Ofcom look at Sky over ignored cancellation requests

sky Ofcom are going investigate Sky after complaints about Sky potentially ignoring customers' attempts to cancel their contracts.

Sky are being investigated over their TV, broadband and phone services, following Ofcom monitoring the way all providers have been giving people a way out of their contracts. Businesses should not make it difficult for customers to leave a contract, and Ofcom are going to see if that's true or not, regarding Sky.

For years, people have complained about Sky ignoring written requests to cancel contracts, with the Telegraph being a particular source of stories regarding Sky not accepting cancellations unless customers verify requests on the phone, even though contracts say that customers are allowed to cancel by letter and email. And fax, if you live in the 1990s.

It is claimed that, when customers did these things, they faced barriers from Sky, with some saying that they've been forced into sitting through calls that last for hours. And even then, some contracts were apparently not cancelled.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said: "Most people will just complain to Sky, but if they are facing a brick wall we are encouraging people to complain to Ofcom as well. What that does do is let us analyse the issues that are being complained about most."

A Sky spokesperson said: "We’re committed to delivering the best service in the country and we believe this is one of the reasons why more customers than ever are choosing Sky. We will work closely with Ofcom to help them with their investigation."

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