Renters too scared of ‘revenge eviction’ to complain

12 March 2014

Got a leaky tap? Roof caving in? Are your carpets emanating Eau de Dead Rat? Generally living in squalor?

derelict houses

Well, many tenants who have approached their landlords about repairs haven’t just been getting short shrift – they’ve been slapped with eviction notices for daring to speak out.

According to a survey by Shelter, tenants are increasingly suffering ‘revenge evictions’ after asking for repairs or help from their landlords. The survey asked 4,500 private renters about evictions and the amount of people who had been evicted for complaining was one in 50 (2%).

If multiplied over the whole of the UK, that amounts to over 200,000 people who have been given their marching orders just for asking for home improvements.

8% of those asked said they were too scared to approach their landlord about repairs. The survey also painted a gloomy picture of the state of rental properties in general, with 41% of tenants complaining of mould, a quarter dealing with leaking windows and roofs, and 16% living with dodgy wiring.

Shelter are so flabberghasted by the state of rental property and the amount of revenge evictions that they’ve launched an online campaign for new laws to protect tenants.

Sign it here and show those nasty, rogue landlords what for.

Then go and scrape those mushrooms off your windowsill.

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  • Derek
    It might help you get signatures if you got the link correct.
  • Coran
    Very common in my experience. Happened twice to me, out of 6 rental properties I've lived in. Complained about mould/mushrooms, then boom, eviction "for repairs". Repairs which never happen. I think it's just cycling tenants until they get one that won't complain or raise an issue of health and safety.
  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    Probably safer with a letting agency than a direct scumlo... I mean, landlord.
  • _Me_
    I don't understand why Landlords do this. It's fine when the sun shines and plenty of tenants about, but what about when the market dries up? Are they going to leave buildings empty for months at a time when actually all it took was £50 and a day's effort to sort it out? There are some good landlords. And unfortunately some really shit landlords.
  • Derek o.
    And of course anything that needs repairing you'll be billed for when you leave, any excuse to grab your deposit - most landlords are scum but you only find that out after 6 months

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