addresses of some of the other Santander directors - either Lord Burns or Roy Brown?
  • brucie l.
    santander are the worst bank i have had dealings with.I have a bank account in spain with one of their competitors and they are fine.i would love to transfer my mortgage with them to another bank but i will have to pay a penalty.Bring back building societies i say.what is the point in saving with them to recieve such a small interest.
  • Nick B.
    After visiting my local branch 3 times, calling the 'support team' 4 times and even sending an email nothing was done to reclaim a fraudulent payment. I've even requested a new card and an online pin on numerous occasions which never have been sent out! They are by far the biggest joke and I took great pleasure in closing my account!
    my advice is dont bother wasting no more time with santander buisness account ive been waiting 7 weeks for a paying in book,i have made numerous calls about it and same old conversation with them,its not the first mistake they've made last year i noticed a bank cheque charge on my statement which i've never been overdrawn when i phoned them to point this out i was refunded it and just an apology again.also had money go missing out my account took 6 weeks to find it they paid my cheques into my private account even thou they were wrote in my buisness name its one thing after another could go on and on .i'm now going to open a bank account and leave santander .
  • mortgage r.
    Fantastic beat ! I would like to apprentice even as you amend your site, how could i subscribe for a weblog web site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I were tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast provided vivid clear idea
  • Hilary
    Santander are the worst bank in the world. One week I get through security, the next I don't. I am sick to death of their excuses and I have had enough. Good bye, good riddance.
  • Click H.
    Hello, i believe that i noticed you visited my blog thus i got here to go back the prefer?.I'm attempting to to find issues to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to make use of a few of your ideas!!
  • BillCoop
    It looks like Santander have set up a trap to discourage UK customers from using their own money (Debit Cards) abroad. When a person travels to another country they usually have some cash and use of the card is restricted to hotel bills and small items etc. After a week or two the cash runs out and so the pattern of use changes as the card is used to withdraw cash. Of course this is perfectly normal, but triggers their software, closing down access to your card. This trap alone has caught me twice, but there is a second one - and probably quite a few more hidden away. When going to the santander site from home your computer remembers your ID - which is just as well because it is a series of digits - but having changed your location you are asked to put in your ID rather than the usual Password. This comes as a complete surprise as nobody can be expected to remember this number; no matter, if I put in my Password in deliberately or by mistake, then they will send me an email. No, all that happens is that they will withhold your cash - this is not credit but your money that is being withheld - and then they will ask you to phone them despite the fact that you have no money. So as masters of the universe they should be able to sort it out by phoning you, or asking the security questions that they insisted on when opening your account... It is very hard indeed to imagine that this faulty logic is there as the result of say, incompetent programmers in whatever software company they use. Common sense and its associated logical methods are the basis of computer programming, it must therefore be a decision at the management level that has had the software designed to incorporate methods that 'flag' normal use abroad. As a company with this kind of customer 'service', it should be interesting to watch their share price.

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