Ofcom say TalkTalk are 'dishonest, misleading or deceptive' with new customers

24 May 2011


Ofcom have really stuck the boot in on TalkTalk, accusing them of behaving in an "dishonest, misleading or deceptive" manner when signing up new customers, saying that the company sign up new customers without their knowledge or consent.

This comes on the back of TalkTalk fork-forking out £2.5 million in refunds to customers after Ofcom found them guilty of over-billing customers for cancelled services.

And these latest allegations focus on the misselling of telephone packages. Ofcom say that TalkTalk are guilty of  "providing misleading information that is likely to affect a customer's purchasing decision" and "engaging in slamming", adding that they've also breached rules that give customers a 14-day cooling-off period after signing a new contract.

Ofcom claim that they're receiving more than 200 complaints a month about TalkTalk's sales practices.

TalkTalk say that they "need to do much, much better", but also said that "we're talking about pretty slim margins here" underlining that the company deals with tens of thousands of customers every week without complaint, adding that complaints volumes are no too different in volume as other large telcos.

Ofcom are insisting that TalkTalk "agents must not behave in an aggressive manner, including applying unacceptable pressure on a customer to continue with a contract".


  • Justin A.
    My ex-girlfriend's dad was pressured into a contract while he was going for a train with a promise of 'free broadband with a landline'. Nothing was free once he'd signed up, and when he phoned to complain they denied he had ever been offered free anything. Thieves! He had to take them to court.
  • The B.
    I was on Tiscali up until Talk Talk bought them and the service went to hell, cancelled the account and shifted to Virgin, 4 months later I noticed that Talk Talk were still Direct Debiting money from my account. If you cancel your account with them, make sure you delete the Direct Debit mandate.
  • curr946
    Yeah i've been with talktalk for 3 years now. Since joining i've had poor internet sleep, my number sold on and put ib phone book after been advised not to, billed for services cancelled (referred to as a.stuck order) tricked into agreeing a new 18 month contract after being cold called. Hit with non payment fees after they change the direct debit from cpw to talktalk as they to collect payment on new direct debit, and after advising me to cancell the original when i.called to query. I even tried to.move back to.bt but bt wants 120 to connect a new lone... i mean its bonkers.

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