Ryanair introduce new compulsory £5 check-in charge. Surprised? Course not.

You know what – I’m pissing sick of reading stories on this website about Ryanair squeezing the pips out of their customers until it gets to the point where you have to wonder whether they’re really a budget airline any more. So forgive me if I’m slightly grouchy as I start to write another one.

Here’s the latest. Following the March announcement that they’re switching to web check-in only, they’ve now revealed that to do so will cost a fiver – so that basically makes it a compulsory surcharge, and it’s tough titty if you don’t like it.

From May 20th, if passengers don’t have a computer, they need to find someone that does in order to be able to check in – if they can’t print out their boarding pass, they’ll be stung with another £40 charge at the airport as a result.

Look, it’s late and I’m going out on the sauce very shortly so I’ll direct to you the excellent Q&A about the latest blast of Ryanair bullshit over at The Times website for the full low-down. Happy reading travellers…


  • Song B.
    "You know what – I’m pissing sick of reading stories on this website about Ryanair squeezing the pips out of their customers" Should that be "You know what – I’m pissing sick of writingg stories on this website about Ryanair squeezing the pips out of their customers" lol
  • Song B.
    ok without the extra g on writing
  • Pete
    I wonder when ryanair will wake up and realise that the European Parliament has banned the practice of not including "non-avoidable charges" in advertised airfares? They cite airlines that only offer internet bookings as being of particular concern. Pop over to the European Parliament website and do a search for "airline advertising" - it's in the 5th story down! See You Next Tuesday, Mr No Cheery!
  • scribbles
    Pity the people that think it's possible to fly to Frankfurt for 1p lol More fool them I say. There is no such thing as a free lunch. All I ask is transparancy in fares, and this is where these scumwads fall flat on their arses. I'd just lurve to see the Brussels whack this fuckwit with a multi £m fine for deceptive advertising.
  • James R.
    Complete and utter sack of shit - and that's their reputation within the flying industry. Sat in a pilots lounge I once heard the word "cowboys" and "Ryanair pilots" in the same sentence and that's why I won't fly with them. So, you want monkeys then pay peanuts.
  • dude
    LOL, I have booked 10 european flights for £1 each. Yes thats ONE FUCKING POUND INCLUDING CHARGES. I support Ryanair. Dont like them? Fuck off and pay some other greasy cunt 20x more cash. I have no tinted spectacles and sometimes they are not the cheapest? Want to know what I do then? I fly with someone else. Its called consumer power you whining little faggots.
  • scribbles
    Where did u sit dude, in the luggage hold? If you wanna travel like some fucking dead-beat loser, just because you can, then thats your problem. If you support evasion, deception, shit customer service and penny pinching, and are happy to fly into some fucked up backyard provincial airport and pay £100 taxi fare into town. then please feel free to use them. Now please feel free to shut the fuck up.
  • lickylonglips
    "Its called consumer power you whining little faggots." I am disgusted by your homophobic language, you "greasy cunt"!
  • Kash B.
    Btw the £5 check in charge does not apply to 'promotional' fares-is included. Plus Non-EU nationals who have been discriminated unfairly with no online check-in option and pay £10 at the airport, will be allowed to check in the same way as UK/EU nationals Still £40 for not having your boarding pass-is taking the p*** check out my rant on my blog http://www.europebudgetguide.com/europebudget/2009/05/ryanair-online-check-in-new-regulations.html
  • jim t.
    ryanair are the worst airline in europe. crap planes crap staff and it cost a fortune to phone them no customer service. i will never use them again as big jock canoe told me there airplanes are not fit to use
  • Ben
    i dont see what everyones problem is, yea sure they are cheeky puttin in these charges, but its not like they dont let people know. You're still gettin flown hundreds or possibly thousands of miles for pennies. Stop being such ungrateful twats and appreciate the service they offer, if u dont like it, stop moaning and go pay 10x more for 2 inches more leg room and shitty tasting meal.
  • Doodies
    "Dude" is Ryanair's director of PR.
  • Song B.
    I thought it was him, or Michael o' lairy cunt
  • Andy
    £5 for doing my own admin, What a CUNT you are mr o'leary. Hope you get royally fucked by the European Parliament. I do take advantage of the 1p deal flights but i'm not a twat enough to pay you a fiver each way for fuck all but using the service I have already bought a ticket for. Do a bus company charge you £3.60 fare then £5 to hand you the ticket..............NO so why do you ??? :( You deserve to go BUST
  • Mike H.
    If Ryanair were to reduce prices but add a charge for check-in, then fair enough, but they haven't reduced prices so they are just trying to claw back a few quid, there's only one statement, that describes Ryanair, and thats, CUN*TS
  • Mrs C.
    Common people make me smile
  • Mr c.
    InDeed, Mrs Cunttwat!
  • Mairy S.
    Mrs Cuntwat you make me to :)
  • Jill
    I am constantly amazed at the level of service people expect after paying £1 for a plane ticket. Instead of getting on your moral high horse, why don't I make a suggestion. Look at how much the flight is, add the £5 surcharge, if it's still the cheapest buy the ticket, if it isn't don't. I know thats a really hard concept for some of you though.
  • Mairy S.
    Jill, "Instead of getting on your moral high horse, why don’t I make a suggestion"...........FUCK OFF you righteous twat
  • Jill
    Surely the people refusing to fly with Ryan air because of the charges are more righteous than me, someone who just chooses the cheapest fare, regardless of company?
  • Pete
    lol. Love the way peeps start throwing around f*ck this and c*nt that when they disagree with someone else's point of view! Makes me :D Yes, you are absolutley right, if you don't like ryan air, then fly with someone else! As a nation though we love having a whinge - and nobody likes a nasty more than we do! Besides, it's got a bit boring whinging about the poor british weather and overpriced "efficient" public transport. Bring it on :)
  • nerd.
    I wonder when ryanair will wake up and realise that the European Parliament has banned the practice of not including “non-avoidable charges” in advertised airfares
    That was my first reaction too. Having just taken out a pre-paid Visa Electron card specifically for the purpose of buying flights with Ryanair and easyJet, i was under the impression that the reason they waived their "surcharge" on Electron cards was precisely because they weren't allowed to impose "non-avoidable charges" on top of the ticket price. Am I missing something?
  • Boons
    Hi, might sound thick, I booked promotional flights for my family, 5 of us too go from Belfast - Liverpool, Liverpool to Milan and return in July, can't seem to work out if this is now going to cost an additional £100 as we choose to book in online which stated was free a week ago, anybody know for sure? thanks
  • Airlines B.
    [...] – another culprit – has already been given a thorough drubbing by our esteemed Andy Dawson for making us pay a £5 charge to use their website to purchase [...]

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